Monday, February 20, 2012

Papago Buttes: A 1 Mile Walk, Multiple Dogs Unlawfully at Large and Suspicious Subjects. . .

I attempted to take a short walk eastbound on the 49000-48000 block of W Val Vista Rd. on Saturday (February 18, 2012) afternoon at approximately 1720 hrs. My purpose was to walk canine Bailey, exercise and take scenic photographs. Unfortunately, my peaceful journey was abruptly interrupted by several free roaming dogs that exited their yard and chased after me, including a nervous and unpredictable brown and white pit bull.

Due to the dog's barking, the suspected owner was undoubtedly aware of my encounter with them and simply decided to ignore this potentially dangerous problem.

In fact, on my return trip past this location, the woman wearing the blue jeans and blue top turned her back on me while I was photographing her. I wonder how she would have reacted if she suddenly heard gunfire from my location???

The residence where the offending animals came from is a pink colored ground set double wide mobile home on the northwest corner of Val Vista Road and the 9800 block of N Salmonson. There are horses and a large goose neck horse trailer on the property.

Not one of these dogs were wearing collars or licenses. I can only assume that none of these pets have rabies vaccinations, either. That's what an emergency room doctor would assume if somebody would be unfortunate enough to received a bite from one of these dogs.

Even nice friendly dogs have been known to become vicious pack animals when not properly supervised. This situation could have become very ugly, very fast. We frequently hear of dog attacks in the news, yet people fail to get the message. Remember the Bonefields from across the street and their bad dogs? They didn't get the message. They are the reason this blog exists. I'm so glad they bailed on their mortgage and moved their pathetic worthless asses out.

These animals were clearly out of their yard and NOT under their owner's control. An indisputable violation worthy of multiple citations and fines. People tend to ignore friendly warnings and continue to offend. That has been the case 100% of the time I've encountered this situation during the last nearly 20 years of living in this area. In fact, personal experience has taught me that people like this almost always become more defiant and belligerent.

“We'll just pretend he's not really there with that camera." She obviously didn't care about her dogs or the safety of pedestrians. Rather than do the right thing, she turned her back. She should have retrieved her dogs and apologized for the disturbance. She should have told me that this will NEVER happen again. I guess I was expecting too much.

Every time I see an "AT LARGE" pit bull, I always think about the Phoenix postal worker that was mauled to death by such an animal. I also have to think whether or not I should put down the camera and raise my weapon and commence firing. I also think about what would happen if a child were to encounter this animal.

I also have to think if a dog vs. gun incident might be worth going to jail over. Is a trip to jail more economically feasible than the $6700 in co-pays (And those Washington DC insiders have the nerve to call Medicare and Social Security “entitlement programs?”) I'd get stuck with from Medicare for hospitalization, if I should be bitten. Let's not even think about the pain, blood, needles, stitches, shots and torn clothing.

I managed to walk away without firing a shot, this time. How many times will I continue to be this lucky. I think we, as citizens, should not be forced to ponder unpleasant possibilities like this. We should all be able to walk down our streets in relative safety. I certainly have better and more positive things I'd rather be thinking about. I really don't want to be thinking, “Am I going to have to kill this dog?” Worse yet, “Who is going to take care of my dogs if I end up in the hospital or jail?”

I did think about my choice of weapons on this one mile trip. I didn't bring the AR-15 with 60 rounds, like I usually do. All I had was a .357 magnum revolver and six(6) rounds at my disposal. I would have much rather been thinking about the peaceful red winged black bird I heard singing during my stroll. The AR-15 comes with me the next time.

Suspicious persons and weird behavior. . .

As I was walking back home, the Hispanic male subjects standing in front of the single wide mobile home with a 2-car detached garage (immediately to the west of the bad dogs/bad dog owner's home) were really intent at eyeball fucking me as I walked by. Several people are living in the garage and I suspect that these people may be involve in drug and human smuggling. The guys standing out front were acting really weird.

The subject with the pink shirt and his hand on his forehead was uncomfortable enough to get in his SUV with the big shiny "rimzez" and quickly depart eastbound on Val Vista Rd. I must have rattled his cage. Body language and nervous behavior are frequently dead giveaways. I spent decades watching people. My former co-workers at ACF General Media Corp. were amazed at how I could tell what somebody was about to do before they did it.

The male subject on the right wearing the blue shirt really didn't want to look at me at all. He went to great lengths to avoid eye contact. Perhaps, my camouflage boonie hat, fatigue jacket and firearm made him think of... ha! Getting deported and/or being sent to prison?

I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 274 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III