Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011, After Action Report: N.S.M. Maricopa/Stanfield Justice Court protest

Although this was a small public demonstration, it was a successful one. Unlike the National Meeting in Trenton, New Jersey during mid-April, there was no violence or name calling. The Maricopa Police Department waved and looked on from a distance. Myself and registered supporter Thora Jaeger started our protest at approximately 8:00AM. Soon after, US Border Guard Founder and former N.S.M. member J.T. Ready showed up to offer his support. Additionally, a local citizen joined us as we walked up and down Wilson. Avenue.

We distributed the N.S.M. "Report an Illegal" flier to commemorate Cinco de Mayo. We encountered lots of friendly waving people. Not too many people liked what was going on in the courthouse behind us. Apparently, justice has eluded many people. In addition to waves, we received other gestures including a stiff armed salute, thumbs ups and even a "Black Power" fist. Not one person flipped us off, yelled obscenities or threw objects. I'm really surprised by this, but I'm sure most people have at least some contempt for our flawed and broken judicial system.

A Photographer from arrived early and took some photos of us. Towards the middle of our event, a black couple drove up and offered their support as well. Apparently, one of them didn't get a fair trial either. "The man's" always keeping the "brutha:" down.

A local resident also stopped by, took some photos and posted them on Facebook. As expected, there was plenty of hatred directed towards us. I call these people "hate" haters and they are some of the most hateful and closed minded people I've ever encountered in my almost 48 years.

We wrapped thing up at 11:00AM and conducted a "rolling after party" with pizza. On the way back to my place, J.T. Ready stopped to help an elderly couple change a flat tire, They were in a potentially bad spot and needed assistance.

On the night before the event, I received multiple threatening and obscene phone calls, voice mails and text messages from the following phone number: 520-494-4369. Please feel free to call this number and dish out some of the same. Despite being unlawful, I'm sure this subject will never have to answer for his actions in a court of law. (PCSO CAD # 110504034) The Pinal County sheriff's deputy advised me to call the telephone company. I hope this person shows up at my home so I can finish what he started.

Following the event, my work was far from over. I accompanied J.T. Ready to the Sonoran Desert National Monument south of Interstate 8 and looked over some of the drug smuggling trails. J.T. recovered what we are calling "narco voodoo" paraphernalia. We also came across a rather complex and sophisticated looking battery of cameras powered by a generator on the border of the Tohono O'odham reservation along Stanfield Road. I guess those are our tax dollars at work. I hope nobody steals them.

Below is an example of one comment left by a hateful Facebook user:

Debbie Burt also commented on Chris Benesch's photo album.

Debbie wrote:
"I hate NAZIS-my entire extended family was killed by Natzis- dont show your face here anymore...thats a threat asshole"

To see the comment thread, follow the link below:

The Facebook Team

As we know making threats over the telephone and internet are criminal offenses, but I'm certain, not one of these individuals will ever see the inside of a court room and answer for their unlawful deeds. Debbie Burt also violated Facebook's terms of service. Debbie owns "Professional Paralegal Document Preparation Services". Imagine what would happen if Debbie hated you and was preparing legal documents for you? Debbie might be available for comment at (602) 518-1636 or One thing is certain, it appears that Debbie never read the 1964 Civil Rights Act and how people are protected on the basis of their political affiliations. Debbie deserves to have her license pulled.

I'm wondering if Debbie Burk is upset that members of her immediate family may have collaborated with the Nazis that resulted in the demise of her “extended” family.

Official: Mexico drug war imagery popping up in US

SAN ANTONIO—Dark imagery associated with the Mexican drug war, including images of the unofficial patron saints of death and smuggling, are showing up north of the border, a sign of the cartels' growing influence among American smuggling networks, a U.S. marshal said Tuesday.

Images of the skeletal black-robed figure of Santa Muerte, the Death Saint, are showing up in areas that don't have large Mexican populations, said Robert Almonte.
“Where the N.S.M. Goes, the N.S.M. Grows.”

"Most people opposed to "hate" are themselves the most vile, crude, unintelligent, violent, undemocratic, impolite, hostile, low brow, cretins you will ever meet. And they are full of hate." --J.T. Ready

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Nuremberg style" show trial in the Maricopa/Stanfield Justice court #1108

As some of my comrades know, I was charged with disorderly conduct last fall for allegedly cussing at my neighbors. My trial was on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. Initially, the prosecutor asked the judge to dismiss the case. The judge refused. Then, at almost the last minute, the court switched judges on me without any explanation.

Although I could not afford an attorney, one was not appointed for me. I spent years watching shows like "Adam 12" and "Dragnet" where the suspect always had rights such as an attorney (at no cost). That's Hollywood, not the real world. Having made numerous courtroom observations over the past few months, I noticed that illegal aliens get translators and lawyers while citizens received no representation at all. How could this be considered equal protection under the law? It's NOT!

None of the glass, BB's or rocks I allegedly threw or launched were collected as evidence and submitted to the court. The plaintiff also claimed I had a slingshot and a BB gun. I do not! She walks around with a video camera, but did not submit one concrete piece of evidence of any crime. Not One!

I also learned that trials have time limits. When the proceedings began, Judge Dennis Lusk started a timer. The prosecutor spent most of the time talking about "Neo-Nazis" and our NSM event after party of November 13, 2010. These things had absolutely nothing to do with the case. After quite some time, the judge asked the prosecutor to hurry up. I guess it was getting too close to quitting time or happy hour. There wasn't time for justice?

The plaintiff's also went out of their way to paint me as “anti-immigrant”. Apparently, they were unaware that I helped save the lives of 13 illegal aliens last summer. So much for being a hater. If I really hated immigrants, wouldn't I have just let them die of exposure and dehydration? I could have done that from home while sipping an ice cold lemonade. Instead, I donated water and my time outdoors on some of the hottest days of the year. So much for being the evil “Nazi”. Remember, we cannot use “Nazi” and “humanitarian” in the same sentence without upsetting the special interest groups, especially the Jews.

When it was my turn, I managed to catch the plaintiff in a number of lies right off the bat. She claimed under oath that she was the one that called the police. In reality, it was her husband. She was also unable to recall the color of my truck. The same gray F-150 I've owned for several years. She must have been blind as a bat. Basically, she lied through her teeth throughout the trial. The plaintiff's husband stated that a woman (one of my neighbors) was present while I was allegedly cussing about something. She was sitting behind me in the courtroom, but was never given the opportunity to tell her story about those alleged events. She was afraid to step up because the plaintiffs were scolded by the judge for simply rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. Apparently, defense witnesses don't get to testify in Dennis Lusk's court.

The plaintiff's claimed that they waited nearly two hours for the police to respond. Then, it might have been one hour. They didn't really know, nor could they make up their minds. Anything more than a half hour was an outright lie. According to the CAD (computer aided dispatch) report #101127112 from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, an uncooperative male caller made a complaint at approximately 1306 hrs. The police (Officer Garcia) arrived only 17 minutes later. Again, we have witness credibility issues that were intentionally ignored by the strongly biased and unethical judge.

Due to time restrictions, I was forced to give a very abbreviated account of the events and circumstances. I felt like I was being rushed through some Third World kangaroo court. I attempted to explain that this was the same woman that accused me of animal abuse on February 10, 2011. Those claims were determined to be "UNFOUNDED".

The judge could care less that I was able to discredit the untruthful witness. I think this case was decided long before I ever opened my mouth. She couldn't identify the color of my truck from 200 feet, but could tell if my dogs had food and water from over 300 feet or from inside my home for that matter. I guess she had x-ray vision. This animal abuse complaint happened to be on the same day the animal control officer followed up on the video I submitted regarding their persistent barking dog. Now, tell me that wasn't motivated out of spite. Any idiot, except for Dennis Lusk, could see that. Da!

Judge Dennis Lusk and the prosecutor who are both paid by the government, ignored all of the issues I brought up regarding the plaintiff's credibility. In my opinion, the NSM was on trial, not me.

Ultimately, I was convicted for a crime that never occurred. I have been fined $540, not all that much more than the fine for driving in the carpool lane at the wrong time. The system is against us. The truth means nothing to the court system. The court system has nothing to do with right, wrong or justice. This is nothing less than tyranny.

Some of my neighbors, the ones I'm not fighting with, attended this judicial circus and both agreed that I didn't get a fair trial. I will accept the word of the people, especially my respectable neighbors, over any government entity, any day.

ACLU: Pennsylvania police cite hundreds just for cursing

Pennsylvania police wrongly charged hundreds of people with disorderly conduct for swearing, the American Civil Liberties Union said in a pair of free-speech lawsuits filed today.

ACLU lawyers reviewed 770 disorderly conduct citations issued by Pennsylvania State Police in a recent one-year span. They said they found that while officers applied the law correctly in some cases, the majority involved profanities and other legal, non-obscene speech.

Read more:

“You absolutely cannot cite someone just for uttering a profanity," said ACLU lawyer Marieke Tuthill.

In memory of our fallen comrade, National Socialist Movement Region 11 Director SS Lt. Jeff Hall who was murdered on Sunday, May 1, 2011. R.I.P. 1979-2011

I hope that the Arizona media will join with their fellows who have already granted Hall and his family a 'non-editorialized' account of his tragic passing. N.S.M. will issue a press release later, but I will take a moment of my own right now for a comrade and friend.

SGT. Harry L. Hughes III
N.S.M.-AZ Executive Officer/Media Spokesman

Sunday, May 1, 2011

So called “hate” haters are here and among us. They want to destroy America and take away our free speech rights.

As a result of my National Socialist Movement membership, Maricopa, Arizona can look forward to disruptive Communists crashing otherwise lawful and peaceful events. Watch the video linked below and decide for yourselves.

These “hate haters” come to us under such names as “anarchist”, “anti-fascist” or Anti Racist Action(ARA). They also may be lawyers, politicians, prosecutors, police officers and judges.

Don't let their titles confuse you. These people are freedom-hating Communists. If you happen to believe in something or say something they don't like, they will launch a “zero tolerance” policy against you that includes threats, intimidation and violence. They will go as far as showing up at your home with the intention of threatening and intimidating you. Property damage almost always occurs in their wake.

Richard Spencer Speaks at Providence College (Antifa Fail!)

Richard Spencer, the Executive Director of The National Policy Institute and founder of Alternative Right Magazine spoke on the Costs of Diversity. During his speech he was interrupted by "anti-fascists" or as ramzpaul put it "Radicals for the Establishment", which is quite apt given the disrespectful display from students on a college campus. Liberals cry so much about free speech; perhaps they should teach these punks to practice it themselves.

Did you see how these people resorted to direct and intimidating threats towards the calm and peaceful speaker. They told him to get out of town. They didn't say “or else” but it was implied.

Below is the speech I gave at the National Socialist Movement's national meeting in Trenton, New Jersey on April 15, 2011. Not once did I use hateful words or terminology. Those on the left want to eliminate free speech because they fear that our message makes too much sense.

Prior to my giving this speech, the same type of anti-freedom Communists in the Richard Spencer YouTube video attacked the church our meeting was held in. These masked thugs armed with sticks, hammers, rocks and bottles savagely attacked our meeting. This is what these “anti-fascists” or “anarchists” are all about. The left leaning media frequently portrays these violent and cowardly criminals as “heroes”.

Profanity and disruption of legitimate functions are their preferred method of operation. These are the names of two Antifa members who were arrested for attacking a peaceful, lawful gathering of the NSM in Pemberton, NJ: Joseph W. Alcoff, 29, of Syracuse, N.Y., and Thomas T. Keenan, 25, of Franklin Township.

Fascism is alive and well in the United States. It's here under the deceptive guise of “anti-fascism”. The best example of Fascism in 21st century America I can think of is Barack Obama's government sanctioned take over of General Motors Corporation. Despite living in a “free enterprise” capitalist society, Obama legislated his way into firing GM's CEO and “installing” a “government appointed” CEO. Fascism is state controlled capitalism. You do see where this is going? Oddly, this was one of the few things he did right.

One piece at a time over generations, the government has taken over more and more aspects of your daily lives. They tell you how to dress, eat, work and think. At the same time they tell you how you should put up with and tolerate everybody. As many of us have discovered, this is nothing but hypocrisy.

They started with “the melting pot” campaign. It advanced to “diversity” and “multi-culturalism”. In reality, these are all terms for “anti-white”. EVERY racial group MUST be afforded its identity and security, or "equality" and "diversity" is A LIE

For my selfless and voluntary efforts, this is the thanks I receive. . .

KJLL Straight Talk host threatens me on the air

Anti-Semite and Hispanic community leader, Carlos Galindo, prefers that illegal aliens die in the desert. He needs martyrs to help push his agenda. Shame on him!