Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The National Socialist Movement Conducts a Summer Patrol in the Sonoran Desert National Monument... and Pigs Fly

We decided to conduct an anti drug and human smuggling recon patrol in the Sonoran Desert National Monument south of Interstate 8 on Tuesday, July 10, 2012. The intention was to lay some ground work and plan for an upcoming patrol and documentary project. Currently, we are in our rainy "monsoon" season.

We frequently experience sever thunderstorms, blowing dust and flash flooding. These events can occur with little or no notice. Our patrol went well. We didn't find any bad guys, but we discovered plenty of evidence of drug and human smuggling. We also collected trash. Currently, our year to date total is 5096 pounds.

Poll: Voters want Arizona-style immigration laws for their states

The latest The Washington Times/JZ Analytics survey, released Monday night, found about two-thirds of all likely voters would like to see their own police be able to check status during routine traffic stops. Support was high across most demographics, including self-identified Republicans and independents, and even Hispanics favored the policy by a 55 percent to 41 percent margin. Full Story
The Supreme Court gave Arizona what they wanted: the immigration status check available 24/7. Now, by orders from DHS Janet Napolitano, I.C.E. removes 287g support in Arizona and nowhere else. Arizona only has to document each incident. Next, they should file a civil lawsuit. Obama and I.C.E. are In Contempt of Court ...the Supreme Court. If our justice system isn't a hypocrisy, I don't know what is.

It would appear California Democrats know nothing about law and care even less about it. They passed a bill and sent it to the Governor from which California will NOT check immigration status as required by Federal Law. If Arizona cannot pass their version of that federal law, California cannot ignore it as an act of implementing state rules on Naturalization (Article I, Section 8, Clause 4) which was sited in the Arizona Supreme Court Case. Hasn't our country gone completely insane? Meanwhile... San Bernardino is Facing Bankruptcy

Large numbers of illegal alien sex offenders released by Obama administration

ICE officials were told they could dismiss deportation cases against illegal aliens convicted of sexual assault, solicitation of murder, aggravated assault, assaulting a police officer, kidnapping and many drug charges. Full Story

Last April I spoke about how 26 known sex offenders were caught attempting to enter the United States via Mexican ports of entry. Now, it appears that these perverts, degenerates and other total low life scum are getting a free pass and unrestricted access to your families and children.

Closure of Border Patrol stations across four states triggers alarm

Critics of the move warn the closures will undercut efforts to intercept drug and human traffickers in well-traveled corridors north of the U.S.-Mexico border. Though the affected stations are scattered throughout northern and central Texas, and three other states, the coverage areas still see plenty of illegal immigrant activity -- one soon-to-be-shuttered station in Amarillo, Texas, is right in the middle of the I-40 corridor; another in Riverside, Calif., is outside Los Angeles. Full Story

The U.S.C.B.P. agents really want to do their jobs.They are currently crippled and restricted by the politicians in Washington D.C. There are thousands of well trained, intelligent and motivated agents who are working in this capacity, who hate the fact that they are currently required to sit on their hands and watch their country be invaded by dangerous foreigners. Please don't sell them short because of the idiots in Washington D.C.

Thanks to the T.S.A., most Americans already dread the thought of traveling by airplane. And when you thought things couldn't get any stranger... Air travel, as you knew it, has come to an end!!! Do you remember that expression, "When pigs fly"? Brace yourselves, pigs are about to start flying and you may find yourself sitting next to one. I am not joking.

DOT: Pigs, Horses Must be Permitted on Jetliners

Pigs will soon fly under updated rules being considered by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. The proposed guidelines would force airlines to allow service animals like pot-bellied pigs, miniature horses and monkeys to accompany their owners inside the cabins of airplanes. Full Story

So what if a passenger objects to sitting next to a horse? The DOT said that is not a legitimate complaint. This will be just like taking the bus in Mexico. Those buses we frequently hear about plunging off cliffs because they didn't have any brakes.

What a great multicultural experience this will certainly be. Imagine, sitting next to smelly pigs and chickens on an extended flight. I couldn't think of a better way to be enriched by diversity. I certainly hope a Jew gets to sit next to a fat pig on a long flight to Tel Aviv. That would make my day. And you thought human pigs were bad?

“I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 275 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III