Friday, January 15, 2010

01/15/2010 Vekol Valley: Today’s illegal alien patrol

The Haley Hills and Vekol Valley area has been rather quiet for some time. I have been conducting semi-weekly patrols for the last several months. During that time I have seen only a couple of suspicious vehicles and a just two abandoned lay up areas.

While on today’s patrol, I discovered another abandoned lay up area. It was located near a raised earthen levy that was designed to divert rain water for cattle. Cattle are no longer grazing in the Vekol Valley, but the heavily treed strips of land remain. They offer excellent cover and protection from the elements.

This particular lay up area was like most of the others. Trash was scattered about. A back pack, blankets and food containers made up the bulk of the trash. It appeared that somebody had trouble keeping air in their bicycle tires from the looks of all the inner tubes that were left behind. Arizona vegetation, most having thorns or spines, are very hard on tires. I guess they learned that the hard way.

Over the decades, millions of Mexicans have deposited millions of tons of litter all over the Arizona desert. They destroy everything they touch.

The reason I determined that this area was abandoned for some time was a full baby food jar with a 2005 expiration date. The label happened to be in Spanish. Much can be learned from one’s trash.

On Haiti: There are estimated to be 36 million White People in the United States living below the poverty level. And people want to send their money to an all black nation? A nation whose inhabitants would rather kill us than give us the time of day. I'd rather eat glass than make a donation. P.S. I'm a big fan of Plate Tectonics!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The cost of illegal immigration has gone up again.

The cost of illegal immigra-tion has gone up again. This morning, an elderly grandfather was taking his grandson to the bus stop. Normally, this would not be a noteworthy event. Everything was going as planned until a farm tractor slammed into the grandfather’s Ford Explorer. The tractor kept on going. He did not stop. He did not care if he injured or killed anyone.

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s deputy that responded: Since the tractor originated from Santa Rosa Farms, the operator was more than likely an illegal alien.

What will happen as a result of this incident? More than likely, the Mexican will get away with it. Even if caught, he will flatly deny any involvement. At the same time, the grandfather, who exists solely on Social Security is out a vehicle.

The grandfather and grandson are actually lucky to have not been injured or killed. As we already know, 25 Americans are killed by illegal aliens in the United States each and every day.

According to Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, "9,000 Americans are killed each year, 25 each day, 12 by stabbings and shootings, 13 by DUI and related crimes (Congressional Report; Drawing a Line in the Sand)."

Our racial equals? Ha! You gotta be kidding!

There are days that I think I’ve heard it all until I click on a story like this. Having a bachelors degree in natural science, I’m fully aware that we “humans” are not all the same. That is a scientific fact. I’ve studied evolution and even worked in a genetic lab. Humans are only one chromosome away from being chimps. Humans are a group of primates that include multiple sub races and various mutations. Political Correctness, not science lumps all these groups into one. Oddly, the scientific community elects to split all other animal groups into subspecies. Humanoids are the only exception.

I firmly believe that we are wrongly labeling many subhuman bipedal primates as being human. There’s no way in hell that a savage in Africa that kills women and sells their vaginas to the farmer down the road is my racial equal. If you want him to be your equal, fine, but he will never be mine.

Prophet sells murdered lover’s private parts

Kurapwi allegedly used the same knife to sever the private parts from the corpse and stashed them in a plastic bag. He proceeded to remove the woman’s toenails and also put them in the bag. It is believed that Kurapwi dragged Zireva’s mutilated body and threw it into a burrow and covered it with tree branches.
For as yet unknown reasons, the following day Kurapwi took the private parts to Muni farm house and approached a farmer identified as Dion Benuiddenhout.
He allegedly told the farmer that he was selling the privates parts and Benuiddenhout pretended to be interested. It is not yet known how much money Kurapwi wanted for the parts.

This is not an isolated incident. Behavior like this is on the rise. Since the end of European colonialism, Africa appears to have fallen off the evolutionary ladder. Africans have taken an obvious giant leap backwards.

Muti medicine: Herbs and murder

There are no statistics for the number of muti murders in South Africa and estimates vary from one a month to 300 a year, according to Gerard Labuschagne, commander of the South African Police Service's investigative psychology unit.

Such killings are usually distinguished by the dismembered bodies of the victims. It is believed that body parts -- including internal organs -- are sometimes removed from victims still living, in the belief that their screams enhance the medicine's power.

"The removal of genitals is very characteristic," Labuschagne says. "The parts have different significances -- a hand might be used by a businessman who wants to attract customers. Genitals are a source of good luck."

I have to admit that removing a vagina following a murder is a far cry from carrying a rabbit’s foot on a key chain. Are we really living in the 21sr century? I know who isn’t.

What bothers me more, is that the US Government allows thousands of Africans into this country to live among us. They bring their customs and bad habits here. We are told that multiculturalism is wonderful and that diversity is our strength. I think they’re crazy. Huffing jenkem, murder, genital mutilation and rape don’t mix well with Western Civilization.

Recently, Barack Obama decided to lift a ban and allow HIV positive humanoids into the United States. I guess AIDS wasn’t spreading fast enough. We’ll help this disease spread faster by opening the immigration floodgate some more. The thing I like most about AIDS is that it’s killing the right “people“. Isn’t multiculturalism just wonderful?

White People can be credited with inventing western civilization, splitting the atom and putting a man on the moon. In turn, we are forced as a result of a government forced diversity policy to live in fear and danger. There’s no question about it, Negroids are dangerous. This is proven on a daily basis.

Do you remember that African guy that was forced to marry his neighbors’ goat after having sex with it on multiple occasions? If Obama has things his way, he soon may be your neighbor.

My favorite Abraham Lincoln quote:

"I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races - that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything." Abraham Lincoln Source: September 18, 1858 - Fourth Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois

"You see, their morals, their code, it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these... these civilized people, they'll eat each other." --The Joker, The Dark Knight

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Copyright thieves are free to steal. . . .

This outcome was very predictable and everything I said about not having any rights, especially when it comes to intellectual property, turned out to be true. Lying and thieving foreigners in my own country have more rights than I do. The media bosses, thugs and criminals are free to roam at large and do as they please. If they choose to violate the rights of “the little guy”, they are free to do so. The government will not stand in their way.
Despite owning the camera that took my picture, having the SD memory card in my possession, possessing the credit card receipt from the US Copyright Office, email verifications from eCO, the existence of video that shows me taking the picture and possessing the copyright certificate from the US Copyright Office, I still don’t have rights to MY photograph?

YouTube is every bit as guilty as the people that have “hijacked” it. YouTube has allowed this offense to continue. In fact, they have become an accessory after the fact.

How To Make Sure Your Video Does Not Infringe Someone Else's Copyrights

The way to ensure that your video doesn't infringe someone else's copyright is to use your skills and imagination to create something completely original.

Look and see how many people ignore this. I can think of several people who obviously never read the above sentence. It’s really clear to me that these violators could care less about the terms of use.

I have come to find out through first hand personal experience that US copyright laws are not worth the paper they are printed on. Anyone that wants to steal your images are free to do so. The government will idly sit by with its’ collective thumb up its’ fat worthless ass and allow this to happen. As I said before, “If you have no money, you have no rights.” This case proves beyond any doubt that statement is true.

The digital photo/file itself contains specific information that indicates that the photo belongs to me. I have demonstrated this in the above illustrations. Please note that I am using the “uncropped” file. This is the very first time that the uncropped version has ever appeared online. If that is not my image, how did I manage that?

I did not see another person at the May 2, 2009 Tent City march holding a Canon Powershot A590 IS. They certainly were not standing next to Sheriff Arpaio’s car at 11:30AM.

Naui Ocelotl Huitzilopochtli (an obvious pseudonym) was not holding a Canon A590 IS. I have positive photographic documentation that he was holding a Hi8 type video camera. Only an idiot or a liar could possibly say that that my copyright claim was mistaken. As far as I’m concerned, Naui Ocelotl Huitzilopochtli (or whatever his real name happens to be) is full of bovine fecal material.

I still think that, “There must be some mistake.” defense is worthless and weak. Historically, guilty parties tend to use that defense. Who knows? Maybe he was framed! Where’s Naui’s proof that that image belongs to him? Show us your memory card. (Hi8's take tapes)

This entire exercise was to prove a point as to who has rights and who does not. And it was proven beyond a doubt. Additionally, I have discovered and proven that some journalists and activists have questionable integrity.

I am glad, even flattered that hundreds of thousands of these images have been distributed all over the world. Sheriff Arpaio is not the only high profile law enforcement officer that has White National Socialist friends. WNS’s have found their way into local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as the military. We are among you everywhere. We are watching. We are waiting and we are armed. I hope you lemmings sleep better at night knowing this.
Help Wanted: "pro bono" Copyright Attorney
The purpose of the Revolution was not to deprive a privileged class of its rights, but to raise a class without rights to equality...." --Adolph Hitler, Berling, Reichstag, January 30, 1937