Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Intellectual curiosity: My visit to the Freedom of Speech protest at the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix, Arizona on May 29, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015: The angry woman didn't come to the F.O.R. food bank, along with her gang. A police officer was stationed, out front. That “presence is deterrence” usually keeps the “Riff Raff” moving. Unfortunately, it's next to impossible to have a gathering of people, without having problems or without a police presence. Again, people should be able to wait in line, without having miscreants disrupting the peace and threatening people. 

Since 9/11, and before, the U.S. Government has trained our soldiers to hate Islam and kill Muslims. Meanwhile, the media constantly scares the U.S. population about the dangers of Islamic terror. It should come as no surprise, when events, like this, happen. And let's not forget forget the motion picture industry, where the terrorist is almost always Middle Eastern.

Antifascists from the Phoenix area planned a counter protest and the Black Bloc, made the following statement on Facebook: "Bring American flags! We shall stomp on them until our hearts are full! Make no mistakes comrades, if they want shows of free speech we shall give it to them!" Needless to say, they never showed up, nor did what they said they were going to do. Video 1 Video 2

Muhammad cartoon contest planned for Phoenix anti-Islam rally

The gathering comes less than a month after a similar event in Texas sparked gunfire that left three people, including two Phoenix men, dead. The organizer said he had to do “something” because he does not want Islam spreading in the U.S. ABC15 Tweets

More than 200 protesters, some armed, berated Islam and its Prophet Mohammed outside an Arizona mosque on Friday in a provocative protest that was denounced by counter protesters shouting "Go home, Nazis," weeks after an anti-Muslim event in Texas came under attack by two gunmen. Reuters

Mosque president, Usama Shami, tried to downplay the ties of the two Garland would-be mass-murderers. This included Shami’s claim to the press that neither was a regular member. In fact, Elton “Ibrahim” Simpson had been featured in a mosque fund raising video posted on ICCP’s YouTube channel in 2012 identifying him as a member. Two other previous mosque attendees — Hassan Abu-Jihaad and Derrick Shareef — are currently in federal prison on terrorism-related charges. More 

During the May 29th airing of CNN’s OutFront with Erin Burnett, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (D) described the “Draw Muhammad” contest as “purposely provocative” and a demonstration of “divisive behavior.” Stanton did admit that the “Draw Muhammad” contest participants had “First Amendment rights to protest,” and he made clear Phoenix police would be there “to make sure that the protest [was carried out] as peaceably as possible in the heart of [Phoenix].” Breitbart

Armed American Protestors Surround Islamic Community Center of Phoenix

The protest came about month after a shootout outside a Muhammad cartoon-drawing contest in a Dallas suburb. Two Phoenix men showed up at the event with assault rifles and were killed by police. The men formerly worshiped at the Phoenix mosque where Friday’s protest took place. Breitbart

Perhaps the biggest and most brazen hypocrisy of all is that local organized Jewry in Phoenix is planning to have a rally in “defense” of the Muslims against the bikers. Jews know that Arabs perceive them as the major force behind the popular opinion against them, and so the use by neo-cons of very “goyish” looking bikers against them provides an amazing window of opportunity.  Rabbis such as Lee Weissman are planning to capitalize on this by presenting himself and Phoenix Jewry as the friend of Muslims against white people. Trady

Anti-Muslim Protest Attracts Phoenix's Best and Worst

Hughes was surprisingly indifferent to the whole situation. When I asked him if he felt it was right that an entire religion be held accountable for the actions of a few, his response was “ It’s probably not fair.” I followed up with asking him why he was on the north side of the street with the anti-Muslim crowd. He responded with a huge grin, “because they already know who I am over there and I’ve got a few more friends on this side.” That statement holds lots of truth. Harry Hughes is certainly no stranger to local anarchists as the NSM has held two large street rallies in Phoenix with the last one in 2010 when they were greeting by over 250 anarchists. More

The Valley Anarchist Circle claims to be against "fascism," but publishes a post, like this, on their Facebook page: "We highly suggest to people who have open comment forum Facebook events for protest to DELETE immediately any comments of any nature that suggest people "not go." No matter if they seem suspicious or not. Which many times they absolutely are. Delete them, they are designed to sow discord. No matter what their reasoning. Delete. Win the propaganda war every time." The smell of hypocrisy is ripe, with them VAC

We live at a time when Americans are becoming extremely angry and extremely frustrated, and this is only going to intensify as economic conditions worsen. But already we have seen some of this anger and frustration boil over into violence in Ferguson and in Baltimore. And you know what? The vast majority of Americans expect more of the same in the coming months. DC

If you are a radical Islamist looking to inflict harm, I would go to one of those states that gets an A rating from the Brady Campaign and leave Arizona alone... 

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