Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ebola confirmed in Texas: Open borders are open invitations to infectious human waste and viral epidemics

The arrival of Ebola in the Unites States could have been avoided. It’s time to cut air links to West Africa and refuse entry to anyone who has been in those regions within the past 30 days. American citizens coming back from the affected region should be quarantined for 21-30 days until there is 100% certainty they’re not carrying the virus. Now that Ebola is officially in the US the two questions on everyone’s lips are i) who will get sick next and ii) how bad could it get? More

RONKONKOMA, N.Y., Sept. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Lakeland Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: LAKE), a leading global manufacturer of industrial protective clothing for industry, municipalities, healthcare and to first responders on the federal, state and local levels, today announced the global availability of its protective apparel for use in handling the Ebola virus. More

Recently, the island of Malta wisely refused entry to a ship that carried a possible Ebola case. It had stopped in Guinea, which has an out of control Ebola epidemic. Remember those sailing stories about the Flying Dutchman? Ebola plague ships will quite likely find themselves plotting courses to nowhere, because no ports will let them land. Consider the fact that many people are fleeing North Africa to Italy aboard overloaded ships. Hundreds of human bio-terror weapons unleashed on Europe, thanks to asylum. More

The United States has its first confirmed case of the Ebola virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday, marking the first domestic appearance of the deadly virus that has ravaged swaths of continental Africa. More Known cases and outbreaks of Ebola, in chronological order: Link

Ebola Outbreak Could Spread to US Thanks to Political Correctness and Obama

A sane government would put an immediate ban on any travel from Africa. Racial profiling should even be used to single out Africans, and to keep them from visiting or trying to seek asylum. Thanks to political correctness and an utter disregard for the safety of people living in Europe and the United States, commercial airliners are still flying directly from the African countries in the midst of the Ebola outbreak and absolutely no effort is being made to keep out people, who are the most likely to be carriers of Ebola. Full Article

Recently, Barack Obama granted a two year amnesty for Liberians living illegally in the U.S. due to the Ebola outbreak. This "amnesty" is supposed to apply only to those who are already living in the U.S., but with forged documents, a Liberian who got off the plane yesterday, can be made into someone who has been in the U.S. for years.

The administration has “broad authority” to bar non-citizens like Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient allowed into the U.S., from entering the country. The administration took no steps pursuant to that federal law, however, to block people like him from potentially endangering Americans. More

It is completely baffling why we haven't already quarantined travelers from West Africa. Anyone who resides in or has been in the infected region should be quarantined and tested before being granted entry into the U.S. This would seem to be another deadly flaw of our suicidal politically correct open borders policy.

How can any of us not be concerned that this man was able to so easily come into the United States, from a country that has an outbreak of Ebola, and was walking around for days in one of the biggest cities in our nation?

UPDATE: Ebola Alert: CDC Teams Mobilized and Dispatched to Dallas

Independent research models have suggested the possibility that up to 100,000 people may be infected with the virus by the end of this year. The World Health Organization has warned that up to one million people in Africa could be infected with the virus by early next year if it continues spreading at its current pace. More

CDC Says Ebola Vaccine Only Works on White People

The Center of Disease Control, which is headquartered in Atlanta, has released a statement saying the trial vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus will only work on those with white skin. In an excerpt from the statement, the government agency stated, “Early tests of an experimental drug, which would effectively combat the spread of Ebola, have proved successful only in those with white skin — We are working diligently to improve the sample to be able to help all those who are in need.” More

There is no doubt that an accidental or an orchestrated release of a virus from one of these labs could result in the deaths of millions as well as a draconian government response to the outbreak, including martial law, through both the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act drafted in 2001 and President Obama’s latest executive order which mandates the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of “respiratory illness.” More

"I have undertaken to reform the Jews, but I have not endeavored to draw more of them into my realm. Far from that, I have avoided doing anything which could show any esteem for the most despicable of mankind." --Napoleon Bonaparte

Meanwhile, California bans plastic bags

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Cartel's Congressman, Raul Grijalva redefines "illegal" and I learned that bird watching is racist

White privilege strikes again... According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in 2011, 93 percent of American birders were white, 5 percent were Hispanic (which includes both blacks and whites), 4 percent were black, 1 percent were Asian American, and 2 percent were "other." The horror! If people do not do every recreational activity in exactly the same proportions, we are suffering from racism. For some reason, people who claim to “celebrate diversity” want every group to behave exactly the same. More

Bird watchers are notoriously racist. They prefer to look at the colorful birds and not the black birds. This must be stopped. It's a war on feathers. And don't forget: "Birds of a feather flock together." An obviously racist expression that rejects diversity and multiculturalism. This slice of Social Justice Warrior crazy is brought to you by the National Geographic, which once upon a time used to discuss animals and rivers… but now pushes the same Tumblr “Everything is Racist” narrative as any media publication the left controls... Because you can’t watch birds without diversity. More

The real question we should be asking is why National Geographic published this article, in the first place? More diversity among bird-watchers is in everyone's best interest. Conference speakers have also cited lingering fears about racism in the U.S.—like whether it's safe to go to areas where the Ku Klux Klan had been strong, or where militias still thrive—and, for some who grew up in cities or suburbs, a fear of the unfamiliar woods, full of critters. More

Official: 70% of families from the immigration surge never showed up for follow-up appointments

An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that about 70 percent of immigrant families the Obama administration had released into the U.S. never showed up weeks later for follow up appointments. In a statement, ICE spokeswoman Gillian Christensen did not respond to questions from the AP about the newly disclosed figures. Full Article

Any missed immigration hearing actually becomes a deportation in absentia (6b). Typically, you only have 15 days to contact USCIS after missing a hearing. Otherwise, you cannot fight a deportation (you lose the right to see an immigration judge). Once they are deported, they cannot legally apply to return for five years.

Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) went to the border with Mexico in his district. What he found should disturb everyone. The trash and lack of security shows what the criminals that cross the border actually thinks of this nation. These are the people that the liberals want to welcome with open arms. Our top priority MUST be to secure the border and enforce the immigration laws on the books. Link

Rep. Grijalva: Distinction Between Legal, Illegal Immigrants ‘Doesn’t Exist’

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) said Wednesday that any distinction between illegal immigrants and those who obey U.S. laws and enter the country legally “doesn't exist.” So, the man who buys a loaf of bread and the man who steals one, have equal moral and legal standing. Yea, lets try that as a model for civilization. Full Article

We have seen the open border balkanization of this nation as a political means to effect hegemony, though it may well also be more malevolent as well. By allowing disease vectors into our nation to cause that fundamental transformation Obama talked so much about. Little did, we know it meant a third world status of poverty and now disease. More

Almost one quarter of Americans between 25-54 not working

An eye-popping figure from the Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee; 23.2% of workers between the ages of 25-54 are unemployed or out of the labor force. "In fact, over two-thirds of all labor force dropouts since that time have been under the age of 55. These statistics illustrate that the problems in the American economy are deep, profound, and pervasive, afflicting the sector of the labor force that should be among the most productive." Full Article

Both sides of the aisle are engaged in an asymmetrical war against "We The People." The Democrats are just more overt about it than the G.O.P. Make no mistake, both parties consider "free citizens" to be their enemy or as "subjects" they rule over and dominate.

Back in 1964, Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson wrote in his famous textbook Economics: After World War I, laws were passed severely limiting immigration. Only a trickle of immigrants has been admitted since then…By keeping supply down, immigration policy tends to keep wages high... Immigration has always increased U.S. poverty rates. Today native-born Americans are the ones being pushed into poverty by the foreign influx. More

We have a "central bank" that Karl Marx wrote was a "key" to allowing Communism to flourish . We have political leaders creating programs that have allowed bankers to rape and pillage the people of this nation , almost bringing the nation to the brink of disaster.

Whatever happened to foresight, rational planning, recognition of cause and effect, and the real consequences of stupidity and fecklessness?

Judaism is a religion of anti-Christian hatred. According to the Talmud, Christians are Edomites, children of the Biblical Esau, and Jesus was a sorcerer who is boiling in pots of feces in Hell. Link

With Jews We Lose