Friday, April 8, 2011

Me, My Camera, Neo-Nazis and the Pinal County Sheriff's Office. . .

After what seemed to be a long dry spell, My name and face have once again appeared on Steve Lemons' Feathered Bastard Blog.

As always, the story revolves around some controversy. The Pinal County Sheriff's Office happens to be in the middle of it this time.

A couple of years ago, I bought a digital camera and as many of you can imagine, I'm more than capable of stirring up multiple cans of worms simply by taking and posting a few pictures. A fly in the ointment, I can be.

Paul Babeu's New BFF, Neo-Nazi Harry Hughes?

Not Exactly Anyone recall the flap of about a year ago, when Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu went on a white supremacist radio show in Tennessee called "The Political Cesspool"?

PCSO spokesman Tim Gaffney took the spear for not vetting that one for his boss. And I couldn't help but recall that little brouhaha when it came to my knowledge that Gaffney may have used a photo from National Socialist Movement member Harry Hughes in official correspondence to a trio of border mayors who had asked Babeu to tone down his rhetoric on illegal immigration.

I found it rather interesting that the source of a photo somehow makes all the difference in the world when it comes to liberals and open borders zealots. From what I've read here, it means everything.

Whether I snapped the photograph doesn't make any difference to me. Anyone from a sheriff's deputy to the Pope could have stood on that spot and taken the exact same photo. I'm thinking this is a bit silly.

Jason Minor's Comment:

Last I checked, Gaffney still fails to offer even the beginning of a plausible explanation of how the Nazi’s photo ended up in his PCSO letter to the border mayors. Hughes rules out the possibility that he himself sent it to Gaffney, so it could only have come from one source, directly or indirectly: Hughes’ Facebook galleries, where it had been posted obscurely for a month and a half when Gaffney appropriated it. Nobody who sees his Facebook page can doubt that Hughes is a Nazi. So Gaffney can’t easily admit -- especially with his history of lying about on-the-clock contacts with white supremacists -- that he sat at work, on the public payroll, surfing Nazi websites, cutting and pasting items into official government documents. As Babeu would say, that’s a problem. So we’re left with only one airy-fairy possibility: some mysterious third party (inside or outside PCSO) got the photo from Hughes or his Facebook page and passed it along to Gaffney, who haplessly stuck it into a highly public, highly insulting letter, on PCSO letterhead, to some non-white elected officials. (It wasn’t even particularly germane to the letter. Surely random images of Normandy barriers aren’t the most compelling evidence of off-the-charts violence he could conjure?) Again, whoopsie daisy!

Gaffney now says, in effect, that when he wrote in the letter that the photo was the product of an official PCSO investigation, he wasn’t telling the truth -- that he actually had no idea where it came from, and made no effort to find out. So in the most self-exonerating story he can think to tell, he convicts him of incompetence and petty dissimulation.

And he gives us little reason to believe even that well of him. Like him boss, he’s lied before about his contacts with white supremacists. He presumably hopes this’ll all blow over before Babeu gets home, but I suspect that before it’s all over, Gaffney will be joining Louie Puroll in the ranks of the former studs of the PCSO.

My Conclusion. . .

In reality, the photo of the "Normandy style" barriers came off my blog. I believe this was clearly stated in the Feathered Bastard's blog. Jason ignored that and wrote some lengthy speculations. Amazingly, people's minds run wild and dismiss already established facts.

The fact is, Tim Gaffney acquired the image from my post and used it as an example. I see no problem with this. I'm glad the border mayors had a chance to see my picture.

The political affiliation of the photographer shouldn't make any difference. Would anybody care if the photographer was straight or gay? Or if he/she were black, brown or white? Would the photo look any different? I don't think so!

The only thing I objected to is that Gaffney didn't ask first. I'm very generous and have no problems with people using my images as long as they ask first and give me credit for the contribution.

Note: Some idiot placed a “Dead nigger storage” sign in front of my home, while I was out in the field. Perhaps, I should place a trail camera in my yard. I could use those images in future posts. For the record, I'm not in the business of storing dead niggers. Please don't drop any off. Thank you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fool's Day 2011: No time for joking around. We have serious business.

I spent another long weekend along the drug and human smuggling corridor in the Sonoran Desert National Monument south of Interstate 8. Multiple law enforcement agencies were conducting a variety of anti-smuggling operations as well. These operations were both, on the ground and in the air.

Not all aircraft are operated by the "good guys". The extremely well financed drug cartels also pay pilots to help smugglers on the ground get their loads through the desert to awaiting customers.

On numerous occasions, we have observed small fixed wing aircraft pass over our locations and turn towards the Indian reservation to our south. It's a distinct and real possibility that these pilots are on the drug cartel's payroll. U.S. Customs and the Department of Homeland Security should scrutinize the airspace north of the border more than they do.

Sheriff's Posse Launches Air Operation

PHOENIX - Maricopa County Sheriff's posse members are taking to the skies to fight illegal immigration and other related crimes.

As many as 30 pilots will donate their planes and their time to patrol the southern border of Maricopa County.

If they see any illegal activity like drug smuggling, they'll radio it into deputies on the ground.

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network released a statement last week calling for federal intervention into Sheriff Joe Arpaio's plan to use aircraft to patrol the corridor as part of a month long operation targeting drug smugglers.

It would seem to me that this day laborer organization is in favor of dangerous and illegal drugs polluting our streets, schools and children.

Federal intervention should involve helicopter gunships directly engaging smugglers. Our border could be secured in only a matter of days if such a policy were instituted.

The US Border Guard volunteer Border Rangers will be conducting ground operations congruent to MCSO's efforts to halt narco-terrorism. We are privately funded and take no tax monies from the taxpayer. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

Arizona task force patrols drug corridor

With the U.S.-Mexico border the starting point and the Valley the end zone, there is a strategic game played every night between police and smugglers for control of the 50-yard line, a rugged stretch of desert that straddles Interstate 8 between Gila Bend and Casa Grande. The area has become the focal point for the state's war on drug trafficking.

A group of specially trained deputies and police officers confront smugglers nightly in the same cat-and-mouse game the two sides have played for decades, officials say. But as traffickers have become more sophisticated, police have been forced to expend more resources and create new partnerships in an attempt to keep up.

On Friday, Arpaio pointed to drug seizures as a sign that the border is not secure.

"I know there are a lot of violent crimes occurring . . . Watch TV every night. What's that mean? We still have violent crime," Arpaio said. "As far as the drug traffic still coming in, that's serious. If we secured the border that much, why are we, with just 10 guys, making all these seizures if the border is secure.?"

By coming out to the smuggling corridors, you will also learn how secure our border is and how big the lies Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security is telling. Sometimes, I wonder if she really believes the big fat lies she tells.

Very early Saturday morning, a "blacked out" (no lights) vehicle got off Interstate 8 without the benefit of using a designated and signed exit. This vehicle passed right by our camp in a cloud of dust and at a high rate of speed. It was obvious that this person was up to no good. This is the mode of operation "load vehicles" use to transport drugs and illegal aliens.

On occasion, these criminals fall victim to their own greed and stupidity when their vehicles crash. Our desert is littered with the abandoned hulks that serve as a testament to their dangerous trade.

Inside the inner workings of the US Government, we seem to have the blind leading the blind. Our leaders say one thing and do the opposite.

"But my view is that you need a system at the border. You need some fencing but you need technology. You need boots on the ground. And then you need to have interior enforcement of our nation's immigration laws inside the country. And that means dealing with the employers who still consistently hire illegal labor." --Janet Napolitano