Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I still hate the telephone company . . .Qwest Repair, 10/27/2009

Once again, my telephone was not working correctly. And yes, I still hate the telephone company. After continuous issues and four blogs, I don’t see that ever changing. They could give me free phone service for a year and I would still hate them. How could anyone like something that is consistently unreliable?

I woke up Tuesday morning to find nothing but static on my line. After patiently waiting for close to an hour (watching morons on Judge Joe Brown), I finally got a dial tone. I attempted to connect to the internet and ended up with a 12.0Kb/s dial-up connection speed. That was completely useless to me.

I reluctantly called the Qwest repair service and the technician on the line said he would perform a test and call me back. A few minutes later, he called back stating that there was a problem with my line. I really hate trying to talk to these people. I don’t think their parents or teachers ever told them to speak up/clearly. What they all need is a drill instructor to say, “Sound off like you got a pair!” I would like to tell them, “It looks to me like the best part of you ran down the crack of your mama’s ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress!” (from the movie, “Full Metal Jacket”)

At 11:25AM, I was told that there was a problem and that the problem would be resolved by 8:00PM. As my recent past experiences with windows of opportunity come to mind, I was not all that optimistic. In this day and age it has regrettably become socially, politically and professionally acceptable to make empty promises. It has become nearly impossible to believe anything anyone tells me.

Shortly after noon, I received a call from a different Qwest technician. There was no audible static on the line at the time. This technician said that he would stop by in five or ten minutes.
I made lunch and did a few chores. Afterwards, I picked up the phone and found no dial tone, static or any sort of sound. I’m hearing impaired, so I might have not heard something if it was there. This is why I prefer using the internet to communicate. Emails also leave a record of my words, so I cannot be misquoted.

All of those fancy gadgets that assist people with hearing impairments are not available to low income people. If you have a disability and are not rich, you are simply “shit out of luck“. All of those laws Congress passed over the decades to protect the handicapped and disabled, aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. The only paper “the system” understands or cares about is money. I have learned this from first hand personal experience. November 1, 2009, marks my second anniversary of being a “Disabled American”.

Once again, I lost my dial tone at 1:53PM and again at 2:11PM. The wind gusts were a bit brisk within this time frame.

Nearly six hours later, dinner is over and that technician that was on his way, has yet to show his face here. This is another missed window of opportunity. How can I believe anyone when they tell me that they are on their way?

Since I’m white, I’m unable to utilize the “race card” in order to receive protection granted under our laws. If I did, I would probably end up on a “threat” list at the Department of Homeland Security.

Previous blogs:

I hate the telephone company!
These so-called customer service representatives are more than likely trained to be total assholes. It’s their desire to make people give up, take their lumps and go away in hopes they never call back. Unfortunately for them, I don’t operate that way.

Qwest Communications and inferior rural telephone service http://vandal49588.blogspot.com/2009/09/update-qwest-communications-and.html
It seems like I lose my dial tone every time the wind blows or it rains. (On 10/27/09, it’s a windy day. The air is full of dust and I‘m having telephone service problems. AGAIN!)

Update: Qwest Communications and inferior rural telephone service in Arizona
From my previous blog, most of you know I’m not too pleased with the quality of service my local telephone company provides. After several days, Qwest finally responded to my email. Their response didn’t do all that much to correct any issues. In fact, they did nothing. It was more of an insult than anything else.

At 5:38PM, I made a second call to Qwest to see if their technician was alright. I was concerned that he may have been in a wreck or got blown off his ladder in the wind. The person I spoke with on the telephone didn’t appear to understand what I was saying. Perhaps all of the static on my line prevented her from hearing.

At 6:47PM, a Qwest technician called me and said that he would be in my area to work on my service soon. Should I believe him? Minutes before 8:00PM, I receive another call informing me that my service had been repaired. Although my phone is working now, I have my sincere doubts that I will be trouble free for very long.

Photo: This is where my telephone service comes from. This is how that obese black technician left it back in September. No wonder I have problems with my service. If his supervisor would attempt to take corrective action against this lazy slob, he/she would probably be branded a racist and lose his/her job.
“I have never met an honest businessman.”
--Harry L. Hughes III

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I survived Oi Fest 2009 . . . .Tonopah, Arizona

I attended the infamous Oi Fest 2009, in Tonopah, AZ this weekend. Given an extremist event label from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and write up in The Phoenix New Times, there were no protesters or demonstrators waiting for us along the way. Not one! There weren’t any last year either.

There were no problems or incidents during the many hours the event lasted. A rather intoxicated woman, had some trouble keeping her hands off me, but that really wasn’t much of a problem.

For the second year in a row, I got to witness first hand a “routine traffic stop” initiated by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office within two miles of the concert. As before, I was a passenger. Despite being white and having just left an “all-white” event, I don’t think I was racially profiled. The Mexican population likes to pull the “race card” when they get caught, especially by the MCSO.

After all, it was really dark out there in the middle of nowhere. There was also some sort of Mexican party close by. The MCSO deputy had a 50/50 chance of pulling over a Caucasian.

What the Phoenix New Times had to say. . .

Note: Anytime White People get together for any reason, whether it be a concert, public gathering, church or auto racing, the label of “racist” or “Nazi” is most frequently applied to these events by the liberal media.

Those that preach and embrace tolerance and diversity more often than not, seriously object when White People assemble as a group. In many cases, they show extreme hatred and violence. Are they afraid of something? I think of these people as hypocrites.

Neo-Nazi Oi Fest II Scheduled for October 24 in Tonopah, Arizona

What could it be that draws neo-Nazis to western Maricopa County town of Tonopah? Desert vistas pregnant with ennui? The occasional corpse dumped next to the Interstate? Exhaust from the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant?

Whatever it is, Tonopah will once more be the place for the booted and braced come October 24 when it plays host to the home-grown racist music happening Oi Fest II, dedicated to "Oi" music, a subgenre of punk that was kidnapped by white nationalists sometime in the early '80s. (So don't get it mixed up with the Yiddish expression, "Oy, gevalt," though it's tempting to apply such irony to the racist skinheads involved.)

After reading the many comments to this article, I was amazed at how somebody that never attended this sort of event could know so much about what happens. Some imaginations can run wild if the media plants the right ideas. Pay particular attention to the comments whose authors made extensive use of profanity to express their opinions. Does that make them sound intelligent or cool?

A couple of hours after arriving, I was asked to participate in a live broadcast on Radio White. I did my short speech and returned to the concert. I was there for the music. The $20.00 admission and FREE parking to see several bands play for hours is a bargain. Years ago, I didn't like paying $5.00 to park. I could only imagine what parking and a concert ticket costs today.

I took quite a few photographs of this event but will not be posting them online in order to protect participants from harassment from the media or problems with their employers. Despite our Constitution, we do not have the freedom of certain political beliefs, especially under “at will” employment or in “right to work” states. I will also be applying for copyright protection for all of these images.
Yellow Journalism, alive and well in Phoenix . . .

“Yellow Journalism” is a type of journalism that downplays legitimate news in favor of eye-catching headlines that sell more newspapers. It may feature exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, sensationalism, or unprofessional practices by news media organizations or journalists. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_journalism
"Three men can keep a secret, if two of them are dead!" --Ben Franklin