Thursday, December 5, 2013

Foreign invasion: While servicing trail cameras in the Sonoran Desert, drug and human smuggling overruns my own neighborhood, near Maricopa, AZ

I spent a long day on Sunday, December 1, 2013. The goal was to service multiple trail cameras deployed throughout the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range and the Sonoran Desert National Monument. We embarked long before dawn and were out in the field, long after dark. 

As usual, we encountered plenty of evidence of the drug and human smuggling problem that has become a plague as a direct result of government policies that actually facilitate the problem. One of the lay up areas contained hundreds of pounds of trash and a few documents that reveal the identities of those transnational criminals responsible. 

One of the most disturbing and senseless eyesores I encountered were the spray painted names of the emboldened criminals that marked a once pristine canyon. Now, it's a wasteland of graffiti and garbage. When illegal aliens are captured, they should not be immediately returned to their countries of origin. They should be put into a work camp and pressed into service cleaning up the mess they have made. It will take generations for all the garbage they left behind to be picked up. 

Activists warn of more mass illegal crossings at border

Over a week ago, a mob of more than 100 people crossed into the US illegally in the Tijuana River channel only to be pushed back by Border Patrol agents, and a second incursion may be in the works. Full Article Incursion Video 

Farm worker assists in pot bust

A tip to the Arizona Department of Public Safety about people loading bundles of marijuana into the back of a car near I-8 and Stanfield Road led to a high-speed chase, suspect tripped into cow manure, an assaulted dairy worker and the arrest of two men Sunday. Full Article

If you're thinking these are just a few "isolated incidents", you couldn't be more wrong. We can't seem to go two days without an incident directly involving illegal aliens, here with the intent to commit crimes. Remember, they are NOT here to clean your toilets or cut your grass. They are here to poison your children and destroy our society. There's absolutely zero doubt about that. And let's not forget about the cross border sexual exploitation of children. It really happens.

Residents report men running through their neighborhood

Two bundles of marijuana were found in the area he was arrested. The bundles weighed 37 pounds with a street value of $27,750. Grijalva was booked into the Pinal County Jail on suspicions of possessing marijuana for sale and transportation. The other four individuals were turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol. Full Article

A little over a month ago, I was away on a border operation and parked my truck around back, after returning. The next day, I was talking to my mother on the telephone and saw dust on one of my camera views. It turned out to be a Mexican in my yard and Blondie was confronting him. He thought nobody was home and was fixing to steal. Again, not an isolated incident. More via Facebook: Link

12 suspects in custody for pot smuggling

U.S. Border Patrol agents spotted 14 people south of Interstate 8 in the Vekol Valley area about 12:30 p.m. who had laid their backpacks under one tree while they went to lay down about 100 yards away under another tree. Full Article

Our office and members of the U.S. Border Patrol work together daily to combat drug and human smuggling issues in Pinal County,” Sheriff Paul Babeu said. “This partnership helped our office in the past as we investigated Operation Pipeline Express which was the largest drug bust in state history.”

Yesterday, seven more "turds" got caught in my neighborhood(CAD #131203130) , near Hidden Valley and Century Rd. This has been a problem area, before and is adjacent to B.L.M. land. These illegal aliens were taken into custody by the Pinal County Sheriff's Office and were promptly turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol. Most claimed to be passing through, on their way to California. A bankrupt state that offers drivers licenses, catch & release for coddled criminals and generous welfare. This is the face of "open borders" Link

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