Friday, April 15, 2011

Here we go again. . . More bickering over border statistics

A left leaning news media outlet known as Arizona Central, doesn't want the people in Pinal County and the rest of the country to know the truth. They would rather attack and diminish the efforts of Sheriff Paul Babeu.

In the mean time, illegal drugs pour into our community while people are being shot and killed on both sides of the border. I've learned first hand that liberals love to deny the accuracy of statistics without providing sources of “correct” statistics.

I discovered that If I asked for their version of statistics, they would reply with silly name calling laced with profanities. Of course, I wasn't surprised. They still expect us to believe that Mexicans that illegally enter our country are nice friendly crop pickers and car washers.

In reality, they are here to destroy and “Balkanize” the United States. They are turning it into the Third World cesspool from where they came. Diversity and multiculturalism is destroying us. Take a good look around.

Statistics don't support Pinal Sheriff Babeu's statement on trafficking

In mid-February, officers from more than a dozen police agencies swarmed the drug-trafficking corridor in western Pinal County's notorious Vekol Valley.

They got into wild vehicle chases, arrested 102 suspected smugglers, illegal immigrants and drug traffickers, and seized 3,200 pounds of marijuana.

When it was over, Sheriff Paul Babeu issued a news release declaring that Pinal County is "the No. 1 pass-through county in all of America for drug and human trafficking."

I fondly remember the days. When I first moved to Pinal County, I thought I moved to "Mayberry" People waved as they passed by and the sheriff's deputies didn't carry AR-15's, wear body armor and tactical gear.

For years, a single deputy was assigned to patrol the entire western part of the county. Then, last year, Babeu, who oversees 700 full-time employees, including 210 deputies, announced a dramatic increase, telling KGUN9 TV in Tucson, "We're sending out three different teams of eight to 15 deputies in each that are heavily armed, even with sniper teams, out to the desert at all hours of the day and night."

Times have changed and they have changed for the worse. Statistics are only numbers. They only tell part of a story and not always accurately. One has to live in western Pinal County near the mouth of the Vekol Valley drug corridor to know the reality of what's going on.

I live minutes away from the drug corridor and spend lots of my time observing the activity that takes place at night and in broad daylight. Drug smugglers have been bold enough to walk right up Smith Road towards SR84.

They know that US politicians have given them a "free pass".

Officer shot by member of suspected drug cartel

PEORIA, Ariz. - An undercover officer was shot by members of a suspected drug cartel this afternoon, according to The Department of Public Safety.

The shooting occurred just before 4:45 pm. on Friday afternoon at the intersection of 91st Avenue and Mountain View Road in Peoria.

Although Peoria is over 100 miles north of the Mexican border, we are having drug cartel members attack and shooting police officers.

I'm sure the injured officer could care less about statistics. He knows the real score. I'm sure the distance away from the border doesn't make much of a difference to him, either.

cav44 said on April 9, 2011 at 9:53 AM

Well I guess if the drug cartel members are moving into Phoenix that would technically make the border safer.......Right? We just misunderstood what She(Napolitano) meant.

The media and the government are both lying through their teeth when it comes to border security. Drug and human smuggling are multi-billion dollar industries. I'm sure our elected "non-representatives" in Washington D.C. are receiving a share of the proceeds.

I believe the government wants a porous border. They could certainly secure it if they wanted to.

Imagine being a stranded motorist along Interstate 8. It is dark, you are alone and there's poor cell phone service. There could be drug smugglers only a few feet away from you. They are more than likely armed and dangerous. Do you feel safe? This is a reality all travelers along interstate 8 could face if they ever break down or pull off on the shoulder.