Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thursday night’s public transit meeting. . . .

Instead of loafing around the house and watching the boob tube Thursday night, I went to a public transit meeting for the City of Maricopa. Although I live a ways outside the city limits, I was curious as to how the city was planning to spend potential federal grant money. As we know, grant money comes from tax dollars.

This meeting was designed to encourage feedback from potential transit users. A design and destinations study was part of the meeting. Attendees were permitted to mark points of origins and desired destinations on a projected route map. Everyone was encouraged to participate.

I didn’t count, but there appeared to be barely 20 people in attendance. As is often the case, a few will speak for the many. It’s most unfortunate that more people don’t get involved in the manner in which their tax dollars are spent. It’s easier to sit on the sidelines and complain. Maricopa has a population estimated to be over 30,000.

After additional studies and meetings with the city council and the public, an application for a grant will be made to the Arizona Department of transportation in April.

City of Maricopa: Development Services Department

On Thursday, January 7, 2010, the City of Maricopa Development Services Department will host a public meeting to gather information from potential transit riders, their travel behavior and obtain their input on transit issues. This is the first public meeting in a 5-month Transit Feasibility Study Update that will identify potential transit solutions for Maricopa residents. The meeting will be held at the First Baptist Church, 18705 N John Wayne Parkway, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
City hosting public meeting to gather input on public transportation

“We need all potential transit riders to participate in the transit study update,” said Director Brent Billingsley. “The information we gather will be incredibly valuable in addressing transit needs that will affect the entire community for a long time.”
Transportation for Elderly Person and Persons with Disabilities (5310)

This program (49 U.S.C. 5310) provides formula funding to States for the purpose of assisting private nonprofit groups in meeting the transportation needs of the elderly and persons with disabilities when the transportation service provided is unavailable, insufficient, or inappropriate to meeting these needs. Funds are apportioned based on each State’s share of population for these groups of people.

“Dawn” of Civ Tech Engineering,, made a presentation that proposed suggested bus routes. I had an opportunity to speak with her after the presentation. I told her that I am an “occasional traveler” and was looking for transportation options that would allow me to leave my personal vehicle at home. As it turns out, I can ride to Phoenix for only $2.00 one way. I would still have to make the nine mile drive to the park & ride lot to catch the bus.

Unlike some of the local water board meetings, this assembly was peaceful with no yelling or fighting. In fact, this is one of the only meetings I attended that didn’t have police officers present for crowd control. Small town meetings have been known to get a little rowdy.
By shaping public opinion the media are able to play a decisive role in formulating public policy and in determining the makeup of the government. We didn't understand that -- or at least we didn't understand it fully -- until, during the course of this century, a small and alien minority had insinuated itself into a position of dominance over the media. That small and alien minority, of course, is the Jews. --Dr. william L. Pierce

Thursday, January 7, 2010

There's no mistake about it. . . .I OWN the copyright!

Some say that possession is 9/10 of the law. That would often be the case unless of course, you were holding that undisputable 1/10. That is the case with my copyrighted images that have been taken and used without my permission. One may be in the possession of a car. That doesn’t necessarily make it his. The holder of the valid title is the legal owner of record. My U.S. Copyright, registered, bought and paid for, is the “title” to my photographic images. Unfortunately, there are those in the media that don’t respect those rights or laws. All they know is, “Take! Take! Take!”
Many criminals, even those caught “red handed” will spew the sorry excuse of a defense, “There must be some mistake.” It appears that those that infringe on copyrighted material use the same ridiculous defense as well. This has got to be one of the oldest ones in the book.

YouTomb noticed my work

YouTomb is a research project of MIT Free Culture. The purpose of the project is to investigate what kind of videos are subject to takedown notices due to allegations of copyright infringement with particular emphasis on those for which the takedown may be mistaken. Although our initial focus is on videos hosted by YouTube, we are interested in other video collections as well.

My correspondence with YouTomb:

I noticed that my notice of alleged copyright infringement made your page. I thought you might like my side of the story.

As far as I'm concerned, there is absolutely no mistake about my identifying this as a copyright infringement.

I took the picture in question and acquired copyright registration with the US Copyright office. Unquestionable video exists of me actually taking that photograph. I'm also a member of the National Press Photographers' Association.(NPPA) As like with musicians and other artists, who own copyrights of our work, I have rights as a copyright owner. In this case, those rights have been stepped over time and again.

You may ask why it took me 243 days to ask for this image's removal. Being poor, I have dial-up internet access and never watch Youtube because it takes hours for that to happen. It wasn't until a friend recently brought this alleged infringement to my attention before I took action.

“Our system” is hopelessly broken

In further delaying my action, it took nearly three months for the US Copyright office to allow a reasonable accommodation for my disability. This caused a long delay in the registration process. During this time, my image was continuously exploited without my permission. I addressed a letter to the White House regarding accessibility for the disabled. Since I did not receive a visit from the Secret Service, I must have not have made my point clear enough.

As a disabled American Citizen living at or near the poverty level, I am barred from accessing the judicial system. Constitutional rights to due process of law are available only to those Americans who can afford to pay for them. “You have to pay to play.” That is the name of the justice game in the United States.

During this experience, I have come to the belief that low income disabled Americans have no rights at all. As far as I’m concerned, all those laws on the books protecting the disabled aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Justice is available ONLY to those with the ability to pay.

If you are disabled and thinking of trying to get off Social Security Disability by attempting to earn an honest living, don’t bother wasting your time. Stay home, goof off, have fun and collect your check. Enjoy your permanent vacation! The system is designed to keep you down at all costs. Take it from me. I learned this the hard way.

As a result of the behavior of the alleged “copyright violators“, many of the hundreds of photographs I’ve taken during the past few months will never see the light of day. Those include photos taken at the 2009 Oi Fest in Tonopah, AZ and of the November 7, 2009, Phoenix, AZ NSM(National Socialist Movement) “America First” rally and after party. If the media cannot share legally, I will not share at all. Remember, all they had to do was ask. They did not.

I have come to learn that the skinheads, those so-called “Neo-Nazis” and NSM members are some of the most honorable, trustworthy, respectable, polite and well mannered individuals I have ever met. The few neighbors that attended the after party have said the same thing. I certainly trust them more than any member of the media. Trust and respect are things you must earn.

Help Wanted: “pro bono” Copyright Attorney
Photo: This is a dried up worm. It's a meaningless photo that has nothing to do with my story. As a result of my copyright experience, I didn't want to post a meaningful photograph.
Fair Use is not an exemption to infringement: “It is an admission that infringement HAS taken place, and the defense of fair use is looked upon as a last ditch excuse to avoid responsibility.”
--Christopher Schiller

Monday, January 4, 2010

My “fellow Americans” disappoint me again. . . .

I simply don’t understand why so many Americans don’t believe in free speech. From what I read this afternoon, it appears that speech/text suppression seems to be the latest fad to hit the web. AZ Central posted another poll today and the results were pathetic.

I support Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his crime suppression sweeps. I even actively protest against illegal immigration in the streets. A much as I oppose crime and illegal immigration, I believe in the unrestricted right of people to communicate freely with one another. Isn’t that part of free speech? Almost 60% of those polled would more than likely enjoy living in North Korea, a isolationist police state with less freedom than we think we have in this country. (For the time being.)

Advocate strikes back on Arpaio crime sweeps

Every time word spreads that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is conducting one of his controversial crime sweeps, Lydia Guzman drives to the scene to see for herself.

The rumors often turn out to be false. But when they are true, Guzman, an advocate for immigrant and civil rights, springs into action, sending a wave of text messages to a wide network of contacts, who in turn forward the texts to their own contacts.

The question:

Do you think text messages that warn of upcoming crime sweeps should be considered illegal?

The results as of 8:43 PM
Yes. 59.17%
No. 33.11%
Not sure. 7.72%
Total Votes: 1827

Keep in mind that the crime suppression sweeps are anything but secret. There are highly visible public operations that utilize a mobile command post housed is a well marked truck and semi-trailer. Divulging their location is not exactly the same as selling state secrets to the Chinese.

It won’t be long before people will want to make wiping your ass with more than four of those little squares of toilet paper illegal too. In reality, we are not nearly as free as we think we are. I think many Americans are delusional and don’t understand what real freedom is because they never had it. However, that doesn’t excuse them from overtly desiring to squash free speech. Wake up people!

I am convinced that most people don’t understand the world in which they live. This is largely in part due to the mass media. Day in and day out, people are barraged with information on what is cool, how to dress, what to eat, how to think, where to go, what to buy, who to vote for and what is right and wrong. Most people’s brains receive more information than they can possibly process. It simply becomes easier to go with the flow and blindly follow what everyone else seems to be doing.

Independent free thinkers are becoming an endangered species in this society. In fact, those that think for themselves are often marginalized and criticized for not going with the flow. They are actually perceived as a threat to those who are running the show.

“When a herd of cattle stampede over a cliff to their deaths, the individual cows may be perfectly normal, but still something has gone badly wrong for the herd. And that's sort of the way it is with our society today. Collectively we're doing a lot of things which not only don't make sense but which ultimately will destroy us. And millions of people who are intelligent enough to see this will not see it because they don't want to be out of step with the herd. They are terrified of being out of step with the herd.” --Dr. William L. Pierce