Friday, August 22, 2014

The National Socialist Movement responds to the unrest and violence in Ferguson, Missouri, as NSM border operations continue

Thursday, August 21, 2014: Canine Bailey and I set out to the Sonoran Desert National Monument, long before the sun came up. We investigated the areas east of Smith Rd., west of Russell Rd. and south of Interstate 8. Smith Rd., and any of the primitive unimproved dirt roads were difficult to navigate, due to recent heavy rains. There are wash outs and mud, in most places.

We came across some old sign. At the Tohono O' Odham boundary, a Border Patrol vehicle (with ATV in back) traveling southbound on Stanfield Rd. spotted me, slowed down a bit, but kept on going. Apparently, there's no point in checking out vehicles exiting the desert in known drug smuggling areas.

With morale at an all time low, it's a wonder Border Patrol agents bother showing up for work, at all. From there, we headed to the mesquite bosque at the south end of Russell Rd. That's where the mosquitoes are.

Border Area US Military Range Hotbed for Smugglers Due to Management, Say Whistle blowers

On July 14, Breitbart Texas revealed that an Arizona military testing facility was a hotbed of drug and human smuggling, partly due to its remote location and ineffective security protocols. The report also explained how security had been contracted out to a private company, and that Breitbart Texas sources had indicated managers of the Barry M. Goldwater Range (BMGR) were unhappy with the private company's performance, the Chiulista Corporation. Full Article July 14, 2014 Link

While bankers and corporations receive bail outs and stimulus payments, the downtrodden and self proclaimed oppressed are presented with looting opportunities. They need their little piece of the pie, too... According to the Washington Post, a looter in Ferguson, Missouri, expressed pride and admiration for looters and said their actions are justified. Link

NSM Response to Ferguson Riots

The National Socialist Movement will not stand idle as white families, businesses, and homes are being attacked by marauding criminals. We have been contacted by numerous individuals in the Ferguson area asking for our support. We are currently weighing two options, either boots on the ground in the form of patrols within the City to provide protection and security for the citizens, or a public rally. We are currently awaiting further reports from our people on the ground there, and we should have men enroute to the city shortly.

As America’s premiere white civil rights organization, the National Socialist Movement stands in shock and disdain of the events going on in Ferguson , Missouri. Not only are area blacks fulfilling the stereotypical ‘worsts’ of their past culture.

“This is NOT a ‘Trayvon Martin case,’” says NSM Commander Jeff Schoep, who adds that, “This is an experience in which a misguided community has overreacted, perhaps as much, or even MORE than have the police. Anyone trying to draw that parallel between this event and Trayvon Martin is causing even more unrest whether they are aware of it or not!” Schoep represents NSM, an organization of socio-political interests for white civil rights, and is an outspoken figure in various other race-related issues.

“If there’s been an ‘injustice,” Schoep says, "it will be found out. Revisiting America ’s 1960’s by rioting and looting in your own town is NOT the answer. It's INSANE! Rational, public-spirited fact-finding is the ONLY answer. What’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri is virtually akin to communist-incited ANARCHY,” added Schoep. “White people will NOT be victims of this random violence and rioting. Link

The way I'm receiving the black community's response to this case and the Trayvon Martin case is that if a white person shoots a black person it must be racially motivated. It doesn't matter if George Zimmerman tutored black children for free or if Officer Wilson had an exemplary career. If they're white, and they shot a black, there must have been a racial motivation behind the killing.

This "gentle giant" was really a violent criminal that supposedly attacked and injured a police officer. We've learned that many of the citizens of Ferguson are violent racists. They will over-react and destroy the very businesses they depend on.

Sadly, we've learned (again), that race pimps like "Sharpton the Snitch," can incite the ignorant citizens of Ferguson. We've learned that the governor of Missouri is a pandering coward. Finally, we've learned that Barrack Obama and Eric Holder, are themselves racist, ready to exploit racial distrust to shore up their base.

"It is certainly deplorable that all men must die, and there are persons who think it deplorable that there are differences, both anatomical and spiritual between men and women. However, no amount of concerted lying by "liberals," and no amount of decreeing by the Warren [Supreme Court] Gang, will in the least change the laws of nature." --Revilo P. Oliver, Oswald Spengler: Criticism and Tribute Link

Police occupy shopping center, Ferguson, MO. 8/19/14 Video

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Negroes at Walmart and the main stream media hyped Ferguson, Missouri lie is falling apart and flat on its' face

Tuesday, August 19, 2014: 41650 W. Maricopa Casa Grande Hwy., Maricopa, Arizona... I absolutely HATE going to Walmart. Living in a rural area, I have limited shopping options. On that very rare occasion, I might need one or two items and don't want to make that costly 100 mile round trip to Phoenix. Regrettably, today was one of those rare days. I reluctantly entered my local Walmart, knowing full well that I would not exit the store as a happy customer.

I quickly found the items I wanted and proceeded to the 20 item or less "speedy checkout" lane. To my dismay, the slowest customer in the World was in front of me, with 42 (forty-two) items. Certain types of people do not recognize rules and regulations. Rules are for "White People Only." and it's politically incorrect and racist to expect "those people" to comply with most of the laws of decent Western Civilization. We're seeing that nationally televised reality playing out in Ferguson, MO.

While in the middle of unloading her cart, the customer stopped and decided to read something on one of her items. She didn't care that other customers wanted to get on their way. She also knew the sign said "20 items or less." but surely thought that applied to everybody else and NOT her.

BREAKING REPORT: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown Attack

The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store. Full Article

If that wasn't enough, this disgustingly rude and obnoxious customer left everything there, at the counter and wondered off to get something else she apparently forgot. At this point, my blood pressure is exceeding the limits of my medication. I'm trying very hard NOT to say anything, as that would most certainly result in a police presence.

Meanwhile, the impotent worker drone stood there like a lump, not caring whether or not the customers ever got out of his lane. I became bored and removed my camera from my shoulder bag. Of course, that attracted attention from management. Rather than expedite the flow of customers, they decided to harass me about taking pictures in their store. Well, I saw no sign forbidding photography, like customers actually read signs that are posted in conspicuous places.

Bear in mind, there exists a website and YouTube channel dedicated to the "People of Walmart." With management bearing down on me, I finally told them like it was. "Look at the sign. It says '20 items or less' and the slow person in front of me has 42 items." Stunned at my remarks, they stood there, like mindless zombies.

Report: More Than a Dozen Witnesses Have Corroborated Officer Darren Wilson’s Version of Ferguson Shooting

“Michael and his friend turn around. And Michael taunts him… And then all the sudden he just started bum rushing him. He just started coming at him full speed. And, so he just started shooting. And, he just kept coming. And, so he really thinks he was on something,” the caller added. “The final shot was in the forehead, and then he fell about two or three feet in front of the officer.” Full Article

So, we have at least two fires, two people shot, multiple gunshots fired across the city, rocks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails thrown by the "protestors." and now this... "The community of Ferguson has been infiltrated by Obama sponsored radical Communists (Revolution Club Chicago, a Communist group that calls for a global revolution in order to bring down capitalism). Riots are intentionally being incited by Obama. Race and class division is a key strategy for economy socialization, lifted directly from chapter two of the Communist Manifesto.

DHS Is Employing Agent Provocateurs and Are Behind the Events In Ferguson: This source stated that the Department of Homeland Security is running the Ferguson Police Department and that their actions are designed to antagonize and to provoke the locals to violence. He further stated that he believed that the ultimate goal is to inflame the local citizens to such a point martial law will be declared. More

Why They Hate Us by Joseph Sobran

Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It's Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don't grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn't conscious of it. And superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call 'minorities.'

The latest talking point is that the violence is being committed by out of town provocateurs, and not the locals. Never mind that the violence has been going on nightly, since the shooting incident. The story line has become, "The local (black) population is peaceful. The violence is being perpetrated by out of town (as far away as New York and California) provocateurs.” It is strange that in order to get an idea what is really going on you have to watch Russia Today. More

"These Negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don't move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there'll be no way of stopping them, we'll lose the filibuster and there'll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It'll be Reconstruction all over again." --Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, 1957

Monday, August 18, 2014

White resentment, Michael Brown, how the U.S. labor force is reduced to Third World standards and Jews exploiting FLSA loopholes

This editorial, via Al Jazeera, brings back a few memories of my days working at Freedom Marketing Corp. (1989-1992) I was a distribution coordinator for this advertising/political marketing firm owned by this nice Jewish family with the last name "Sunshine." No kidding! I wouldn't make something like this up. The office was located near the fire station at 3rd. St. and Fairmont in Phoenix. It was a classy neighborhood, complete with homeless people living under piles of cardboard between buildings. Some of those homeless people also worked for us.

Management at Freedom Marketing treated their "independent contractors" exactly like employees (according to definition). They even did away with minimum wage, by paying them a piece rate. A rate that was almost impossible for the drug addicts and alcoholics on the payroll to attain, even on their best day. Of course, travel time to the job area was not compensated. Apparently, somebody didn't like this unfair and unlawful treatment and dropped a dime on the Sunshine boys. The wrath of the IRS was about to come down upon the innocent and hard working Jews.

Before work, one morning, the HR person arrived with a stack of employment applications, I-9 and W-4 forms. All of a sudden, a company DBA "Ultimate Management Concepts" ceased to exist and everyone instantly became "employees" at Freedom Marketing Corp. It was almost like magic. Not long after, I brought a few skinheads on board. Surprisingly, I wasn't met with opposition.

When your employer doesn’t consider you an employee

The FLSA is perhaps the centerpiece of 20th century U.S. labor regulation. The law establishes a minimum wage, the right to overtime and the abolition of child labor. It also includes a lot of loopholes. Many employees are statutorily exempted from the FLSA — from babysitters to truck drivers to executives — but the ultimate way to dodge employment law is not to hire employees at all. Full Article

I can tell you that working for Jews has its' moments. One of our workers, "Richard." was an almost 60 year old juvenile delinquent. He liked to drink vodka and smoke crack. For whatever reason, Richard missed one Friday and showed up to get his paycheck after the office closed. Well, Richard didn't get his check and Richard got angry.

Richard called the office on multiple occasions and left some messages for the Sunshine boys. He said, "where's my check you Jew prick.?" Later, he called with, "I want my check you fucking Kike!" Come Monday morning, I was called into the office and had to listen to Richard's messages with out busting out in laughter. In the end, Richard apologized and got to keep his job.

My second most unforgettable day working for this outfit came when CEO Calvin Sunshine, called me in the office and closed the door and talked about how the company didn't do all the contract work they claimed to do. I was fully aware that Freedom Marketing was "skimming" and failed to fully perform on almost all of their contracts. He said, "I scam, you scam, we all scam." Those were his exact words. What would you expect to come out of a guy's mouth that thought he was friends with disgraced Arizona politician and former governor, Fife Symington? Birds of a feather?

The "narrative" must always paint whites as inherently bad people and non-whites as some collective under-class, who are just trying to get out from under the heel of the brutal white masters. The black vs. White issue comes from behavior. The black community reacts violently to the slightest fault in any situation. The White community waits for the facts to come out and then peaceful (if at all) reacts in a civilized manner.

How Widespread is White Resentment?

It is obscene that we White people have to put up with non-White crime and social problems. And, even more, it is absurd that all humans are lumped together as though we are all the same. We are not all the same. We look different externally, and we have different DNA codes internally. We are different peoples. Full Article

Now, we know that the police officer was violently assaulted by the large Negro Michael Brown and suffered sufficient injuries to warrant a trip to the hospital. We also know that Michael Brown was an overgrown thug and bully with no respect for the law, who was literally pushing around a store clerk after stealing a $50 box of cigars. More The narrative no longer holds. More

Khazars Re-invade Ukraine

The Jews have again taken charge of that ravaged country's government and finances and intend eventually to make the Ukraine a "second homeland" for the Jews... The Khazars, identified in Revelation 2 and 3 as the wicked "Synagogue of Satan," Full Article

Historians and political scientists have warned about dangerous war fever sweeping the United States. America’s entanglements overseas, its imperial ambitions, and the more recent “global war on terror”, a war of indefinite duration against an ill-defined shifting enemy, with no specific definition of victory, poses a grave danger to the very character of American government and society, unraveling the fabric of the Constitution. More

“I don't see much future for the Americans ... it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities ... my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance… everything about the behavior of American society reveals that it's half Judaized, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?”- Adolf Hitler, statement in conversation, 7 January 1942