Monday, March 21, 2011

NSM Rally: Claremont, California, Saturday, March 19, 2011

I made the journey to attend the National Socialist Movement rally in Claremont, California over tht open borders zealots, Brown Berets and anarchists counter protested on the streets of Claremont.

Shortly after arriving at the protest, the annoying Naui confronted me about lying about stealing my copyrighted images over a year ago. I still don't understand how an image on the memory card in my camera that is registered with the U.S. Copyright office doesn't belong to me. In typical Mexican form, he said that there was a mistake. He's right, there was a mistake and HE made it. I posted a video of our exchange on my page to the right.

Apparently, property ownership concepts are much different to Mexicans. After all, they seem to think we stole their land when in fact, we purchased it from their government more than 140 years ago. Naui is nothing but a racist agitator that will one day end up on the receiving end of an ass kicking or worse.

Following my “discussion” with Naui, a man later identified as Mohammed Martinez, 63, of East Los Angeles, bragged about how he murdered American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Anyone that openly admits to murder in front of multiple video cameras and dozens of police officers, probably isn't right in the head. Hopefully, he'll get the help he needs. The military should also check out his story in case he's on the level.

Claremont After-Action Report; Unity In Claremont!

On Saturday, March 19th, members and supporters of the National Socialist Movement stood thirty strong on the northwest corner of Indian Hill and Foothill Blvd in Claremont, California. This rally was at the request of local residents whom are members and supporters and have grown tired of the outspoken local college kids and campus staff that support the lawlessness of open borders and the violence from the Mexican drug cartels.
With our banner and flags in hand we used a bullhorn to logically explain the dangers of open borders. The erratic and emotionally charged counter-demonstrators spewed their anger and hatred in an attempt to distract us from the issue of illegal immigration.
A crowd of homosexuals and Hispanics waving rainbow flags collected on the opposite side of the street. This Motley crew grew to almost 50 people within 20 minutes of our arrival. We became grateful for their presence because their unintelligible signs supported our claim that California's educational system has been devastated by illegal immigration. Single-syllable words took effort to read and they slaughtered multi-syllable words making their signs illegible. Finding a sign in their crowd that was readable was like finding Waldo in a Where's Waldo Book and the experience proved to be very entertaining.

As we chanted and gave short speeches we found additional supporters in the oppositions crowd. While the Homosexuals and Hispanics yelled, cursed, and threatened us, they were silenced and scared when they discovered one of our supporters standing next to them. Our friend and supporter Lonnie, from the Creativity Movement, stood in the oppositions crowd with his family after he was unsuccessful in meeting with us before the rally.
Although the opposition threatened us repeatedly they refused to attack our comrades that appeared in their crowd. Instead, they attacked a young women far away from our reach. We are unsure of their excuse for the attack, however, we know the true reason; this girl was attacked because she was seen as an easy target.
A few times we could see the oppositions crowd turn on each other while we stood in unity. We would like to thank the Skinhead family SPS and Lonnie and his family from the Creativity Movement for their support at the rally and their constant determination to fight for White Civil Rights. We forged new bonds as we stood in unity with comrades from SPS. We are happy to see that 40 proud Whites are willing to stand as one in Claremont. Although some of them were forced into our oppositions crowd.

The rally had proven successful before we had even hit the streets. We received many new inquiries and we gained new membership immediately after announcing our intention to rally in Claremont. While the opposition yelled,"go home" we shook hands with the local Claremont residents that invited us as they thanked us for our presence. We will continue to fight against illegal immigration. We have seen the impact of illegal immigration in our communities and schools and we have seen the deaths and devastation at the border during our ongoing border ops.

Lt. Jeff Hall
NSM Region 11 Director

Hundreds attend peaceful rally to counter neo-Nazi event in Claremont

CLAREMONT - Hundreds of people attended a rally Saturday against hate. The Claremont for Peace rally was held at Memorial Park to counter a neo-Nazi rally by the National Socialist Movement. About 30 people attended the neo-Nazi rally, police said.

The neo-Nazi event was held at Foothill and Indian Hill boulevards

White supremacists, immigrant rights activists face off in Claremont

But immigrant rights activist Ernesto Ayala, a member of the Brown Berets and La Raza Unida, said Hall and his fellow demonstrators had "backward and racist beliefs."

"We're not going to stand by and let them roll over people's rights," he said.

Hall said his group had been invited to rally in Claremont by local members, who are concerned about what they view as the city's overly liberal policies of protecting illegal immigrants. These include allegedly allowing students who are in the country illegally to easily enroll at Claremont Colleges; and allegedly supporting illegal day laborers.

On Saturday, Hall and his cohorts gathered on a street, clutching a banner adorned with the letters of the National Socialist Movement and a swastika in the middle. Some in the group wore black battle uniforms. Others were shirtless, sporting heavy tattoos. Many had shaved heads.,0,5783098.story?track=rss
As repots and photographs become available, I will publish supplemental entries on my blog. Until then, keep it white.
Who's streets? OUR STREETS!


  1. National Socialist Movement & CHARLES MANSON

  2. I watched Naui's silly video. By the way, Naui didn't have legitimate press credentials like real journalists and was herded away, along with that nutjob Mohammed that bragged about killing American Soldiers in Vietnam, by police officers like stray livestock that got loose on the freeway.

    At protests we frequently say things to agitate the crowd. It worked and the poorly dubbed and edited video actually makes its' creator look stupid.

    I'm curious if Naui bothered to get permission to use the Helter Skelter footage from the owners. Maybe I'll write Charles Manson a letter and tell him about Naui and maybe, just maybe, he'll work his evil magic on him. lol

    Otherwise, Santa Muerte can work her charm.