Thursday, March 1, 2012

CONFIRMED FACT: (White) Civil Rights Activist's Constitutional Rights WERE Violated in the Maricopa Stanfield Justice Court.

The “not so” Honorable Judge Dennis Lusk (Pro Tem) of the Maricopa Stanfield Justice Court, did in fact stomp all over my Constitutional Rights when he ordered me to apologize for something I did not do. Lesser men would have backed down when the tyrannical judge flexed his judicial muscle. Lesser men, lacking backbone, would have caved in and sold out to avoid jail time.

I stood my ground and stood up for my rights as an American Citizen. I proudly stood before this tyrant and refused to lie and/or incriminate myself. Sometimes, all it takes is guts. I found myself on trial stemming from a false complaint based on a lie from a complainant known to have been dishonest, previously.

Voluntarily walking into the Pinal County Jail in Florence, AZ last summer to serve out a sentence I did not deserve took plenty of intestinal fortitude, too. In the end, I knew I would be found to be in the right. I didn't have much faith in the court system and I still don't. After all, I was convicted without any evidence, solely on the word of a known liar (Patricia Bonefield). Documentation actually backs that up.

Our court system is not in the business of dispensing justice. It has nothing to do with right and wrong. These days, courts are all about collecting revenue.

It's my honest opinion that the Maricopa Stanfield Justice Court is nothing more than a municipal revenue generator. They prey on some of our community's most destitute and vulnerable people. In this court, we often have a situation where the defendant is financially unable to hire counsel. As a result, the prosecutor and judge gang up on the unrepresented defendant. This confirms my belief that justice is something you have to pay for and is only available to those with the financial means.

This is exactly what happened to me and is still happening to many others. During all the time I spent sitting in that courtroom, not once did I witness anyone be found “not guilty” or have their case dismissed. Not once!

Without a doubt, I knew that Judge Dennis Lusk, despite a law degree and many years on the bench, was so wrong that a higher court couldn't brush this under the rug and let it go away. I invoked my Fifth Amendment rights guaranteed by OUR Constitution and was promptly punished for doing so. People like Dennis Lusk have absolutely no business having a position of power over other people.

I suspect that Judge Dennis Lusk was consumed with hatred towards me because of my political beliefs. Maybe, he just didn't care he was doing the wrong thing and did it out of malice. I see him as nothing more than a tyrant wielding authority. With all of Lusk's years of experience, I cannot call this violation of my civil rights a mistake. He must have done it on purpose. A person like this must be removed from the bench.

The Superior Court's ruling is as follows:

In The Superior Court
Pinal County, State Of Arizona
Judge Pro Tem Bradley M. Soos
Maricopa/Stanfield Justice Court, Cause No. CR0002010367

“. . .A convicted defendant's decision not to publicly admit guilt is irrelevant to a sentencing determination, and a trial court's decision to aggravate a sentence offends the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-recrimination. See State v. Hardwick, 183 Ariz. 649, 905 P.2d 1384 (App. 1995). Under the circumstances presented to this Court the trial court's order requiring Appellant to write a letter of apology constitutes fundamental error.

Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED the trial court's order for Appellant to write a letter of apology and imposition of jail sentence for his failure to do so are set aside. This case is remanded to the trial court for proceedings consistent with this opinion.” (A PDF file of this entire document is available upon request. Send requests to:

Although I was wrongfully jailed, I knew I was standing up for our people, nation and cause. This is nothing less than a victory for me. This is what my role in the National Socialist Movement is all about. This is a very proud day for me. I feel vindicated.

U.S. Constitution: Fifth Amendment

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Ironically, the case that formed the basis for the Honorable Judge Soos's decision in my case was that of a child sex offender. See State v. Hardwick, 183 Ariz. 649, 905 P.2d 1384 (App. 1995) Basically, the courtroom conduct of one of the lowest of low life scumbags on the planet was partially responsible for my conviction being set aside. I guess stranger things have happened.

Thus, we concluded that a "convicted defendant's decision not to publicly admit guilt is irrelevant to a sentencing determination, and the trial court's use of this decision to aggravate a [d]efendant's sentence offends the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination." More

I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 274 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Rolling Patrol of the Barry M Goldwater Air Force Range and Sonoran Desert National Monument

Winter is quickly giving up to Spring in southern Arizona. The temperatures are remaining above freezing at night and the highs during the day have been in the comfortable 70's. Over the weekend, we conducted a rolling patrol along Interstate 8, through Gila Bend and the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range. During this operation, we rescued one illegal alien and discovered signs of drug smuggling within one mile of Gila Bend. Recon of BMGR yielded evidence of extensive drug and human smuggling activity.

Driving westbound along Interstate 8, I checked the various dirt roads on BLM land that intersect the highway. It didn't take long before I discovered very fresh footprints, water bottles and trash. Illegal aliens and dope loads don't encounter nearly enough resistance.

Approximately one mile east of Gila Bend, I encountered an illegal alien along the interstate. He was wearing a black and white checkered shirt and was holding a black one gallon jug. I slowed down and he actually flagged me down. He went on to show me the contents of his jug. He poured out a brown colored liquid that he was apparently using as water. I gave him a bottle of water and called the U.S. Border patrol. The rest was out of my hands. I'm sure he will be back soon enough.

In my conversation with this USA, he informed me that he was out in the desert for four days. He looked very tired and weak. I'm sure he ran our of real water on his first day and resorted to using water from a cattle pond. I'm fairly certain that he would have not lived much longer.

After doing my "good deed for the day," I checked out another dirt road about one mile away from the UDA's location and about one mile south of Gila Bend. In a wash, I discovered several sets of very recent footprints and six burlap bags and homemade straps. A dope load was just picked up there and the smugglers probably went to another location to get picked up. The subject I found earlier could have been one of the smugglers.

I made a brief tour of Gila Bend, AZ. I noticed lots of empty buildings and closed business. The hard economy has especially hurt small towns. Gila Bend has not weathered hard times very well. The drug and human smuggling "pipeline" runs right through Gila Bend. It offers truck stops, fuel and food. The drug cartels feel right at home here.

Gila Bend

"This community is named because it is at the point on the Gila River where the river made a sweeping ninety-degree bend to the west, as noted by many travelers, some of whom called it the Big Bend or Rinconada. Today's small city is not precisely at the bend referred to. Fr. Eusebio Kino visited this locale in 1699. Here Fr. Francisco Garces in 1774 encountered an Indian rancheria which he called Santos Apostoles San Simon y Judas...

Moving southbound on SR 85 I entered the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range. This is where the military practices warfare. The area is restricted and requires a permit to enter the various ranges. My destination was the Crater Range. It's a mountainous area with lots of scenery.

BMGR Visiting the Range

Without exception, entrance to the Goldwater Range and the Cabeza Prieta is by permit only. When on the Goldwater Range, you must be prepared to present your entry permit upon request to personnel from the Air Force, Marine Corps or Bureau of Land Management. You must also keep the entry permit on the dashboard of your vehicle at all times. Persons without valid permits may be fined and barred from future entry.

Barry M. Goldwater Range

The Barry M. Goldwater Range is operated by the 56th Fighter Wing Range Management Office, Airspace and Range Operations office. The Barry M. Goldwater Range (formerly the Luke Air Force Range) is located in southwest Arizona.

From the road, it looks pristine and beautiful, but that changes once you get off the main road. The area is littered with illegal alien trash and dotted with smuggling trails. Of course, the general public never sees this, so there must be no smuggling problem here. People tend to ignore problems, rather than solve them.

The way I see it, people willing to enter a bombing range that contains perils such as unexploded ordnance to bring contraband into OUR country are desperate and dangerous. WE should be stopping at nothing to apprehend them. Instead, our politicians want to give them a "green light" to destroy our nation and culture with their filth.


I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 274 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III