Friday, September 13, 2013

Taking a little time to remember September 11, meeting local politicians and Smith Road has become active, once again

I spent Saturday, September 7, 2013, day hiking at the south end of Smith Road in the Sonoran Desert National Monument. I got home shortly after dark. We didn't see anyone, friend or foe, out there all day. On the way out of the monument, we discovered a couple of backpacks and water bottles stashed under the I-8 bridge at Smith Rd. We weren't too far behind a dope load. The smugglers and their cargo were gone. Inside one of the backpacks was a pair of Motorola two way radios. We kept them for future use. 

I spent Tuesday morning removing the motor from the swamp cooler and setting it up to accept the new one, when it arrives. According to Amazon, it's supposed to be here by Friday. The pulley wouldn't come off easily, but I happened to have a new one. That's one less thing I have to sweat over. I gave it a shot of spray paint to help resist corrosion.

I need to make one more trip to Ace Hardware to get the clamps to hold the motor down. The old ones aren't worth the trouble trying to reuse. A new set costs about $4.50. 

Remembering September 11, in Maricopa, AZ 

When I woke up, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It had been raining for the last couple of days. I attended the small 911 ceremony at the Maricopa VFW post. I had a cup of coffee and hung out with the county attorney and state legislators, for a little while. After the event was over, I went to Ace Hardware and got the clamps I needed to complete my evaporative cooler project. Last, but not least, we stopped at the water and ice store and had a couple scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. 

Word through the grapevine says that the PCSO recovered a dead body somewhere out in Hidden Valley on Sunday, September 8, 2013. The deceased was allegedly hung. There are a couple of outstanding missing persons from the general area. Both adult males have been missing for over a month. Although asked, The Pinal County Sheriff's Office is not saying anything, at this time. 

As of Thursday, September 12, 2013, There's still no official report on the dead body that was found in Hidden Valley on Sunday. Meanwhile, some dead guy they found all the way up in Kingman made the local news. 

5 Immigration Falsehoods from the White House

Amnesty and citizenship would make 11.5 million illegal immigrants eligible for Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, and more than 80 different means-tested welfare programs such as food stamps and public housing. The average illegal immigrant is 34 years old and has a 10th-grade education. At that age, education levels would increase very little after amnesty.

Under the Senate-passed amnesty bill, each current illegal immigrant would receive more than $900,000 in government benefits over his lifetime while paying around $300,000 in taxes—a net cost of more than $600,000 to taxpayers. Even if the wages of amnesty recipients were to soar by 25 percent, the long-term costs per recipient would be more than $500,000—costs ultimately borne by the American taxpayer. Full Article

Most Americans have no memory of a time when President Eisenhower ordered illegal Aliens rounded up and deported in Operation Wetback. Today, what passes for leadership in America, stands intimidated by big mouthed illegals boldly spouting their insane nonsense on the steps of our very own Capitol building.

Police Make Arrests at Capitol Immigration Rally

The women, wearing white arm bands and red T-shirts that read, "Women for Fair Immigration Reform," held a rally and then joined hands and sat down in a circle on Independence Ave., which runs between the Capitol and House members' offices. Full Article

"One participant in the protest, Maria Galban of Los Angeles, who said she is a Mexican citizen in the U.S. illegally, said she wanted to send a message to Congress that immigration reform is needed to keep families like hers together." No problem... Simply tell us where they are and we'll deport everyone together. 

They have no pride and no shame. Then, they wonder why people can't stand them. Government doesn't break up families, parents who make poor business decisions, do. Only in the United States can a criminal have more rights than a law abiding citizen.

Obama has no 'red line' for child-rapes committed by illegal aliens

However, thousands of children in this country are raped every year by illegal aliens, while Obama does nothing to protect the border, nor simply to even enforce current immigration laws. Full Article

Our Government, along with its' propaganda wing (mainstream media) need to stop insisting that these people, who unlawfully entered our country be called "immigrants". They are NOT immigrants, most are here to commit fraud against the United States and it's citizens by expecting us to pay their support. Well, let's correct that. It is NOT our responsibility as a country, nor as it's citizens to support the world's poor. We have enough of our own citizens in need. They should be the ones that come first, not people who do NOT belong in this country. America first.

“In a Democracy, the real rulers are the dexterous manipulators of votes, with their placemen, the mechanics who so skillfully operate the hidden springs which move the puppets in the arena of democratic elections. Men of this kind are ever ready with loud speeches lauding equality; in reality, they rule the people as any despot or military dictator might rule it.” --Konstantin Pobedonostsev