Thursday, April 1, 2010

Springtime Blooms In Arizona’s Deserts. . . . And It’s Being Destroyed!

Spring is the time when the Arizona desert blooms. Hopefully, some of this beauty will remain for future generations to enjoy. As you can clearly see, our desert is threatened by litterbugs, illegal dumping and illegal aliens. The way I see it, we’re under siege. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, need to be confronted and neutralized. It's up to us citizens to make a difference.

As most of us know, people like to carelessly throw things away. Across the United States, one can find tires, construction debris, couches, appliances and billions of beverage containers along roadways and on public lands. This is completely unacceptable. We need to clean up our environment.

“It is not enough to understand the natural world; the point is to defend and preserve it.” --Edward Abbey

During one of my recent illegal immigration patrols, I came across a dump site. The offender, who obviously lacked a working brain, was considerate enough to leave magazines bearing his name and address. I documented the site and photographed some of the debris. I’m hopeful that “Lorenzo” will face the penalty for his careless and thoughtless actions.

Upon returning home, I prepared a report and directed it to the Pinal County Public Works’ Environmental Investigator. This investigator actively seeks out illegal dumpers for the purpose of prosecuting them. I hope to send more business his way in the future. Desert Dumping Hotline: 520-866-6400

Trashing Arizona: Illegal immigrants dump tons of waste in the wilderness every day

How much trash has been dropped since this invasion began? Try 24 million pounds, from the Colorado River to the New Mexico line. The federal Bureau of Land Management made that estimate in 2007 and called it conservative. The agency uses a formula of eight pounds of trash dropped per day, per person.

Based on this, we can look at certain federal lands and understand the extent of the pileup. For example, at the peak of traffic in 2004 and 2005, the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge near Sasabe, southwest of Tucson, was getting 2,000 crossings a day, and that translates to 16,000 pounds of trash a day.

Trash in the Huachuca Mountains - The Sierra Vista Herald

A massive trash dump created by illegal immigrants has been located high above a popular recreational trail in the Huachuca Mountains.

If the people there don't want such dumps in their previously natural areas, they need to go out and discredit those who enable and encourage illegal immigration, such as far-left environmental groups and their state and national representatives.

Here, in western Pinal County, there should be no reason to dump trash in the desert. Trash collection services are available. If one cannot afford to have trash picked up, a non-profit recycling center is located in Maricopa. People can separate their trash and drop it off for recycling, free of charge.

In addition to this environmentally friendly organization, Pinal County also offers an annual “free dump day” where residents can take their discards to the local landfill. The next dump day is Saturday, April 10, 2010. How hard is that?

Maricopa's Recycling Center

Do you need a place to recycle your unwanted items or regular recyclables? We are located at 46250 W. McDavid Road in the City of Maricopa.

We have evolved into a disposable “throw away” culture. Our civilization is at a crossroads. Will we clean up our act or will we bury ourselves under the waste byproducts of our modern society?

“When the cities are gone...and all the ruckus has died away, when sunflowers push up through the concrete and asphalt of forgotten interstate freeways, when the Kremlin and the Pentagon are turned into nursing homes for generals, presidents and other such shitheads, when the glass-aluminum skyscraper tombs of Phoenix, Arizona barely show above the sand dunes, why then, why then, why then by God maybe freemen and wild women on horses, free women and wild men can roam the sagebrush canyon lands in freedom--goddamit! Herding the feral cattle into box canyons, and gorge on bloody meat and bleeding fucking internal organs, and dance all night to the music of fiddles! Banjos! Steel guitars! by the light of the reborn moon!--by God--Yes!”
--Edward Abbey

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Closer To Home. . . .Suspected Child Predator In Maricopa, AZ

Although some time has passed since this story was first released, local residents are still on alert as a result of this animal allegedly hunting children. As we know, this sort of threat is very real. It’s a daily concern for almost every parent in Maricopa.

I visited a friend in one of the subdivisions last evening. He happens to have several young children. Instead of being able to enjoy innocent childhood, they are reminded that they may not be safe in their own neighborhood. The tattooed male subject in a van is likened to a “boogieman” in the shadows, laying in wait. Little is know about this man, except he is scary.

I suggest parents keep vigilant. As far as I’m concerned, sex offenders registered or not, should feel very uncomfortable living anywhere. I see no problem with residents keeping the pressure on these subjects. I think sex offenders should spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders in fear of getting their skulls split open by some kid’s parent.

Maricopa residents demand answers about possible predator

MARICOPA, AZ – Block watch committees and the homeowners association of Rancho El Dorado in Maricopa called a special meeting with the Maricopa Police Department to discuss why no statement was ever released about a suspected child predator in the neighborhood.

On February 10th, 12th and 13th, a man allegedly tried to lure kids between 9 and 13 into his vehicle with candy.

Maricopa parents found out about the incidents through school notifications sent home on Tuesday, February 16th.

Maricopa Police Looking For Tattooed Subject

The Maricopa Police Department is seeking the public’s help in its search for a male subject, with a unique tattoo, that may be involved with suspicious activity recently reported in the Maricopa area.

The tattoo is of a cross, surrounded by a snake, on the man’s left forearm.

The subject may be connected to recent reports of children being approached in The Villages at Rancho El Dorado.

Sex Offender Information

Welcome to, the official website for Sex Offender information for the state of Arizona. The purpose of the Arizona sex offender information website is to provide information to the public concerning the location of sex offenders within Arizona. The site is NOT intended to supplant the community notification process, but rather, it allows the criminal justice community to promote public awareness concerning the potential threat that sex offenders pose to Arizona citizens. An informed public is a safer public!

In doing a local sex offender search, I found over a dozen registered perverts/degenerates in my general area. A sign should be placed at each offender’s residence to warn the neighbors.

Unfortunately, liberal minded lawyers bend over backwards to set these savage beasts free to re-offend repeatedly. These lawyers have in fact, handcuffed the handcuffers. The police arrest these child molesters and before you know it, they are back out on the street.

Yes, authorities may put them on a list and restrict where they are permitted to live, but so many of them simply skip town and turn up elsewhere to continue with their sick perversions. I don’t believe in a three strikes policy. One strike, and they never breath free air again. Why do the criminals seem to have more rights than the victims? People have been asking this question for decades. They get no legitimate answers.

Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that these monsters are people too and are entitled to enjoy their “alternate lifestyles”. This is what we get after decades of politicians, community leaders and government shoving multiculturalism and diversity down our throats. We have been forced to live in this sick society and have little say in how we exist in our everyday lives.

"Centuries will go by, but from the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred of those ultimately responsible will always grow anew against the people whom we have to thank for all this: International Jewry and its henchmen." --Adolph Hitler