Monday, January 6, 2014

Thunderbird Farms Neighborhood Update: Let's not tell the money spending Canadian winter visitors what's really happening, out here

NEIGHBORHOOD UPDATE: Remember the little "Third World" shanty town that was emerging about one mile from my home (behind the Farmers Convenience Store), last November? We have some good news. It took several weeks, but somebody scooped it up and hauled it all away, until it tries to pop up, again. Sometimes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Four injured in alcohol-related rollover

Four males, including a 13-year-old boy, suspected of drinking were injured in a single-vehicle accident at about 6:30 p.m. New Year’s Day, according to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office... None of the occupants were wearing seat belts and all are suspected of drinking, including the boy, who had a blood alcohol level of .102. Full Article

Friday, January 3, 2014: I posted, "Police chases, break-ins and stray bullets are the norm, out my way...There's one common denominator (Mexicans). I was wondering why there were multiple PCSO units near Julie & White, this afternoon. They weren't out looking for a lost dog, that is for sure."

In other news... On Friday, January 3, 2014, a body was supposedly found hanging about a mile from my location (near Papago Rd. in Thunderbird Farms, Maricopa), which may explain why I saw so many PCSO vehicles and multiple deputies milling around, not appearing to be doing anything in particular. Many of the locals were talking about it at the food bank, this morning. There was no mention of an "incident" in the police reports. Was it a suicide? We really don't know and probably never will.

Locally, there have been 2-3 missing persons and two supposed hangings, within the last 12 months and not a word from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office. These incidents are also absent from PCSO's published CAD reports. Since no "officials" are talking, it's difficult to confirm these "incidents" or possible circumstances, under which they occurred.

Both of the deceased were alleged to be involved with the local drug community (culture). Odd, that a one vehicle roll over accident gets plenty of media attention, while hanging dead bodies gets ZERO. That's how is goes in "cartel country". The less the public knows, the better. Remember, the Barry M. Goldwater Range security minimized drug & human smuggling as mere "foot traffic". Nothing to see, move along.

And for you "operators"... Local residents have also informed me that there's nocturnal "suspicious activity" in the vicinity of the B.L.M., power line, Sotol and Century Road. Lights and vehicle traffic have been observed.

Pot discovered during traffic stop on SR 347

The incident started when a deputy tried to stop a 2000 Jeep traveling eastbound on State Route 84 about 7:20 a.m. after radar clocked the vehicle going 90 mph in a 55 mph zone after turning northbound onto SR 347. Full Article

Wow! The local media and I were on the same page, today (or they read my post)... Any person with information on Smith’s whereabouts is advised to call the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office at 520-866-5111. I made a few inquiries and Senior Assignment Editor, Scott Davis, of CBS KPHO Channel 5 informed me, "Harry- if the hangings are deemed suicide then we would not cover them." 

Reward increased to $25,000 in missing person’s case

The wife of a Thunderbird Farms resident missing for five months has raised reward money for information that could lead to her husband’s whereabouts to $25,000... Tim Gaffney, a spokesman for PCSO, said Monday there have been no leads in the case... The agency looked into Smith’s financials and found no new activity that could pinpoint his whereabouts. Smith’s information has been entered into a national missing person’s database. Full Article

75 percent of illegal aliens failing test for Nevada driver's licenses

On Friday, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles began issuing so-called 'Drivers' Authorization Cards' to illegal aliens. One need only present a foreign birth certificate, along with a passport or a Matricula Consular card to apply for the permits, which are good for one year. Full Article

Don't you drivers feel safer, already? Don't forget, a huge percentage of illegal aliens are illiterate in their native language, as well as English. Almost all of our traffic signs are in English. If a person cannot read the English or Spanish language drivers license manual, how the Hell can they be educated to our rules of the road and pass the multiple guess exam? License or not, they are still going to drive. Again, our politicians are gambling with our very lives, by letting these people unlawfully stay in our country. 

"Never lose hope, be persistent and stubborn and never give up. There are many instances in history where apparent losers suddenly turn out to be winners unexpectedly, so you should never conclude all hope is lost." --Theodore John Kaczynski, Ph. D

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