Thursday, October 31, 2013

Southern Arizona: We continue with our border operations and media tours, in front of the upcoming NSM rally in Kansas City, Missouri

On Monday, October 28, 2013, we again, set out for the southern margins of the Sand Tank Mountains inside the permit area, adjacent to the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range (East). We inspected a few more "turn outs", the places where smugglers make their own roads through the desert. We went as far as the road safely permitted our travel. At that point, we established a base camp and scouted the surrounding area.

It wasn't long before we discovered an abandoned tire, that was no longer able to be serviced. Smugglers are very hard on vehicles. The tire we found had a bent rim and a couple of gashes in the sidewall. There were also several tire plugs inserted to attempt its' continued serviceability. I wonder how long it actually worked, if it did. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013: On the back side of our patrol, I discovered a working cell phone, not far from Interstate 8. Although impoverished and forced to leave his country, seeking a better life, this person had a phone, internet, Facebook and Twitter at his fingertips. I found it near a barbed wire fence. I charged it up and Verizon directed me over to billing. 

I guess the “ditch cricket” (a common term heard in and around militia circles) knows it's missing and quit paying the bill. The phone's former owner appears to have contacts in the “480” area code, which is in and around Mesa, AZ. We also have his photos text messages and emails. Information, like this, is often passed on to law enforcement and other “watch” type organizations. My preferred label for these people is “transnational criminal”, as that is actually what they are.

George Soros’s Illegal Alien Guerrilla Activists

Radical community organizers and illegal aliens are stepping up their in-your-face campaign against the nation’s immigration laws by illegally using physical force to prevent federal officials from carrying out lawful deportations.

Given that illegal immigrants got here by breaking the law, their continued lawbreaking activity shouldn't be all that surprising. It certainly doesn't bother President Obama, who won’t do anything about these abusive protests because he agrees with the activists. Full Article

The Obama plan to "fundamentally change America" marches on... Take a good look at the t-shirt on this illegal in the article's photo. It is aggravating that they feel so emboldened. The legacy of leftism is on full display. We have a cure for the "unafraid". we could, with initiative, fix that in seconds.

For those of you that don't already know, I'll be speaking at the National Socialist Movement's upcoming rally in Kansas City, Missouri on November 9, 2013. This event has already received some media coverage, along with multiple hateful threats of violence. This should be a great event. Link For details on attending the Nov. 9th NSM National Rally check the fliers and announcements on NSM's main website

November 3rd is National Remembrance Day for those killed by illegal aliens

Nov. 3, 2013 will mark the third annual National Remembrance Day for those killed by illegal aliens. It is a day upon which we honor those Americans who did not perish in a foreign war, though they did die violently. You might say…they died in a different kind of war. Full Article

These are real human stories, there's real pain and real agony going on on a daily basis in the United States of America, and we treat it as if it's just some kind of tolerable interruption of our lives. It's not. It's an interruption of innocent lives that takes place because we have an administration that refuses to enforce immigration law.”

North Dakota Town Issues Building Ban On White Supremacy Takeover

The Leith City Council in North Dakota approved a moratorium on any new construction in their town in order to prevent a group of white supremacists from creating an Aryan community, The Houston Chronicle reported. Full Article

Jamie Keslo, a man I had the privilege of meeting a few years back, said the following: "We want to preserve our country as a people, not as a place or location," he said. "We have to preserve our family, which means we don't turn over our real estate to Africa, we don't give our jobs to people from Mexico and don't give trade secrets and skills to greedy capitalists in China." 

If you take a close look at ''Cultural Marxism'' and the Communist Bolshevik's of times past, they resemble today's Zionist Jews, who control American politics, Wall Street, the ''Federal Reserve'' central banking system, the U.S. Supreme Court and etc... They are sometimes called "leftest liberal extremists", but most belong to the "tribe".

Take any movement to destroy the fabric of America... and you will see them either, opening up the borders, taking the lead in disarming us or raising the limit of acceptability on the immorality in America. This is a "controlled demolition" of our nation.

"It is obscene that White People have to put up with non-White crime and social problems. And, even more, it is absurd that all humans are lumped together, as though we are all the same. We are not all the same. We look different externally, and we have different DNA codes, internally. We are different peoples. The way of continued peaceful existence is through forced segregation, not forced integration."

Trick Or Treat?