Sunday, January 31, 2010

Salt/Gila River Amphibious Illegal Alien Patrol. . .

I spent most of Sunday doing recon along the Salt River and Gila River confluence on the west side of Phoenix(Tolleson) between 91st. AV and 115th AV. One of my associates provided intelligence indicating that there was a “tent city” type encampment along this stretch of the river.

We started bright and early on 91st. AV just below the City of Phoenix water treatment facility. Due to recent rains and flooding, this stretch of 91st. AV was still barricaded and closed to traffic. The chain link fence that was put up to keep kids out, didn’t hold up too well and was laying in the channel covered with debris. We saw lots of dead fish.

Once we launched the boat, we were on our way. I noticed an abundance of ducks and other water fowl in the trees and along the banks. The water was unusually calm. We expected to encounter a higher rate of flow.

We made a number of stops to check for illegal alien activity. It appeared that most of the former “inhabitants” have “bugged out“. There was little or no signs of the once active tent city arrangement. The bad weather, the completion of the melon picking season and the recession may have sent these invaders back to Mexico or some other more “alien friendly” state. Arizona is cracking down and many are feeling the pressure. They will leave, if they are given the proper motivation.

I’m hopeful that the recent flood waters from last week’s rain storms washed away all of the human feces they left behind. Sanitation and personal hygiene are not their primary concerns.

Illegal aliens have been known to unlawfully poach fish using gill nets. And as always, they dump huge quantities of trash wherever they go. We saw lots of plastic bags and beer cans scattered along the entire stretch of river. It looked disgusting.

We were within sight of the bridge at 115th. AV when we encountered lots of thick weeds and a lack of water. Despite wearing almost knee-high rubber fireman’s boots, I got soaked up to my thigh rig. The water was still cold but not as cold as it probably was the week before. I was glad the sun was out and the temperature in the upper 60’s.

I don’t really like being cold and wet while sitting in a boat. Fortunately, Phoenix is normally 5-7 degrees warmer than my home in Maricopa. I had to pour the water out of my boots. I also decided to toss out my socks.

Our expedition terminated at the entrance to the Phoenix International Raceway. We had originally planned on going further. The lack of flowing water caused us to end our patrol earlier than anticipated.

In 2006, illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their countries of origin.