Friday, July 9, 2010

Illegal Immigration: The Feds Sue Arizona For Protecting U.S. Citizens

The Justice Department headed by Obama’s “house Negro” Eric Holder has gone too far. The government ignores our immigration laws and yet, has the nerve to file a law suit against Arizona for attempting to protect its’ citizens from harm. States should have the right to protect their citizens from illegal invaders and especially from Federal tyranny.

The threats are real. The violence is real, too. Arizona may place dead last in education, but it happens to place 2nd in kidnappings. This is tied primarily to human smuggling. The smugglers are Mexicans. This is a situation where Mexicans prey on Mexicans. These are people that have no business being in the United States.

Perhaps, Arizona wouldn't be dead last in education if the thousands of anchor babies that eventually go to public school could speak a word of English. English is the official language of Arizona. I voted on it. Many of these kids learn to flash gang symbols before they can write.

Suit: Arizona immigration law crosses 'constitutional line'

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department Tuesday sued Arizona over its tough new immigration law, charging the state with crossing a "constitutional line" that would undermine the federal government's efforts to monitor illegal aliens.

In its lawsuit, filed in Phoenix , the Justice Department explained that the federal government has the strict and sole authority to create national immigration policy.

Feds file suit to stop Arizona immigrant law

"It is wrong that our own federal government is suing the people of Arizona for helping to enforce federal immigration law. As a direct result of failed and inconsistent federal enforcement, Arizona is under attack from violent Mexican drug and immigrant smuggling cartels," Brewer said in a written statement. "Now, Arizona is under attack in federal court from President Obama and his Department of Justice. Today's filing is nothing more than a massive waste of taxpayer funds”

The Federal Government has betrayed every citizen of the United States by stomping on the rights of states to protect their own citizens. Remember, Americans are being killed while Obama sits idly by with his thumb up his ass.

We may be coming down to this. . . .

We, the people of the State of Arizona, in convention assembled, do solemnly ordain, publish, and declare, That the State of Arizona hereby withdraws herself from the confederacy of states existing under the name of the United States of America and from the existing government of the said states; and that all political connection between her and the government of said states ought to be, and the same is hereby, totally annulled, and said union of states dissolved; and the State of Arizona is hereby declared a sovereign and independent nation; and that all ordinances heretofore adopted, in so far as they create or recognize said Union, are rescinded; and all laws or parts of laws in force in this state, in so far as they recognize or assent to said union, be, and they are hereby, repealed.

Sooner or later, something is going to have to give. The United States cannot sustain itself at the rate we are going. We are on the “road to Zimbabwe” The road to ruin. The “controlled demolition” of America is well on the way to becoming reality.

“Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense?” -- Patrick Henry

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Border: The government says we’re secure and this isn’t a problem?

For those that want uncontrolled illegal immigration and open borders: How can you justify the crime and violence that results from these misguided government policies? I should be asking, “What the hell is the matter with you people?” Anyone that advocates an open border is supporting drug smuggling and child exploitation.

Now, even our law enforcement officials are being targeted by these Mexican drug cartels. There isn’t a week that goes by, where there isn’t some problem coming from Mexico or Mexicans. How long will it be before the liberals finally get it? It’s high time that the “Mexican Problem” is pulled out from under the rug and resolved by any means necessary.

Pinal sheriff turns down security detail

FLORENCE, AZ - Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says he will not request a personal security detail after receiving "credible" threats against his life.

Sheriff's officials say Babeu has been outspoken about the need to secure the border with Mexico and protect citizens from both drug smuggling and human trafficking.

As we already know, Mexicans are killing people in mass in Mexico, Now according to the Pinal County Sheriff‘s Office, "We have information of additional threats from the Mexican Mafia and Drug Cartel members that are placing a 'green light' on our Sheriff.”

Keep in mind that approximately 25 Americans are killed by illegal aliens everyday, here in the United States.

Cartels using children to bring drugs to the US

PHOENIX - Cartels are turning to children to bring their illegal goods to the U.S., federal officials say.

Records kept by Customs and Border Protection show 130 minors were caught attempting to bring drugs through entry ports from Sonora into Arizona during fiscal year 2009, an 83 percent increase over the previous year.

There is one thing I hate and that’s anyone that exploits children. This activity is something only some of the lowest forms of life on Earth would condone. In the past I’ve demonstrated against ACORN and their involvement in the sexual exploitation of children. This form of child abuse is every bit as bad.

It’s unbelievable that the U.S. Government has spent years turning a blind eye to this problem. Our children are supposed to be our future. What kind of future will they have if our southern border remains unsecured?

Vigilantes patrol area known for drug traffic, human smuggling

The signs are ominous: “Danger,” “Travel Not Recommended,” and “Smuggling.” But these are not enough to dissuade J.T. Ready and his fellow vigilantes.

Ready and other members of his group are armed with shotguns, rifles and other semi-automatic weapons. They have spent the past three weekends canvassing the area known as Vekol Valley in response to a surge of violence.

Our patrols have been extended statewide. On any given day and at any given time, regular citizens like myself are patrolling the Arizona desert. Other groups have stepped up and taken some initiative as well.

If the government won’t do anything to protect us citizens, we have no other choice but to do it ourselves.

“What, Sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. Whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.” --Elbridge Gerry

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Harry’s Unwritten Rule #002: Tour Buses and Old Men

Putting it mildly, that marketing company I worked for back in the 1990’s , employed some real winners. It is appearing that most of my unwritten rules are stemming from incidents that occurred while I was employed there. Sometimes, I wonder how they managed to stay in business this long. Imagine working for people with the last name of “Sunshine”.

Rule #002: Never get on the Laughlin, NV turnaround bus with the old men you work with. There’s a good chance, you’ll be sorry!

Why not get on that bus with old men? Steve, Bill and Glenn seemed nice enough, but that changed dramatically on the Laughlin trip.

One day during a lunch break at work, somebody suggested that we all take the gambling bus to Laughlin, NV. Sun Flair Tours had a turn around deal for only $5.00. The package included the bus trip, a free buffet and $20.00 worth of free play. We decided on the date and made reservations. You couldn’t beat the price.

This bus had several scheduled pickups across the valley and in Sun City. We would leave very early in the morning and return late at night. We all boarded the bus and took our seats. Steve, Bill and Glenn all had these ½ gallon Rubbermaid jugs. They made Bloody Mary’s for the road. By the time we got to Wickenburg, they were drunk but calm. I did not consume any alcohol on this trip.

We made it to Laughlin without incident and we wandered through the casinos and enjoyed the buffet. I was having a pretty good time. I put a few dollars into the nickel slots and managed not to lose too much money.

When it was time to get back on the bus, Steve, Bill and Glenn were all tired, cranky and broke. They still had some Bloody Mary mix left for the road. While they drank, I sat quietly and minded my own business.

By the time we were half way home Steve was getting out of hand. All three “gentlemen” were becoming rowdy and began conversing with other passengers. Soon, they were annoying the people seated closest to us. The nice little old ladies from Sun City were beginning to lose their patience.

As we passed through Nothing, AZ, Steve began shouting profanities at the nice little old ladies. Needless to say, they became upset and complained to the bus driver. The bus driver instructed Steve to settle down. Glenn became agitated as well, but managed to stay out of trouble for the time being.

It wasn’t 30 minutes later and Steve was cussing at the nice old ladies again. Another woman became very upset and screamed, “Stop the bus! Stop the Bus!” Needless to say the bus stopped and the driver walked back to calm the situation. One senior citizen said that she never heard such language before. Smart ass Steve asked if she spent her life in a convent. I tried not to laugh.

The driver got back in his seat and started back down US 93 towards Wickenburg. The three old men couldn’t seem to keep calm. The bus stopped one more time and all three of them were kicked off the bus. I sat there and pretended not to know them.

The ride from Wickenburg to Sun City was very peaceful. The people seated in front of me asked me if I knew them. I told them that I was their supervisor at work and this was the first and last time I would ever get on a tour bus with them again.

“Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” --Ernest Hemingway