Monday, October 15, 2012

A weekend urban "bug out" exercise, more on J.T. Ready and some utter nonsense posted by a naysayer that hates me...

On Sunday afternoon, I successfully returned from my simulated "bug out" exercise in the desert. The goal was to construct a campsite and set up housekeeping under primitive conditions with a group of people that had minimal outdoor and survival experience. In the weeks before this exercise, I advised the group on how to assemble a "bug out" bag. This is a small backpack containing various survival supplies that one may need in the event of a natural disaster or political emergency that would force one to abandon their home and leave the city. Supplies included a blanket, food, water, first aid, flashlight, batteries, multipurpose tool, knife and a wide assortment of other small portable items one may need when on the run.

On my way out of the desert, I got "buzzed" by an AH-64 Apache helicopter near the cell tower at Freeman. On Saturday afternoon, the Border Patrol seized a couple of vehicles, including a large red SUV, a few miles south of my location on Vekol Road. The next time smugglers decide to steal a vehicle, they might get one that doesn't stick out so much. Otherwise, it was a quiet and uneventful outing. It was almost amusing to observe people who never camped out before, erect a tent and establish "housekeeping"  outdoors. We also engaged in some target practice, outdoor cooking and untangled a parachute harness to salvage the 550 cord.

Prior to my weekend of fun in the outdoors, a forum I regularly visit, made mention of the upcoming N.S.M. event in Charlotte, NC next month. Needless to say, a few naysayers began to criticize and show the opposition how maliciously some people act. Later, this forum content made its' way to the White Reference Blogspot page. There, things got ugly. I would have been more positively received at a New Black Panther convention. Although it had nothing to do with the original topic, J.T. Ready's name came up. For clarification purposes, I made the following statement:

"Right off the bat, the media wanted a big bad Nazi baby killer when the J.T. Ready story broke. Unfortunately, the media and police have lied to us so many time, we wouldn't really know when they were being honest. The TV trucks were practically camped out in front of my home for two days. I gave countless interviews and barely two sentences of what I had to say made it on the air.

The fact remains that suicides are way up due to the bad times we are facing. I really cannot be sure if J.T. Ready killed himself and his family. I picked the lengthy police report apart and found multiple problems. There were too many unanswered questions. Most troubling was that all of the victims were initially reported to have received gunshot wounds to the left side of the head. J.T. happens to have been a right handed shooter.

After a considerable delay, J.T.'s autopsy was finally released and it reported that he was shot in the right temple. What are we supposed to believe? Murder suicide is a very quick and easy way for the police to close the books on a case, even a high profile killing. A month later, another quintuple homicide took place in the Vekol Valley drug smuggling corridor. It was initially believed to be cartel related, but suddenly became a "murder suicide". It's common knowledge that law enforcement agencies in Arizona have been infiltrated by the drug cartels. It's hard to tell who is really working for who.

Prior to the killing, J.T. bumped heads via email with members of the Gilbert Police Department over the inaccurate racial classification of prisoners. Those Indians and Mestizos that were obviously not white were being labeled as Caucasian. I read some of the correspondence and the debate was quite heated. There are those that believe that J.T. was ambushed by police officers. I just don't know. Thousands of dollars worth of tactical gear is still missing and unaccounted for.

Prior to the shooting, J.T. was running for Pinal County Sheriff and I was his election campaign committee chairman. We were knocking on doors, doing interviews and still doing our desert patrols. He was positive and looking forward to the primary. During the three years I knew J.T. Ready, I learned much about how flawed our political process actually is and how our race is suffering under ZOG." Link  ZOG Lies

Anonymous (too ashamed or afraid to use own name) said:

"I see that Hughes is still trying to defend that fat baby killer, JT Ready, sickening. All the things that Hughes lists as so-called accomplishments, are acts of service to the ZOG, picking up trash, helping out illegal invaders with food & water, handing over weed to the pigs to smoke or sell... Why doesn't he put all that energy into white racial politics, and shelve the guns in his closet until playtime? If he's so into 'patroling the border' he ought to join the U.S. Border Patrol and get paid for doing it, or he could be a garbageman. They sound pretty desperate for warm bodies, after hiring morons who shoot at each other, like the past week. Real professionals in action. I guess Hughes just likes to wear uniforms, he ought to join a re-enactment club. Uh wait! He belongs to the NSM doesn't he?" Link

As far as J.T. Ready is concerned: You can't have it both ways. This poster hates the police, but buys the "ZOG controlled story" hook, line and sinker. Example Ironically, the antifa and anarchists like to refer to the police as 'pigs". Perhaps, the poster has shown his/her hand? If picking up trash is bad, I guess living among filth is good, by this person's reasoning.

Obviously, when someone tries this hard to discredit me, they are either working for the leftists (ADL, SPLC), never did anything meaningful or productive with their life or are simply jealous. Needless to say, this person is bitter, angry and is consumed with hatred. What kind of a pitiful lowlife would criticize a person for picking up trash littering their park. This makes me think of the story linked below.

Diary of an Israeli Shill

My task? “To support Israel and counter anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic posters.” Fine with me. I had no opinions one way or another about Israel, and who likes anti-Semites and Nazis? Not me, anyway. But I didn’t know too much about the topic. Full Story

“I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called upon to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 275 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III