Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vegas Vacation 2009. . . .A few nights out on the town:

Las Vegas is a 365/24/7 city. Something is always going on. During my numerous nocturnal walking tours, I managed to take some pictures. Although it was the middle of the week, there was still lots of people out and about.

The Chinese appear to be taking over Las Vegas. I’ve been observing this myself over the last ten years. While at the Venetian Tuesday night, I stopped to listen to a musical act. A violinist, guitarist and a flute player appeared in the shopping mall and performed. Several tour groups comprised of Chinese nationals were passing through at the time. They all stopped and I soon found myself surrounded by them. This was an enthusiastic crew. They took dozens of pictures and some even started dancing. I also noticed that American fashion of the 1920’s was popular with them. The only exception was the guy in the funny suit, sunglasses and big smile that looked like he belonged in a Charlie Chan movie. These tourists appeared to be having the time of their lives.
During my stay, I saw foreign tourists everywhere. Unlike many Americans, most were really polite and respectful. There was no comparison to those scruffy foul smelling brown-skinned Spanish speaking individuals (with questionable immigration status) passing out the porno cards on the sidewalk along the strip. Those were some of the most annoying people I encountered on my trip. As pedestrians walked by, they would smack their stacks of cards together. There would be 6-8 of them lined up and all of them tried to shove their “literature” in your face. I think most people try to ignore them. I have a natural tendency to confront them.

The ground was littered with this trash. I observed one of these guys kicking the litter around with his feet. I said, “Why don’t you pick that up?” I’m sure he didn’t understand a word I said. Not that he would care if he did. After all, this is NOT his country. A small army of people appear every morning to pick up the trash generated in part by these “turd worlders“.

Elvis impersonators are a dime a dozen in Las Vegas. They seem to come in all shapes and colors. There was even a midget Elvis. While visiting the Freemont Street Experience, I even saw a Mexican Elvis. He didn’t look anything like Elvis. I was actually hoping to see a Japanese Elvis. Now, that would have been funny.

What are these guys—and their fans—thinking? A WVU professor finds out.

Growing up in the deep South, I never thought twice about seeing men with black pompadours and mutton-chop sideburns a la Elvis Presley. My cousin Harry Lee, a truck driver, looked this way. And there wasn't anything noticeably wrong with Harry.
I guess I shouldn’t have looked. It seems that Japanese Elvis impersonators are a dime a dozen. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one. I didn’t bother to Google transvestite or transgender Elvis impersonators. Doing so would probably cause those “Rainbow Foot Soldiers” to show up and protest out in front of my house. They seem to prefer one sided protests and would pick a day when I would not be home. There would be no fun in that.

Dancing Japanese Elvis Impersonators

Dancing Japanese Elvis impersonators in the Yoyogi park in Tokyo.

After almost four days in “Sin City“, I had just about all of the multiculturalism and diversity I could stand. Las Vegas could be considered a giant freak show and zoo wrapped up in one package. In a sick and dying society, those that are the most ridiculous and outrageous are given a false label of being trendy and innovative. In reality, they are nothing but degenerates.
Sexual intercourse is permitted with a dead relative. TALMUD: Ya Bhamoth.

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