Friday, May 7, 2010

White Man’s Adventures Through The Welfare System: Part #10

Having suffered serious hearing loss, possibly due to years of working in an allegedly loud and unsafe work environment at Cardinal Glass Industries, I find it very difficult to use the telephone. I’m lucky to hear the phone ring and if I do manage to answer it, I have to be in a silent room if I want any chance of understanding what the caller is saying.

I only use my right ear because my left ear is completely useless when it comes to phones. More of ten than not, the caller turns out to be some rag head trying to sell me some stupid shit I don’t want. Even if my hearing was good, understanding these gibberish spewing foreigners would be next to impossible.

Obviously, I have considerable contempt for telephones. I made it to the age of 46 before ever getting a cell phone. Some friends thought I needed one, so they got me this inexpensive prepaid phone. I was seriously thinking about throwing that damn thing away. On April 11, 2010, I had a $68 balance. Less than one month later it's nearly all gone. I made very few calls. If I had an extra $68 burning a hole in my pocket, I’d turn my satellite TV back on. I ditched that more than two years ago because I needed to live on less.

I gave up long distance and caller ID on my landline because I couldn't afford it. I have dial up internet because I can't afford anything faster. My electric bill was only $25.94 last month and here I am spending almost 3 times that much on a phone? This couldn’t get anymore wrong.

What bugged me the most was that I was even paying for wrong numbers other people dialed. This could get expensive if the same moron mistakenly calls you 20 or 30 times. Even the greedy bastards at Qwest don’t charge you for wrong numbers. I happen to live on the edge of a dead zone. Calls constantly get disconnected and the meter is running even as the number is being dialed. These wireless companies screw you coming and going.

I’m going back to using my CB radio. If conditions are right, look me(VANDAL) up on the upper side of Channel 38. Paying by the minute to talk on a radio is stupid. Who came up with the idea of carving up the ionosphere and selling it by the minute.? If you ask me, it sounds Jewish.

In the mean time, the filling that fell out of my tooth in Los Angeles last month hasn't been fixed because I cannot afford to. This is the second time that same filling fell out in approximately six months. At this point, the dentist should be paying me. I have an open nerve in my mouth and am reminded of it every time I drink something.

Unknown to me, the sliding fee discount I qualified for at the Sun Life Family Medical Center expired just before my filling came out. Once again, I have to apply for AHCCCS just to get a rejection letter. Doesn’t that sound stupid? Hopefully, they will be able to do the eligibility interview over the telephone. The DES office in Casa Grande is always full of stinky people, uncontrollable children and crying babies. There’s less chaos during feeding time at the zoo’s monkey cage. As much as I don’t like using the telephone, going to DES is much worse. This process is going to take a while. Remember, stay out of my way and nobody will get hurt.

I spent Tuesday morning in Sun Life’s financial aid office. I told their representative that I would get better and more economical service if I were in jail. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get arrested if I tried. I told her that I recently carried a loaded assault rifle along with other armed men in downtown Phoenix in close proximity to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and did so without being challenged by even one police officer. I think she thought I was joking. There’s nothing worse than to trudge through the quagmire of medical red tape for weeks on end.

In April, my monthly income was cut by 11% due to Medicare premiums, while at the same time, political idiots and special interest groups want to raise sales taxes to pay for more government waste. On May 18, 2010, I have to go vote against more taxes. Hopefully, my fellow voters don’t wake up stupid that morning. If this tax passes, I’m going to start stealing toilet paper from public restrooms to avoid the sales tax. Drastic times require drastic actions. If you voted for the tax and you suddenly have nothing to wipe with, you had it coming.

On top of the premiums are deductibles, co-pays and transportation costs. This comes as a shock to anyone living at the government established poverty level. For a one person household, the poverty level is $903/month. Imagine spending nearly 2/3 of that amount just to keep a roof over your head before utilities. I do.

One of my neighbors is dying of cancer and is often forced to miss chemotherapy because he doesn’t have the fuel to get to the doctor. He’s also a veteran. A welfare parasite that never worked a day in his/her life will receive 100% coverage, plus get a free ride in a cab to and from the doctor.

I also went from one prescription to two. Damn Cholesterol! My prescription drug coverage doesn't kick in until June. I did manage to get a 100% government subsidy for my Medicare Part D. I waited for 30 long months to finally get Medicare only to discover I cannot afford to use it. Why can’t I go to the hospital and stiff them on the bill just like the Mexicans do? If your brown, you get treated for free. If your white, you have to pay and pay and pay. Tell me that isn’t racist.

It got hot today and I didn't turn on the cooler because I couldn't afford to. That's also why I spent last winter without heat. My living room got down into the 30's several times, but I managed to deal with it. Last year, I spent less on electricity than many people spend in one month during the summer. I've given up a lot and I will have to give up more. There's no way out of it.

Senior citizens and the disabled consistently pay a higher percentage of their incomes for medical services that the working population. And old people call these the “golden years”? It must be the medication talking.

In a sick and dying nation, culture, race or civilization, political dissent and traditional values will be labeled and persecuted as heinous crimes by inquisitors clothing themselves in jingoistic patriotism. --David Lane, Precept #38

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cinco De Mayo: “Report An Illegal Day”

I can honestly say that we have way too many holidays in this country. Sadly, most of these celebrations have been hijacked and diluted by commercialism. Holidays are simply excuses not to go to work, stay home, buy silly greeting cards, party or get drunk. The United States could save billions of dollars by having less holidays, paid and unpaid. Holidays reduce productivity. Paid holidays cost billions of taxpayer dollars. Paying millions of people not to work is not economically sound in a capitalist system.

Cinco De Mayo is one of those unpaid holidays that revolves around partying and drinking. It’s primarily celebrated by the Hispanic Community. I for one would have nothing to do with this holiday. My attitude changed a little after the passage of Arizona’s immigration bill, SB 1070. May 5th all of a sudden has different twist thanks to a white civil rights group.

Group behind plan for ‘Report an Illegal Day’ speaks out

PHOENIX -- The National Socialist Movement, which is considered by many to be a neo-Nazi hate group, is passing out fliers for an event to coincide with Cinco de Mayo.

"The proper, respectful term would be a National Socialist, we are American patriots," said National Socialist Movement spokesman J.T. Ready. "This is the premier white civil rights organization in the world."

According to a flier received by ABC15, National socialist Movement is calling May 5th "Report An Illegal Day".

Watch the videos:

Read the flyer. . .

From J. T. Ready. . .

Before casting stones at the NSM, research what we really stand for on our free website. Go straight to the source. Don't get second hand sound bites from dirty bums off of Mill Ave. Please read our 25 Points. If you agree or disagree, at least you can do so in an intelligent manner rather than pre-judging based upon hatred and ignorance. Before tearing up the flyer, read it. If you agree or disagree, at least you did not do so as a blind and racist bigot. This is a serious issue. We have serious solutions. See what we are really up against. YouTube: 'Aztlan Rising'. And do not even take the NSM's word on the enemy of America. Go straight to the source yourself. Please visit And if you still don't like our ideals and plan of action concerning massive illegal immigration, it is quite easy to make us go away. Just secure the border. Until then, we will make our resolute stand against this invasion of our homeland. Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration of the issues.

In Conclusion. . .

I’m hopeful the day will come when American citizens will be offered cash rewards for turning in illegal aliens. When it comes to rounding up criminals or removing vermin, bounty has worked very well in the past. Put a price on their heads and it won’t be long before they are all gone. Hector will even turn in his cousin Jorge for a buck or two. We will even see Mexican turn against Mexican.

The number of illegal aliens in this nation is at least twice what the government will admit. How do we know this? In the first amnesty 3 times the official count applied and received for amnesty and we were told “Just this once”. The same tactic has been used in Europe 4 times now. No matter what the government promises we must not be fooled by their lies.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pinal County Deputy Shot By Suspected Illegal Alien

The area that I frequently hike and patrol for illegal aliens has become a crime scene and target of one of the largest manhunts in recent history. This incident is a wake up call to all residents and visitors to Pinal County. Remember, illegal aliens are dangerous. Don’t underestimate them and don’t venture out into the desert without a firearm.

This deputy was ambushed and shot with an AK-47. A responding helicopter also took fire from these illegal aliens. If they are so bold to shoot law enforcement officers, they will have no apprehension when it come to killing anybody else.

Suspected illegals shoot PCSO deputy – Manhunt currently underway

An impressive amount of law enforcement is combing the Arizona desert southwest of Maricopa looking for five suspected illegal aliens who shot and wounded a Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputy Friday afternoon.

The incident occurred near Interstate 8, west of Arizona 84, at the Pinal County’s border with Maricopa County. The area is known as “high-traffic area” for illegal immigrants and drug-smugglers.

Here we see the tactics have changed and become more dangerous," Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said. "This has reached a critical mass for law enforcement."

I honestly believe the Department of Homeland Security should institute a “shoot on sight” policy when it comes to illegal aliens. This will ultimately save our country billions of dollars and thousands of American lives. This is a war and the rules of war should be implemented. That means, kill the enemy. It is as simple as that.

A few gunships and landmines on the border could solve the illegal immigration problem in a matter of days or weeks.

Pinal County Sheriff's deputy shot in desert confrontation

Five men suspected of smuggling drugs across the border ambushed a Pinal County sheriff's deputy Friday in a remote area south of Phoenix, underscoring the border-related violence that has catapulted Arizona and its new immigration law onto the national stage.

The Pinal Sheriff's department told The Associated Press that the hunt into the early morning hours Saturday but no arrests had been made.

The rugged desert area where the shooting took place, near the junction of Interstate 8 and Arizona 84 in south-central Arizona, is considered a high-traffic drug- and human-smuggling corridor.

17 detained after search for smugglers who shot Sheriff's deputy

Seventeen people were detained overnight in the search for suspects in Friday¹s shooting of Pinal County Sheriff¹s Deputy Louis Puroll by suspected drug smugglers in an isolated area of south-central Arizona.

Pinal County Lt. Tami Villar says 14 of those detained are suspected of being illegal immigrants, while three match the description of the shooters given by Puroll.

Each and every day, approximately 12 Americans are brutally murdered by illegal aliens. They are coming here to engage in crime. They are dangerous. They are not welcome. They do not want to become citizens. They do not come to contribute to America. They come to take. We must get rid of them by any means necessary as they are destroying our American way of life. It’s a fact. More Americans are killed by Mexicans than both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We have become sadly acquainted with the absolute and brazen disregard for the law that comes from the third world horde that is allowed to swarm over our border with Mexico…It is clear that when the mostly Mexican mob illegally ‘migrates’ into our nation, it brings with it the culture of lawlessness and chaos that is responsible for the very conditions that they flee in the rapidly deteriorating example of Democracy without the rule of law that is Mexico.” --Donald Arthur, founder and leader of the Marietta, Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society (DIS)