Friday, September 18, 2009

Part#3: Decay, waste and ruin in Pinal County. . . . It’s all around us.

Prior to moving to Maricopa more than 16 years ago, I lived in the Maryvale section of Phoenix and in Glendale for approximately 8 years. Those places were full blown “shit-holes” by the early 1990’s. They are even worse now. I moved out here to get away from barrios, thugnuts, blight and crime. Things were not too bad when I first moved here. I had almost no neighbors and there was almost zero crime. Unfortunately, the next door neighbors were criminals and it took a while to get rid of them. When I first met Deputy Michael Claeys of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, I thought I had moved to “Mayberry”. People even waved as they drove by. Those days are gone. Within five years, my opinion of this area changed dramatically. And this change of attitude was not positive. There were no more “Mayberry” or “Green Acres” jokes.

It seemed like as soon as the Harrah’s Ak Chin Casino opened on the nearby reservation, everybody and their brother turned into compulsive gamblers and burglars. Trustworthy people are extremely few and far between out here. By the time Maricopa incorporated in 2003, we had as many police as you may expect to find in south Phoenix at night on a weekend.

On one of my rare evening visits to the newly opened Basha’s, I observed two marked police cars, a motorcycle cop and two on bicycles. All of them were in the Basha’s parking lot just before dark. I would rather drive the 30 miles to a grocery store than have one like this so close to home. The Maricopa Basha’s is 9 miles from my home.

I discovered that my rural neighborhood was full of young dope fiends and thieves. Some were Hispanic and others were these white kids that tried to dress like black ghetto thugs or hood rats. You know, with the baggy pants falling off their asses and hats on backwards. They walked like they had some sort of rash in their butt crack.

I regret having offered some of them jobs. Almost all of them were a major disappointment and embarrassment to my employer as well as me. I spent several years in advertising, printing and political marketing. I learned, never ever attempt to help anyone out or hire anyone from your own neighborhood. You will definitely get screwed. I found better employees at the homeless shelters in Phoenix.

Maricopa was the subject of an article in the New York Times on April 6, 2008. The city was also mentioned on ABC's Nightline on May 7, 2008, during its "Realty Check" segment. The story dealt with the subprime mortgage crisis. During the story, Maricopa was referred to as the "poster child of the housing crisis." This happened because banks caved under pressure from liberal politicians to loan money to unworthy deadbeats.

As it should happen, I’m not the only one that knows enough to look for stolen property at the Farmers Convenience Store/Papago Rd. swap meet. Somebody got ripped off and that was the first place they were going to look in hopes of recovering their property.
From the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office log, 09/05/2009:

090905057 Break in (Not in progress) BURGLARY (DESCRIBE OFFENSE)Incident Address : 900 BLOCK OF S DEER TRLMARICOPA AZ
Time Reported: 10:22Time Occurred between: 10:22:14 09/05/09 – 10:22:14 09/05/09

Side affects of rural blight
Not only is rural blight unsightly to look at, it attracts the worst type of individuals civilization has to offer. A little over 6 years ago, a portable evaporative cooler disappeared from my front porch while I was working a 14-hour shift. I found it the next day sitting in the neighbor’s yard across the street. The stupid S.O.B.’s denied stealing it. I guess it sprouted legs, opened my gate and walked over there all by itself.

It amazes me that a person can get caught “red handed” and still deny doing anything wrong. These are the kinds of people that need to be systematically removed from the gene pool. We should take a lesson from the Serbs and solve problems the practical way.

Not long after the cooler incident, the other neighbor’s brother was caught and arrested in my back yard. It was the middle of the night. He had an outstanding felony warrant for dangerous drugs. He made a lame attempt to hide from the deputies. Once in custody, the 26 year old “junkie” cried for his “daddy” to come get him out of jail.

I’m at the point now, that if I saw one of my neighbors laying along the road bleeding to death, I would not make any attempt to help them. I would more than likely stop, laugh in their pathetic face and take their picture as they slowly die. I would probably make some sort of remark like, “You had this coming for a long time. Now, you’re going to die. “How does it feel?”

I seem to have the Pinal County Government’s attention:

Host Name:
IP Address:
Country: United States
Region: Arizona
City: Queen Creek
ISP: Pinal County Government
Returning Visits: 0
Visit Length: Multiple visits spread over more than one day
Host Name:
IP Address:
Country: United States
Region: Arizona
City: Florence
ISP: Pinal County Government
Returning Visits: 3
Visit Length: Multiple visits spread over more than one day

"Mental debasement is the greatest misfortune that can befall a people." --Alexander Hamilton
Since September 1, 2009, Pinal County Government has visited my page no less than 30 times. I hope they do more than just read. I would like to see action. Action, not in the form of shutting me up, but fixing my neighborhood.

County government should be concerned. You cannot brush rural blight under the rug forever. The only reason it’s not getting publicity until now is apathy. Not one person had the motivation to go out and take a few photographs, create a blog or write a letter. One disabled fixed income individual with an inexpensive camera is the only person that seems to care about the sorry state of his neighborhood. The rest of the community is either drunk, stoned or just stupid. They must also be happy paying “rich-man’s” taxes on devalued property.

One idiot criticized me for not pointing out the positive things in my community. Well, those things were very hard to find. Additionally, positive things don’t normally need fixed. It’s the “broken” things that do.

What Pinal County should really be worried about this fall is how many people won’t be paying their property taxes. People that skip out and let their homes fall apart, don’t pay taxes.
I liked this:

“Arizona has more extremists per capita that any other state in the country.” --I heard this on the Channel 12 News on 09/09/2009 at 6:29PM

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Part #8: “White Man’s Adventures Through The Welfare System”

With all of media hype regarding healthcare reform, the perils of socialized medicine and the pending legislation in the House being such a hot topic, I decided to break out some of my old blogs describing my trip through the healthcare and welfare system. After finding myself with health issues, I wrote an eight part series that described the process I was forced to navigate and endure. I have been there and done that. I’m hopeful that somebody might find some of the information and experiences helpful in their quest for answers or search for assistance.

Saturday, February 7, 2009:

After several months of waiting, I finally received a letter from my Workers’ Compensation attorney. The judge denied my claim. He thought the mysterious rare disease that almost nobody gets was the probable cause of my hearing loss. I am not at all surprised. The lawyers, judges and insurance companies are a corrupt lot that have managed to rig the entire system to work to the benefit of their interest, not ours. In any case, my attorney worked for free and I ended up getting all of my medical bills covered including my deductibles. I’m glad I wasted many thousands of Sentry Insurance, Cardinal Glass Industries and taxpayer dollars.

My Social Security Disability payments along with $44/month in food stamps permits me to live more or less as I did when I was gainfully employed. Additionally, I make a weekly trip to a food bank in Maricopa. I still have a respectable “doomsday food stash” that will last me several months in the event of some sort of national emergency.

I have had both positive and negative encounters at the F.O.R. Food Bank in Maricopa. There are days that I think I’m at a food riot in Somalia. Occasionally, articles of clothing are given away and the primarily Hispanic group savagely stampedes the people that are simply trying to help. These “people” have no honor or respect. This is the sort of behavior that promotes racism. It wouldn’t surprise me if these supposedly needy people are selling this stuff at their yard sales. On a positive note, I have met a few people that are genuine and respectable.

One of the few negative things about being on disability is that there is a two year waiting period before being eligible for Medicare coverage. Even though I exist near the poverty level, I make too much money at this time to be covered under AHCCCS and won’t be eligible for Medicare until November of 2009. I suspect the government does this because they want us to drop dead before having to provide costly medical care.

What kind of government program would deny disabled people, most of whom have medical problems health care? Many of us worked for decades before being forced into this position. If I had not been a hard worker, I may not be in this position at all. What pisses me off is that while this takes place, that usurper sitting in the White House signs bills allowing illegal alien children whose parents make $60,000/year free medical care and puts aside millions of dollars for Africans over in Africa to get abortions. What about American citizens? Why should we give two shits about a continent full of people that hate us?

The system is too broken to fix. I don’t care how many billions or trillions of dollars they throw at the problem, it will still collapse under its’ own weight. I’m looking forward to that day. It will happen.

I am very happy that I’m no longer a taxpayer. It’s disturbing to see that the system foolishly throws money away on unworthy wasteful programs that leave our own people struggling for existence.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Do we really want foxes to continue guarding our hen houses? Our Founding Fathers served at personal and financial cost and sometimes, at their own peril. They could not envision a Congress that thrives on power and greed, with members who refuse to live under the laws they created.

I'd be happy to "escort" every one of these pick pocketing bastards right out of Washington D. C. Bring back the hot tar and sack full of chicken feathers for the ones that truly deserve the treatment.

Prior to my workers’ compensation decision, Sentry Insurance sent me to what is called an independent medical examination. This exam is anything but independent. The insurance company hires at great expense what I call a “medical prostitute”. They are paid thousands of dollars to fabricate a way out of paying the claim. Ignoring my symptoms, this doctor came up with a rather unlikely diagnosis. Being corrupt and dishonest, the judge bought into the story. Get this. A person with a law degree is making a medically related decision on your behalf. That sounds a lot like what’s going on in Washington D.C. right now. Doesn’t it?

I spent my stimulus check and them some at the dentist. I also found a doctor that wrote me a prescription so I may continue controlling my blood pressure. He charged me $25.00. Fortunately, the medication is only $4.00/month at Fry’s and I get 50 fuel saver discount points too.

The DES raised my food stamp benefit to $72.00/month and my cupboards are overflowing. I am now assembling food boxes of my own and distributing them to a few worthy recipients. I also have a three foot high stack of milk crates full of canned goods in the corner of my kitchen. If anyone bitches and moans that they don’t receive enough in food stamps, they should have their knee caps busted with a hammer.

In fact, I believe people could still eat quite well on just 50% of their monthly food stamp benefit. Watch the video from the link below. Hopefully, it will make you angry.
“We know that these clashes with Asia and Jewry are necessary for evolution.” --Heinrich Himmler

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A blog about yesterday’s steak. . .

I normally wouldn’t write about a piece of meat, but this particular cut made a little bit of “history” in my household. Covered in onions, I placed the most expensive single cut of meat I ever had in my 46 years of being alive into my cast iron skillet. I seasoned it with nothing more than some fresh ground pepper and McCormick's Italian Herb Seasoning.

This glorious, juicy, tender and wonderfully delicious cut originally started out as a cow at some feed lot outside the city. Once slaughtered, the meat was cut and neatly packaged. At Fry’s #672, the cut found its’ way to the meat counter and was put on display in an attempt to lure a customer.

And there it sat. At a whopping $9.99/pound, this beef loin cost $18.48. I’m sure there are scores of people in the metropolis of Maricopa that would flock to the store to buy it. To the disappointment of the greedy manager with the “Super-Inflato” price gun, there were no takers. As this meat approached the expiration date, it was marked down to $10.88. That’s $5.88/pound. Again, there were no takers.

I’m not picking on Fry’s. They have some of the best meat prices in Maricopa. Basha’s is the only other grocery store and they are gougers on everything they sell. In a recession, not many people would spend almost $20.00 on a single piece of meat for use in a single meal. A person could go to the local Native New Yorker and enjoy a nice steak dinner with sides for less than the asking price for that particular cut.

Going back to my New York Strip bone-in beef loin. We are getting extremely close to the expiration date and finally in a last ditch effort to sell this cut, the store dumps it on the “manager’s special” rack with a red sticker. At that point, the asking price was $7.26.
And again, not one person wanted it. I visit this rack all the time and my spending limit is usually around $4.00 for a single cut.

Ultimately, this piece of meat was removed from the shelf because it’s shelf life ended. This could have easily been the end of the road for my potential meal. It could have ended up at the rendering plant or the trash. Fortunately, the F. O. R. Food Bank in Maricopa gave this beef loin a chance to get eaten.

On Monday mornings, I hang out with some of my retirement buddies at the food bank. We usually spend close to three hours socializing. When 10:00AM arrives, our names are called and the bags are handed out. Just like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get. I was astounded when I opened my bag to find several packages of meat.

I enjoyed one of the best meals I’ve had since my birthday (steak at the Native New Yorker). Nothing was wasted. My dogs, Booger and Bonehead spent the evening gnawing on the bones.

The only losers in this was Fry’s and the consumers that will eventually pick up the cost of the things that don’t get sold.

Part #7: “White Man’s Adventures Through The Welfare System”

With all of media hype regarding healthcare reform, the perils of socialized medicine and the pending legislation in the House being such a hot topic, I decided to break out some of my old blogs describing my trip through the healthcare and welfare system. After finding myself with health issues, I wrote an eight part series that described the process I was forced to navigate and endure. I have been there and done that. I’m hopeful that somebody might find some of the information and experiences helpful in their quest for answers or search for assistance.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008: Get In Line!

Believe it or not, my application for Social Security Disability was approved on the first attempt. Hearing loss is a “scheduled” injury/disability. I am also thankful that the “do nothing” Congress extended my unemployment benefits by 13 weeks. I am still waiting for the Industrial Commission to make a ruling on my workers’ compensation claim. My hearing was back in the middle of May. It was a shocking surprise that the Federal Government was more efficient than the State of Arizona.

I made my quarterly visit to the Department of Economic Security after casting my vote in my state’s primary election this morning. Unfortunately, I did not see my name on the ballot for the constable’s position. I tried to get an appointment to that position earlier this year.

The waiting room at the DES was like the zoo. It was crowded and the line was long. I ended up waiting over 90 minutes. During my wait, I made numerous observations. The first thing I noticed is that just about everybody that came in behind me couldn’t tell where the end of the line was. These maggot-like creatures thought they were so “entitled” that they could simply bypass the line and go straight to the counter. They were SO WRONG! I got to sit next to this elderly Mexican lady. We spoke for a while and we talked about some of the stupid people in the waiting room. As it turned out she doesn’t like line jumpers, Negroes or race mixers.

I also was surprised that a lot of unemployed people with no ambition were so busy that they didn’t have enough free time to wait. About half of the people that entered, walked out shortly after arriving. Making wasted trips perhaps is their norm.

After sitting there for an hour, this neatly dressed negroid sporting a black stocking on his head with his casual looking “wigger” buddy walked in the door. After checking the room out and with some help from everybody in front, they eventually found the end of the line. The obviously confused hip-hoppity white kid, with his cap on sideways, walked with this pronounced staggering bounce in his step and swung his arms around like an ape or baboon. This dynamic duo stood in line for less than five minutes before they were on the verge of “chimping out“. They both left the building.

A filthy smelly homeless looking colored guy walked in and tried to jump the line in front of me. I routed his foulness to the back of the line. I regret not bringing a camera as these all were “Kodak moments“. One of the biggest attention getters of all was this older white woman with this little mixed-race kid with messed up hair that reminded me of Buckwheat from the old children‘s show “Our Gang” (“Little Rascals“). Almost everybody in the waiting room gave her dirty looks. I said out loud, ”I should have brought a camera.” and everybody around me laughed.

When I go to the DES or any public facility, I carry a metal clipboard, wear nice pants and a dress shirt. I make sure that I stand out and get noticed. I act professionally most of the time unless my sense of humor gets the best of me.

I will be looking forward to my next trip to the DES in mid-December. I will bring a camera and pack a lunch.

I have been spared having to make return trips to the DES office in Casa Grande. This saves me 60 miles worth of gasoline. My future appointments were scheduled to take place at a local church in Maricopa. That means no more screaming babies, bad kids and smelly people. That practice was finally discontinued in May 2009, due to budget cuts. My interviews are now done over the phone and I fax copies of my utility bills to their office. I don’t have to look at the “hags” anymore.

In July 2009, my AHCCCS benefits were briefly reinstated for a period of two weeks. During that time, I spent four days in the ICU at the Casa Grande Regional Medical Center. Earlier in the year my AHCCCS doctor gave me a prescription being unaware that I had an ulcer. Over the months, I was slowly losing blood. By the time I made it to the ER, I was three pints low.

Because insurance companies are too cheap to pay for tests, your doctor could unknowingly kill you. Imagine slowly dying for four months and not even know it. This is what rationed heathcare is all about. I learned this from experience.

Those shifty-eyed career politicians in Washington D.C. with their “gold-plated” health plans never have to worry about this. Hopefully, in time these “non-representatives” will begin to fear angry voters when they take to the streets.

Although my ambulance ride and hospital stay was supposed to be covered, the ER doctor kept sending me a huge bill. After three months, the billing department finally got the message that I was angry and they quit sending them. Despite my hostile, descriptive and borderline threatening emails, they never called the police. I even sent them my little essay, “My Take on Insurance Companies”.

The people that work for these monsters deserve to be scared to go to work. Regardless of salary, I could never work for an insurance company. I think the guards at the WWII concentration camps were kinder and more humane than these bureaucratic beasts.

I would sooner invite Joseph “The Butcher” Mengele over for coffee before I would give the time of day to the CEO of any insurance company.

"To see what is in front of one's nose requires constant struggle." -- George Orwell

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Part#6: “White Man’s Adventures Through The Welfare System”

With all of media hype regarding healthcare reform, the perils of socialized medicine and the pending legislation in the House being such a hot topic, I decided to break out some of my old blogs describing my trip through the healthcare and welfare system. After finding myself with health issues, I wrote an eight part series that described the process I was forced to navigate and endure. I have been there and done that. I’m hopeful that somebody might find some of the information and experiences helpful in their quest for answers or search for assistance.

March 1, 2008:
My lab work results came back this week and I consulted with my doctor. He’s been my doctor (PCP- Primary Care Physician) for two months and this was the first time I saw him. Luckily, he turned out to be white. The cost of the laboratory services amounted to nearly $1260. AHCCCS paid the entire amount with no deductible or co-pay. The best news was that I didn’t have any diseases.

My visit to the neurologist was a different story. This skinny light skinned Middle Eastern “Dr. Ahmadieh” walked into the examination room. I was shock to learn that he didn’t know how to work the electronic blood pressure & vital sign machine. He was totally clueless. I showed him how the machine worked and promptly left the building. I wouldn’t let this “alleged” doctor have any part in making a medical decision on my behalf.

On Friday, I went to the dentist, courtesy of AHCCCS. I'm going to need a filling in a molar. The dentist must submit a request to the insurance company for approval. If denied, I'll have to register for a co-payment type plan for the “economically challenged” before they can take care of my tooth. That should take a couple of weeks as long as I manage to stay unemployed.

Insurance companies are sneaky little weasels that don’t want to pay for anything without creating miles of red tape. Since I had to wait, the dentist gladly prescribed some pain killers and an anti-biotic I didn’t really need. This plan is actually better than the one I was paying monthly premiums for at Cardinal Glass Industries. All their plan paid for was an annual cleaning and examination. It didn’t cover very much actual dental work. When I was hired, the HR lady bragged about the employee benefits package. Cardinal is what is known as a “self insured” employer. My intention is to avoid all such employers in the future because their benefits are less than adequate.

The emergency room “patient business services” office gave me a 100% reduction on the $988, I owed them for their services on November 1, 2007. This amount included the deductible and things my health insurance did not cover back when I was gainfully employed. The CGRMC is a “not for profit” facility. I completed a financial assistance eligibility form two weeks ago. I never expected to hear such great news. I had to submit financial statements including last year’s tax returns, current mortgage statements, utility bills and payroll check stubs. My application required a large envelope and two first class stamps to send it all. I’m going to deduct the ink cartridges I had to buy for my printer on next year’s tax return as a medical expense. To my surprise, it was well worth the effort. My insurance carrier already paid the hospital a few thousand dollars, so they faired much better than cases where an illegal alien shows up for treatment and leaves without paying anything. I’m sure my visit was still profitable for the hospital.

I drove by the Cardinal Glass parking lot on the way home from the pharmacy and saw my former “stupervisor” who happened to be 15 minutes late for work. He told me that the entire insulated glass department was “shutting down” (on February 29,2008). I was surprised they weren't already “shut down” since the plant is run like a “Third World” country. He wasn't aware that I had "lawyered up". I guess the notification the HR department received last week from the Industrial Commission regarding my Workers’ compensation hearing didn't become plant gossip as of yet. He asked me how I was doing. I told him that getting free money, free medical care, discounted electricity and free drugs is nothing to complain about.

I think it’s wise to have contacts within former employers that are defendants in pending lawsuits. Having sources of inside information can be helpful. I can also put that contact down on the job search form I have to keep current so I may continue to receive unemployment checks. I file my claim online every Sunday and funds are deposited into my checking account the very next day. It couldn’t get any easier.

In the pre-internet days, one had to complete and mail claim forms, pay for stamps and wait for an irate postal worker to deliver it. Once the check arrived, the recipient would have to make a time consuming trip to the bank.

When I first applied for economic/medical assistance, I was under the false impression that one had to be born into the “system” to receive benefits. As it turned out, anyone who is patient enough to fill out the paperwork and plow through the “red tape” can receive benefits they are “entitled” to. I should caution all Caucasian applicants to make sure that “minority” case workers correctly handle claims. Stay on top of your case at all times. Most of these people were hired due to their ethnicity rather than their ability to do the job. In many cases, they simply hate your guts.

Having a computer, scanner, internet access and a fax machine made it even easier. There is no shame in joining “the chosen” to reap the rewards. I spent over 25 years paying into the system and thought the time to get something back was long overdue. Hopefully, more eligible White People will seek out and take advantage of these government funded programs. The more of us that become a burden to the system, the sooner it will collapse under it’s own weight.
Find Affordable Health Care:

HRSA-supported health centers. Even if you have no health insurance. You pay what you can afford, based on your income. Health centers are in most cities and many rural areas.

The 2007 HHS Poverty Guidelines:

Since my parting company with Cardinal Glass, employees at two of their plants suffered some serious injuries. One suffered the amputation of a hand and the other bled to death on the plant floor. They appear to be having a very unsafe year. Both incidents resulted in petty penalties and fines. Many companies are willing to pay the fines because it’s cheaper than actually correcting safety problems. Employers don’t have a problem with gambling with the lives of their employees. During my time at Cardinal, I saw lots of blood spill on the floor. It was a regular event.

After waiting nearly a year, I am presently receiving dental treatment despite the financial hardship it imposes on me. I could commit a crime, go to jail and get the same dentist I have now without having to pay for it. And they say crime doesn’t pay? With the kind of luck I have, I couldn’t get arrested if I tried.

One of my favorite lines from the movie, “American Psycho” is: “I guess I've killed maybe 20 people, maybe 40. I have tapes of a lot of it, uh some of the girls have seen the tapes. I even, um. . .I ate some of their brains, and I tried to cook a little. Tonight I, uh, I just had to kill a LOT of people. And I'm not sure I'm gonna get away with it this time.”

Monday, September 14, 2009

Do you remember this horrible creature? Well, she’s in trouble.

Every once in a while karma has a way of catching up with people. It’s obvious from my previous blog concerning this thing posing as a woman, that I have zero respect for her. During a conversation one week ago today, I even referred to her as “the wicked witch of the west”. She’s a classic example of the type of person I’d like to see bleeding to death alongside the road. The fewer of her kind that are roaming at large and contaminating the gene pool, the better off the planet is.

“Eva” was involved in an alleged incident at the Farmers Convenience Store this weekend. Apparently, she likes to drink, get drunk and operate a four-wheeled deadly weapon. Excessive alcohol use would explain much of her socially unacceptable behavior she exhibits in public on a regular basis. She may very well have been “smashed” the day I took her picture. I’m glad my camera didn’t break.

The Skeptic’s Dictionary: A collection of strange beliefs, amusing deceptions and dangerous delusions

Karma is a law in Hinduism which maintains that every act done, no matter how insignificant, will eventually return to the doer with equal impact. Good will be returned with good; evil with evil. Since Hindus believe in reincarnation, karma knows no simple birth/death boundaries. If good or evil befall you, it is because of something you did in this or a previous lifetime.
While at the Farmers Convenience Store on Saturday, Eva collided with a vehicle. Not once, but twice. I guess it was a case of, “At first when you don’t succeed, try, try again.” It seems she was under the influence of alcohol. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded and took her into custody.

What really angers me is that this woman was out on the road gambling with other people’s lives. It wouldn’t be the first time somebody was killed or badly injured near this store. In fact, somebody even hit the store near the outdoor tables on a previous occasion. The scars and mismatched block work are still clearly visible from that act of stupidity.

". . . . good and evil fortunes fall to the lot of pious and impious alike . . . ." --Spinoza

Within a five mile radius of my home, there are no fewer that eight of those little white crosses along the road marking the locations of death and stupidity. The majority of them are on Papago Rd. between the Farmers Convenience Store and SR 347 which is south of the City of Maricopa. The road is not dangerous. It’s a long straight stretch of county maintained paved road. It’s the careless, impatient, stupid and impaired people that have no business being on the road that are dangerous.

The crime of DUI is no different that recklessly putting a gun to someone’s head. Yet, look how different the penalties are when a person is convicted of those crimes. Use a firearm and get five years. Use a motor vehicle and only get a couple of nights in jail plus a fine.

The penalty for DUI is obviously not stiff enough as way too many people drink, get drunk and take to the open road. When a person carelessly gambles with the lives of others, they deserve hard time in prison doing hard labor.

Unlike Maricopa County, Pinal County doesn’t post mug shots of their arrestees on the internet for the whole world to see. Perhaps, The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office would like to use my photo instead. They are more than welcome to use it.

Part#5: “White Man’s Adventures Through the Welfare System”

With all of media hype regarding healthcare reform, the perils of socialized medicine and the pending legislation in the House being such a hot topic, I decided to break out some of my old blogs describing my trip through the healthcare and welfare system. After finding myself with health issues, I wrote an eight part series that described the process I was forced to navigate and endure. I have been there and done that. I’m hopeful that somebody might find some of the information and experiences helpful in their quest for answers or search for assistance.

February 6, 2008:

I’m making good use of my free medical coverage from AHCCCS. Instead of toiling at some meaningless job for months to pay for treatment, the State of Arizona is picking up the tab. Not to sound selfish, but It’s about time I saw some of my tax dollars being used on me. I am going to get some lab work done including an MRI to see if there’s anything wrong with my brain.

Brain injuries associated with hearing loss are not uncommon. Many soldiers returning from Iraq know this all too well. Apparently the military doesn’t like paying for hearing protection any more than my former employer did. Hearing loss is the most common occupational disease in the United States with noise serving as the presumed causative agent in most instances. Noise is identified as a prominent factor in approximately 10 million individuals in the United States with hearing impairments.

On the evening of January 31,2008, I received a telephone call from a representative from Sentry Insurance, my former employer’s workers’ compensation carrier (a.k.a. the “Borg“ of the insurance industry). He said that he wanted to meet with me and discuss my injury claim. Our meeting took place the following morning at Harrah’s Ak Chin Casino south of Maricopa. I sure wasn’t going to drive all the way to Phoenix. Sentry claimed to have no clue as to what my medical status was except it was supposedly not work related. They really dropped the ball on this. I informed him that the clock was running. This means that Sentry should accept my claim before I retain an attorney. Since the Sentry representative didn’t buy me breakfast, I did my best impression of an asshole. We sat in the hotel lobby as I chewed him and his employer out. Luckily, the security guards didn’t ask me to leave.

I left the casino without spending as much as a dime. I do not support Indian gaming. If the White Man isn’t permitted to build a casino in Arizona, neither should any other ethnic group be permitted to do so. In the eyes of the law, we are not equal.

On February 5, 2008, I got word that Sentry denied my workers’ compensation claim. The claim status letter was dated January 31,2008. My claim was sent to the Industrial Commission a week before Thanksgiving. I was sitting in my attorney’s office at the time and received the notice via fax. I was supposed to receive notification in the mail within 21 days. I believe a financial penalty should be assessed on Sentry Insurance. Now that I have retained a lawyer I have nothing to say about my case until it’s settled.

My food stamp EBT card gets recharged on the fourth of each month. I still have a nice balance left from January as well as a kitchen full of food. I can understand why I almost never see underweight people using food stamps at the grocery store. I’ve been keeping it simple, primarily eating soups and sides. The prices at the meat counter are pricey on any budget so I limit my meat consumption to “manager’s special” or “reduced” items.

I received acceptance letters from the D.E.S. for the Qwest Lifeline Discount Program and the Arizona Public Service Energy Support Program. These programs reduce the amount I pay for my telephone and electric service. I am eligible for these discounts for the next 12 months.

I’m still looking for a job although I have a lot of unemployment left to collect. My next installment will sum up my welfare experiences. I found that getting public assistance was a lot easier than I thought it would be.
Health Choice Arizona, my AHCCCS provider informed me that they weren’t going to cover the MRI my doctor wanted me to have. To this day, I do not know if I have a brain injury or not. MRI’s are very expensive diagnostic tools. Insurance companies would rather let the insured patient die rather than pay for a test.

Make no mistake about it. Rationed healthcare is already a reality! Anyone that says different, is either misinformed or a liar. I also tried to get emergency dental help and Health Choice blew me off. My medical coverage was terminated on March 1, 2008, because I made more than $867/month.

Fortunately, AHCCCS did manage to take care some of my healthcare needs during the time I was covered.

I have renewed my Qwest Lifeline and APS Energy Support program for another year. I’m eligible for these discount programs as long as my income remains what it is.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Part#4: “White Man’s Adventures through the Welfare System”

With all of media hype regarding healthcare reform, the perils of socialized medicine and the pending legislation in the House being such a hot topic, I decided to break out some of my old blogs describing my trip through the healthcare and welfare system. After finding myself with health issues, I wrote an eight part series that described the process I was forced to navigate and endure. I have been there and done that. I’m hopeful that somebody might find some of the information and experiences helpful in their quest for answers or search for assistance.

January 26. 2008
Life goes on without skipping a beat. Despite being out of work since November 1, 2007, I have paid all of my bills on time. It took 42 days for my food stamp debit card to finally arrive. The application I completed way back on December 11, 2007, said it would only take seven days to get approval. The D.E.S. claimed that they forgot to send my EBT card. My “white-envy suffering” case worker failed to get my benefits to me in a timely manner. She also failed to answer her telephone or return the calls I made.

Since I had to make an extra 60 mile round trip to Casa Grande, I went ahead and stocked up at the food bank. They gave me bread, 5 lbs. of Potatoes, a dozen eggs, dry pasta, dry kidney beans, instant rice, Vienna sausage links, a package of hot dogs, a big bag of Cheeto’s and several canned food items. I can get a food box once every 90 days. After standing in line at the D.E.S. for over an hour, I wasn’t going home empty handed.

The line was backed up to the door just like on my first visit. I noticed that some of the ugliest woman seem to have no trouble breeding. Perhaps that knot hole in the fence theory actually worked for a few people. I’m afraid other men weren’t so lucky. There were three noisy babies in the waiting room. My hearing loss was beneficial for once.

I decided to contact a workers’ compensation attorney to get my case set in motion. As predicted, Sentry Insurance failed to respond to my claim within the 21 days they were required to by law. I will be having a hearing at the Industrial Commission in Phoenix in a few months unless Sentry decides to settle beforehand. I hate going to Phoenix. It appears that Sentry approved a claim filed by a coworker after being bitten by an insect on the job. I suffer substantial hearing loss as a result of my employers alleged ignorance or disregard for OSHA regulations concerning noise exposure and they deny my claim. My famous quote, “If things start to make sense, I’m in the wrong place.” comes to mind.

I had an interview for the constable vacancy for my local justice of the peace. The interview was conducted by a five member panel including the judge and Maricopa’s police chief who happens to be an obese black fellow. He didn’t look like a Republican to me. Republican Party voter registration and the ability to understand English were the major criteria. Although I was highly recommended for the position, I was not appointed. The appointee will be primarily responsible for serving temporary restraining orders on wife beaters, meth addicts and alcoholics.

I went grocery shopping using my food stamp EBT card. I put some of those old ladies with the boxes full of coupons to shame. Buying store brands and sale items, I purchased $37.55 worth of groceries for only $15.85. My monthly ration was $109. If one is a smart consumer, that is more than enough to feed one’s self. I’m being careful not to gain any weight.

My next installment will more than likely come towards the end of February since I don’t expect any new developments until a hearing date is set for my workers‘ compensation claim.

Don’t waste your time trying to call the DES. The recording never ends. Trying to call them is about as futile as trying to get me to answer my telephone. Put whatever you have to say in writing and fax it to them. I usually send information to both fax numbers to make certain they get it.

My monthly food stamp benefit was ultimately reduced to just $15.00/month. Unlike black food stamp recipients, I did not complain. I feel it’s completely unacceptable to complain about a gift. That amount remained the same until my unemployment benefits ended 8 months later. Despite this, I ate well and maintained a large food reserve. You cannot shop like millionaires when you are on a fixed income. There are people out there that will never get that simple fact through their thick skulls.

Persons applying for benefits must keep tabs on their cases. Many of the state employees handling your matters could care less. You are nothing more than a number or a file to them. Many of them are what I like to call “affirmative action hires“. These people were not hired based on their qualifications, desire or ability to the job. They exhibit very little motivation. As it should happen, the state appears to put the most incompetent and irresponsible people in positions of importance. As an applicant, it’s your job to make sure they do their job.

How safe was my former employer, Cardinal Glass Industries?

I want to thank Cardinal Glass Industries for letting me go before I was mutilated or killed. Despite my inner ear nerve damage, hearing loss and tinnitus, I still feel lucky I got out alive with all of my extremities still attached. There are others that weren’t so lucky.

Cardinal was too cheap to purchase noise canceling hearing protection, but they spent lots of money putting in a fancy epoxy floor with a Cardinal logo in the office above the break room. I hope the “puppet” safety coordinator, “Safety Bob” sleeps well at night. There is blood on his hands because he didn’t have the guts to stand up to management. You’re a gutless COWARD Bob!

Cardinal IG showed me what it’s like to work for a company that puts their products before the safety and well being of their employees.

I used the username “Heglameister” when I posted here:

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