Thursday, May 13, 2010

Introducing “Bailey”, my new addition to the household. . .

I recently acquired a new dog to take up slack created by the recent passing of my best friend, “Bonehead”. After checking the local bulletin board and browsing around on Craig’s list, I came across a two year old female Lab/Pit Bull mix. She was living with in-laws and six other dogs. Her owners wanted Bailey to have a little more space and freedom.

I took possession of Bailey on Wednesday, May 5, 2010. She was friendly and quickly befriended my other dog, “Booger”. She settled in right away. This was the first time I got a “pre-owned” adult dog. Fortunately, she is house trained. That is one dog training chore I don’t enjoy.

On Monday, I had to leave for a while. I learned that Bailey was a climber. She managed to scale my fence and took a swim in the irrigation ditch across the road. She was muddy and smelled like wet dog. I also learned that I should not leave her alone in the house while I’m gone. She likes to knock things over.

I returned from a doctor’s visit yesterday and discovered that she knocked down the fan in my office and a lamp in my kitchen. It appeared that she tried to get up on my desk too. My keyboard was out of place and a stack of business cards were on the floor. Fortunately, nothing was destroyed. In the future, I will have to make sure she is secured and unable to escape or damage anything. Hopefully, she will grow out of this unruly behavior.

In time, Bailey will be chasing and barking at wetbacks. Here at the ranch, border security starts at home. In recent months, swarms of illegal aliens have infested my neighborhood. It’s not uncommon to have to run them off in the middle of the night. Burglary and armed robberies have exponentially increased as well. A good dog is better than any alarm.

"Last month alone, just in one patrol region, we had 64 pursuits. That means people were driving a vehicle, failed to yield, took off like a bat out of hell, running red lights, creating traffic wrecks. Numerous people were killed in these wrecks over the last several months. And who are these people? Not one of them was a U.S. citizen." - Sheriff Paul Babeu