Tuesday, November 8, 2011

After Action Report: Saturday, November 5, 2011, Reclaim the Southwest, Pomona, California

The California chapter organized yet another successful rally, in fact our largest California rally to date. The Reclaim the Southwest Campaign continues forward. Thursday evening myself and a few of our Comrades went down to Pomona City Hall for an interview with a Los Angeles based TV network. On Saturday morning American Patriots gathered and we drove a convoy of 19 cars and vans into Pomona for the rally. The National Socialist Movement along with some solid Comrades from other groups brought in approximately 80 or more Patriots to Pomona City Hall to protest the California Dream Act, the influx of illegal aliens, and sanctuary cities. Several local media outlets ran reports claiming a couple dozen or 30 NSM supporters attended the event while others more accurately quoted 75, these figures do not include any of our supporters who attended out in the mostly hostile audience.

We parked our cars in a secure lot, formed up, and headed towards the front of City Hall. The usual assorted dregs of society (members of the ara/anti-racist action, communist party, along with a collection of various violent anarchists) let loose as we approached the street and started throwing drinks, traffic cones, and whatever other items they could find. Several of the ara degenerates picked up horse droppings (feces) with their bare hands and threw the horse crap into the air. which flew back into their own group of supporters, which was quite entertaining to see. When the National Socialist Movement refers to those whom publicly stand against us as vile, degenerate, dirty, or sick people, this is the exact type of example we can use to prove our point time and time again. What type of person picks up feces with their bare hands and tosses it into the air like a child playing with a ball? Many of those whom oppose us are mentally ill, and such examples just further prove our point.

The speeches from the NSM and other Patriots started, one after the other various speakers hammered the issues effecting Pomona, the Southwest, the Economy, the Dream Act, and much more. Men and women of action were present, and prepared to face the hostile and mentally sick forces that opposed us on this day. In a day and age where laziness, complacency, and downright cowardice comes from from many whom claim to believe in what we fight for, these men and women were present on the front lines, in a City where White people are already the minority at 48% of the local population.

Saturday evening after the rally an excellent after party was scheduled and held on private property. An excellent Italian style meal was provided by NSM Inland Empire, followed by several announcements, patching in of NSM probates, and awards which were handed out, and then the stage was set for musical guests Youngland. Youngland is a really talented band, great bunch of guys, and played an excellent show! Everyone had a great time at the after event, and as always after the work is done, we know how to have a good time!

Sunday afternoon was a somber affair as we headed down to a undisclosed location at the California Border with Mexico. The ashes of our former Region 11 Leader Lt. Jeff Hall were placed along the Border as he would have wanted. Most of us whom were present scattered some of the ashes in tribute to our fallen Comrade while traditional Scottish Bagpipes were played by one of our Comrades in respect to old tradition and customs. The sound of the bagpipes as it echoed throughout the area was louder and carried further than I could have ever imagined. A fitting final tribute to our Brother whom had inspired so many men and women, and a man whom had the opposite effect upon those who hate us, they cursed his name and made signs of disrespect towards his memory at the rally the previous day. From this day forward Lt. Jeff Hall remains on guard along the U.S. Mexico Border, where he spent countless days and nights in life, he now stands guard for eternity. We miss you Brother. The Pomona Rally was done in remembrance of Jeff Hall, and was originally one of his planned events.

Thanks to all the NSM members/supporters whom attended Pomona, and thanks to our friends from S.P.S., U.S.B.G., A.V.S., G.S.S.,Youngland, and anyone else who assisted or took part in these events. We Salute You!

Commander Jeff Schoep/ NSM

Pomona Neo-Nazi Rally: National Socialist Movement Fights CA's Dream Act (VIDEO)

"The American dream is not for illegals. It's for white America," Jeff Schoep, commander of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), said at the neo-Nazi group's rally in Pomona on Saturday, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports. The rally, which had nearly 75 neo-Nazis in attendance, was met by more than 300 counter-protesters. One counter-protestor held a sign that said, "When did your family immigrate?," the Daily Bulletin reports. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/07/pomona-neo-nazi-rally_n_1080451.html

Pomona is a unique gathering place of continuing tension between ethnic minorities, such as Hispanics and Blacks. In 2009, an 18 year old Black named Marquis Le Blanc, was beaten and killed at a party by mostly Hispanic assailants. In the past year or so, area police have been questioned regarding the possibility of racial profiling. And most recently, nearby Coachella (97% Hispanic) and Pomona have each become known as an Immigrant Sanctuary for illegal aliens.. They are playing with ideas of civil disobedience.

Photo Essay Reclaim the Southwest Pomona CA 2011_0001.wmv

I have taken my still photographs from before, during and after the Pomona rally and turned them into a photo essay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEMNS08A-Ms

"With Whites being the minority population in Pomona (48%), you have to ask yourself where White people will fit in among these volatile American communities!.. White people cannot be left out of what has traditionally been their own towns..!" --Jeff Schoep

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pomona, California: The National Socialist Movement Continues its' “Reclaim the Southwest” Campaign. . .

Bright and early Saturday morning, members of the Arizona unit of the National Socialist Movement departed Phoenix, Arizona for Pomona, California. Earlier this year, the NSM stood against illegal immigration in Claremont, CA. California is being destroyed by the influx of illegal aliens. Rather than supporting US Citizens, California has opted to support citizens of Mexico.

California is being bankrupted by failed liberal policies. In California, more money is spent on housing prison inmates than educating children. A large percentage of those inmates happen to be illegal aliens. Roads and other infrastructure are literally falling apart. Pomona has been designated a “sanctuary city”. Cities that openly welcome illegal aliens will continue to be targeted by the NSM.

Neo-Nazis Met with Counter Protests

Group plans to party after march and rally; police from throughout the San Gabriel Valley are standing by.

About 200 people showed up to the rally, but there were more protesters against the neo-Nazis than there were in support of them.

"Of course we are against Nazis and racism," said Yasmin Balzazar, Pomona resident. We "are coming to show support against any hate group, in a peaceful way," she added. http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Neo-Nazis-to-March-in-Pomona-133296773.html

From the start, this rally was anything but peaceful. The moment we appeared masked anarchists and Communists attempted to break through police lines. It got to the point that police officers threatened to use chemical irritants against the hostile mob of masked savages. One angry and violent protester lacked self control. He threw an orange traffic cone and hit a peaceful NSM member. I also saw some water bottles and a cucumber fly across the street in our direction. To top things off, a protester got up behind a police horse, grabbed a handful of feces and threw it at us. The mounted police officer quickly directed the "ape-like" human back onto the sidewalk.

Having watched lots of National Geographic, I was all too familiar with how baboons and chimps (lower primates) hurl feces at one another. This was a first for me. Hopefully, I'll never get to see so-called humans act like that again.

I was honored and pleased to give a a speech during this rally. After observing less than civil, or should I say, "human" behavior, I had no problem with coming up with a few things to say about their conduct. I remained civil and even greeted my audience in English and Spanish.

During my speech, I stated that all of the men and women standing behind me were the most patriotic Americans I've ever met. The protesters across the street displayed a Mexican flag. Some obvious traitors displayed an upside down American flag that was filthy and disgraced with vile anarchist symbols. I also observed our nation's symbol carelessly dragged on the ground.

Many of these traitorous people are also behind the "occupy" movements that are happening across the country. It was obvious to me that they are bitter and hateful anti-Americans.

Jeers greet neo-Nazi rally near Pomona City Hall

About 75 people who participated in a neo-Nazi demonstration Saturday afternoon near Pomona City Hall exchanged jeers with a group of opponents before the protest ended, authorities said.

Mark Gluba, a city spokesman, said the demonstration by the National Socialist Movement began about 2 p.m. adjacent to City Hall and ended about 1 1/2 hours later.

Photo essay: Neo-Nazis clash with counter-protesters in Pomona

Pomona - Members of the neo-Nazi group known as the National Socialist Movement showed up in Pomona, California to protest against illegal immigration and what they call civil rights violations against the white race. They were met with 200 counter-protesters.

The group from the National Socialist Movement (NSM) wanted to protest in support of their campaign to "reclaim the Southwest" from illegal immigrants and other people who are non-Caucasian. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/313961#ixzz1d3FgIdNN

Free speech. What part of freedom do those who are filled with hate, hurl bottles, throw feces, and scream obscenities- thus denying others their peaceful rights- not understand? It is a sad shame in America when Nazis act more civilized and uphold Constitutional liberty more than those who viciously attack under the banner of "peace and diversity". J.T. Ready, founder and patrol leader of US Border Guard.

Neo-Nazi Demonstration in Pomona Leads to Counter-Protest

POMONA, Calif. (KTLA) -- About 75 neo-Nazi demonstrators in front of Pomona City Hall Saturday were subject to the jeers and taunts from members of the public who did not want them there.

Police officials said several hundred people showed up to protest the presence of the Detroit-based National Socialist Movement presence about 2 p.m. http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-pomona-neo-nazi-demostration,0,24644.story

“We live in interesting times. Do not buy shares or bonds or savings certificates but instead rope and ammunition, because very soon you are going to need them. Use what time is left to you to learn who your friends are and who are your enemies, then make peace within yourself by accepting the necessity of what must come to pass ~ as it has come to pass so many times before in the long history of our species."