Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So, you want to be a "border operator" and patrol for illegals? You'd better slow down and listen...

For nearly four years, my readers have read reports, viewed photographs and watched documentaries of our various exploits in the Sonoran Desert. On the surface, what we do, looks cool and glamorous. In reality, it's anything, but that. Much of what we do is monotonous and boring. We spend countless hours posted up, watching empty trails and open desert. The group photos are little more than morale boosters. Usually, at the end of the day, we are simply dirty and tired. 

Most importantly, what we do is potentially dangerous. Make one little mistake and you may end up dead or looking at a long stretch in prison. That being said, only the most honest and sincere people are ever considered for our patrols. I get inquiries, on a regular basis and often dismiss them based on the contact of that very first email. Not going into particulars, I look for specific wording and phrases. 

One of my firmest policies is that we never talk of doing anything that's outside our legal boundaries. We are only permitted to "observe and report." So, when somebody shows up on a patrol and starts spouting off about "rules of engagement," you better get away from that person as quickly as possible. Distance is your best friend, when people start talking like that. You don't want to find yourself serving prison time that rightfully belongs to someone else.

Regardless of who you are operating with, always work under the assumption your group has been infiltrated by informants. I am at the point that I actually welcome them. After all, I am not breaking any laws. More often than not, informants donate heavily and try hard to fit in. Of course, they quickly lose interest, when they don't get what they come looking for. Hence, this is why I insist that volunteers never ever speak of doing anything illegal, even jokingly. 

Rather than "engaging" what may be criminal activity, you should be taking a good step back. There are two kinds of people. Those that run toward the fire and those that avoid the flames. In our world, running on the side of caution is the best policy. Over the past few years, I have come to the realization that the drug cartel is less a threat to me than local law enforcement agencies. My recent contact with the DPS Gang Unit reinforced that opinion. There are more armed police officers working our area of operation than armed cartel operatives. Don't forget that!

Have you ever heard that expression, "You are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist?" Looking at all of the news stories, I tend to believe this is probably true. I probably don't have to remind you, but I will. Our own government doesn't want to stop the flow of drugs and illegal aliens into our country. After all, it's very profitable. The border is full of holes because banks, politicians and corporations are making money hand over fist. Yes, crime pays the "1%."

One of the "locals" in my neighborhood has become aware of that fact and wrote the following: "I had encounter three of the illegals in my yard 30 minutes before Border Patrol got there. They sent a couple nice young men, but they had no knowledge or familiarity with our area. They had to ask me how to get to the base of the mountain west of us."

My friend goes on: "I called the following day and was met with more ignorance, than I could believe. The guy who answered knew who I was was without asking me. But then, started asking questions that made absolutely no sense. I corrected him a couple times and then gave up on him. Not at all impressed, but remember that I live North of I-8 and B.P. really is not to interested in apprehending illegals this far north."

My friends and neighbor's frustrations continued to mount: "Last night I talked to Border Patrol dispatch in Casa Grande. I was asking if the were going to "patrol" this area last night as I had encountered two groups of illegals in a 6 hour period. There answer was no as they had sent out a patrol the night before and found nothing. So, the Federal Government shows up that night with all the night vision equipment, driving a new 1 Ton 4X4 Ford Diesel Van, pulling a $15,000 4X4 side by side "souped up" ATV. With that they find NOTHING and today, Harry Hughes walks two minutes west of the house and finds a full fledged illegal alien "lay up camp". Something is very wrong with this picture."

My reply to my friend was: "I am very familiar with that truck, trailer and fancy ATV. Last July, I was with several others, near mm 139. Those guys rolled right by a squad of armed men at 1:00 am and kept going. The BLM and the BP rotate officers. That way, none of them are familiar with the area, nor have a clue about local activity. I was almost shocked when those BLM rangers, I ran into (got the jump on) a couple of weeks ago, asked me for my phone number, in case they wanted to know something."

"Yesterday (02/21/2014), UDA's were all over Hidden Valley. Several reports were made. They detained 6 at Warren/Half Moon at 1:30 pm. Another was "bagged" near Barnes/Deer Tr. at 4:20 pm. What they should be doing is boxing them all in at those steep washes west of Century. Once they spill out of that wash, they scatter like cockroaches. The ones in your yard were probably drinking 40 oz. Cobras behind the Farmers Convenience Store, by the time units arrived."

Diversity is: no cohesion, no trust, no consensus, no freedom, invasive statism, dystopia, entropy. Some of the most tyrannical, repressive and unfree societies were/are some of the most "diverse"

"A person's tolerance for diversity, is directly related to their distance from it."