Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another week of desert patrols. . . .

Michael Chow of the Arizona Republic returned to get additional footage of our patrol and desert operations in the Sonoran Desert National Monument south of Interstate 8. Our excursion was cut short Saturday when one of our vehicles broke down and I had to tow it back to civilization. We did manage to calmly work together as a unit and negotiate this obstacle to our progress. I’m glad that I keep a tow chain on board.

Although our mission was interrupted, we did manage to find lots of evidence of illegal immigration. It was also a great opportunity to introduce members that had not previously been out on patrol to the realities of the Arizona desert during the summer monsoon. I think those annoying flies over at the Good Time Convenience Store were worse than the heat and humidity of the monsoon.

Thora and I kept Michael and his assistant, Lindsay out well after dark. They took hundreds of pictures and shot some video. I talked about the positive things the NSM is doing to further our cause and advanced our race. I explained how illegal immigration is destroying our land and culture.

We stopped at the travel warning signs that have been in the news so much. I said that I looked forward to the day when the desert was safe from illegal aliens and drug smugglers. I also stated that I'd like to see Governor Brewer bring down these signs with a chainsaw when that day comes.

“At this point it should be obvious that "neo-nazi" in the Jew-vocabulary is any white person who advocates the collective interests of his racial kin.”
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We came across a couple of lay up areas and examined the trash and personal items left behind by illegal aliens. We saw the usual toothbrushes, razors, clothes, pills and garlic. I expressed my disgust at how our desert is being trashed. It will take decades to clean up the mess behind by these unwelcome border crossers.

Inside a recently deposited backpack, I discovered a handmade embroidered item wrapped in a plastic bag. It appeared to be a keepsake someone planned on bringing to America. I wondered why they decided to bring it this far only to throw it away. You might have guessed that it's hard to make sense of some of the things we encounter out in the field. Apparently, those anthropology classes I took in college didn't completely prepare me for the illegal alien super highway.

Upon returning to the spot where we discovered a dead body last Wednesday, I noticed that the place still smelled as bad as when the body was still there.

We made our way to the orange tank car at the end of the road. At that time we could see the clouds and lightning of the monsoon moving in over the valley. The lights of Casa Grande and Stanfield were visible to the north and east. Hopefully, Michael got some pictures of the lightning and saguaros. It was certainly a beautiful night to be outside. Sometimes you have to put politics aside and just observe nature in action.

The reporters were generally polite and respectful. I guess we'll see what they turn this into in due time.

Sheriff seeks to better arm deputies against rising border violence

Citing rising border-related violence, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is seeking public help in raising money to arm his deputies with semi-automatic with semi-automatic weapons.

A statement released by PCSO last week said “Dangerous incidents have increased through the past few years and are now escalating to a point where deputies are involved in high speed vehicle pursuits, shoot outs between deputies and smugglers, incidents of ambush, as well as the deputy who was injured in a shooting. . .

"There is nothing hateful about what we do," said Jeff Schoep, the commander for the National Socialist Movement. "We are a white civil rights organization. We are here for white interests and as American patriots first and foremost."