Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If you see a U-Haul on the road. . . . You may be in DANGER!!!

Were you stuck on hold for more than an hour? Did a company refuse to fix your fridge after they delivered it broken? Everyone has a customer service horror story, and we want to hear yours. Fill out the form below to send us an e-mail with the details.
The sorry excuse for a U-Haul in Maricopa is a table located in the hallway of a run-down shopping center next to the railroad tracks. A farmers market next to the building sells rotting produce.

Whatever Happened To Customer Service? Tell Us Your Customer Service Horror Story!

I submitted my story to Channel 5. Hopefully, U-Haul will get attention in the form of negative publicity. They rightfully deserve it. The U-Haul facility in question is located at 44301 W. Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway, Maricopa, AZ 85238 Ph. 520-568-1996.

My side of the story:

A few weeks ago, a friend and I rented a tow dolly to bring a disabled vehicle back to Maricopa from Quartzsite. The woman at the U-Haul center on the Casa Grande Hwy. in Maricopa, AZ falsified items on the rental contract. The towing capacity of my vehicle and the weight of the vehicle to be towed were the two items falsified. In reality, we should have never been permitted to rent that tow dolly because the weight exceeded my towing capacity.

We drove half way across the state and back with this tow dolly. In front of my friend's house, the dolly came undone from my hitch. Fortunately, this didn't happen on I-10. Many people could have been easily injured or killed. Imagine what could have happened if that 4400 pound vehicle came undone on the interstate. My friend’s wife was following me. She had two small children in her van at the time.

Extra insurance was purchased in the event of a mishap or damage. A little over $1800 in damage occurred to the rear of my vehicle. I filed a claim and U-Haul has decided to deny any responsibility for the dishonesty of their employee or the consequences of her actions.

U-Haul wanted to rent that dolly at any cost. They didn't care how many lives they gambled with in the process. After all, money is always more important than safety. I will think twice the next time a friend asks me for help. If anyone needs my help and it involves the use of my truck. DON’T EVEN ASK. . . And don’t go to U-Haul.

U-Haul’s pathetic response:

Date of Loss: September 25,2009
Reported Date: September 25,2009

Dear Harry Hughes:

The investigation concerning the above captioned claim has been concluded.

Our investigation reveals no evidence of negligence on the part of the U-Haul or its employees in this incident. Therefore, we must respectfully decline payment for the liability portion of your claim, as we are unable to verify any negligence on the part of the U-Haul.

If you have any additional documentation that you feel would reverse our decision, please forward it for further review and consideration.


Paul Bosse
Claims Adjuster II
800-528-7134 x664186
Fax: 602-745-7383
P.O. Box 24181
Phoenix, AZ 85074-4181

Three people were present as they watched this U-Haul employee, an alleged trained professional, deliberately falsify items on the rental contract. Bosse actually had the nerve to say there was no evidence of negligence. He obviously chose to ignore three credible honest people over the word of a liar. Did he even bother to review the data entered by this dishonest employee? I think it’s time for the public to judge U-Haul.

Communication after the incident with my friend:

From: “my friend”
10/18/2009 4:08:26 PM

That's BS! They hooked it to a bumper hitch that wasn't rated to the declared weight of the vehicle being towed. They should have never hooked it up knowing that it was going to tow a 4400 pound vehicle without verifying that the hitch was rated to carry that capacity. We're not towing experts and that is why we relied on them to determine if the arrangement was suitable to our needs. She falsified the rated capacity of your truck. That's not just negligence, that's gross incompetence. I highly doubt U-Haul trains their personnel to falsify the data they put in their computers.

To: “my friend“
9/27/2009 8:19:16 AM

Upon consulting my truck's owner's manual, I discovered that the maximum towing capacity for a 2001 standard cab Ford F-150 4X2 with a 4.2 liter 6 cylinder engine is 2000-3600 pounds depending on the gear ratio. That's not quite the 5000 pounds the "trained professional" at U-Haul thought it was. With the weight of the Nissan (can be found on the sticker in the driver's side door jamb) + the weight of the dolly, it was probably very close to the maximum.

To: “my friend”
9/26/2009 5:05:31 AM

After I got home last night, I remembered another interesting detail from our visit to the U-haul "center". The woman that handled the rental contract asked about the weight capacity of my hitch. I replied that I had no idea. Rather than going out and checking, she made up the figure of 5000 pounds. She just wanted to fill in the blanks and seemed not all that concerned if the answers were correct or not. When she asked the license plate number of the vehicle being towed, nobody knew that answer, so she made that up too. It wouldn't surprise me if she got my license plate number wrong too.

Her willingness to falsely and/or inaccurately fill in the blanks on a rental contract reflects directly on her character and credibility. In my past employment, falsifying documents was grounds for corrective action up to and including termination.
At U-haul, dishonesty and deception appear to be standard operating procedure.

Don't Use U-Haul

Welcome to This site is dedicated to getting the word out about the business practices of one of the largest self-moving companies around. If you found this site while planning a move, remember that moving is a stressful experience even under the best of conditions. When it comes time to choose a company to help with your move, I hope the stories posted here will persuade you to keep as far away from U-Haul as you can.

U-Haul Problems At-a-Glance

There are too many reports of unsatisfactory or dangerous experiences with U-Haul to include on this website. Many of those reports include complaints of trailer brakes, engine failure, crashes caused by trailer sway, being forced to accept vehicles that were too big or not getting what was reserved, and poor quality in customer service. We have outlined in detail many of these problems below. If any of these sound familiar, please tell us about what happened to you.

Birthright: Murder, Greed, and Power in the U-Haul Family Dynasty

Watkins ( High Crimes and Misdemeanors , LJ 4/1/90; Evil Intentions , LJ 2/1/92) here chronicles the lives of the L.S. Shoen family and the growth of the U-Haul empire. Shoen founded U-Haul with a single trailer in 1945 and directed the company's growth until he was ousted from leadership by a rival faction, led by two of his sons, in the mid-1980s. The battle for control of the company is still being fought, and the unsolved murder of Eva Shoen (wife of one of Schoen's sons) has added to the intrigue of this bitter family feud.
U-Haul was built on two bothers screwing their dad out of his interest in the company. Do a little research and see for yourself. U-Haul is a company based on lies, deceit and unethical behavior and, that is the type of "business" they practice.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

They’re statewide. . . .The loonies and nut jobs are coming to Arizona in droves!

Arising from the deaths at the so-called sweat lodge at the Angel Valley Retreat Center in Sedona, I’ve come to the conclusion that my state is being invaded by hordes of loons and otherwise mentally unsound people. Anyone that willingly pays $9000 to sit and sweat under a sheet of plastic can’t be right in the head. This particular scam was called a “Spiritual Warrior” course.

One could easily put a plastic bag over their head and suffocate for free in their closet at home or in an alley behind a dumpster. Jack Kevorkian, who has been known as "Dr. Death" since at least 1956, would be proud.

When I first heard of this story, I thought, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” In this case, there were dozens of them and they all had lots of money to squander.

Sheriff Probes Sweat Lodge Deaths as Homicides

The deaths of two people during a sweat lodge ceremony led by self-help expert James Arthur Ray are being investigated as homicides, authorities said Thursday.

Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh said the deaths last week of Kirby Brown, 38, of Westtown N.Y. and James Shore, 40, of Milwaukee were not accidental.

"A combination of circumstances led to the deaths," Waugh said. "Whether or not we can prove a criminal case, that has yet to be determined."

In the days following these deaths, James Arthur Ray, a so-called self-help expert went as far as to say that those who died were having an out of body experience and that they were having so much fun that they decided not to return. I see Ray as a greedy son of a bitch that will be coughing up millions in wrongful death settlements in the future. I see him as nothing more than a fraud. He should be sleeping with one eye open. I think it would be funny if some person would “self motivate” and take this asshole out.

Maricopa, Arizona Ghost Tales

The spirit of an elderly guy with a long white beard is occasionally distinguished smoking a cigar up on the peak of Haley Hills. A local woman claims that this ghost is the undeceased soul of a long dead Maricopa resident.

The phantom of a silver-miner has purportedly been observed on frequent occasions dragging a body over the grass in Ak Chin Indian Reservation on a dark night. People declare that this ghost is possibly the undeceased ghost of a local who used to have a home here in Maricopa. A female with a fairly transparent body may repeatedly be perceived trying to locate a box in Hidden Valley on a dark night. Whichever way, it's undoubtedly a menacing ghost that is better not disrupted.

I’ve lived near Maricopa for almost 17 years. I’ve never seen a ghost and don’t believe they exist. I know for a fact that there are lots of people out here that use and abuse crystal meth and other mind altering drugs. There’s no telling what these people think they see and hear. Some years ago, I knew of one young man that was convinced of the existence of cameras in his head. He would wonder aimlessly around in the dark. Talk about being wacked out!

I’m almost positive that Maricopa has more ‘tweekers” than ghosts on any given night. I’m sure data exists at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office that will back that up.
Reported Bigfoot sightings in Northern Arizona

SELIGMAN, ARIZONA -- Seligman is the birthplace of historic Route 66, but could it also be the home of Bigfoot? "Java" Bob Smallsback of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. is in town researching two reported Bigfoot sightings by a Phoenix man who is building a cabin in the area. The sightings reportedly happened on two different occasions over the past two years. Smallsback says he was called in after the most recent sighting and claims he was able to track the creature, finding what he says is a fingernail where the Sasquatch had stubbed his toe on a rock.

Smallsback says a team from Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. will be in Seligman for the next few months in hopes of making contact with the elusive creature.

People have been chasing the legendary “Bigfoot” for decades. We’ve had more than enough time for somebody to shoot one or hit one with their car. Fingernails, deformed foot prints, grainy photographs, staged videos and strange looking hair are the only evidence that seems to exist.

Having a background in natural science, I do believe that there exist the possibility of the existence of large previously undiscovered primates. Unfortunately, there also exists many glory grabbers, unscientific “experts” and frauds. These characters taint any real science that might lead to the proof of Bigfoot’s existence. I will patiently wait for some real proof.

Photo: This cow has been dead for approximately 6 years. The desert has a way of preserving things for posterity. I’m sure some nut job would say that this cow was abducted by UFO’s and used for science experiments. His ears and ear tag were missing.

“Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”
-- George Washington