Monday, June 27, 2011

National Socialist Movement: “No Trabajo Sabado”(No work Saturday) at the Star Nursery, Las Vegas, Nevada

On Saturday June 25, 2011 from 12 noon until 1:30 pm NSM Nevada returned to the streets with a demonstration against illegal immigration. NSM Nevada along with NSM chapters from Arizona, California and Utah are continuing the Reclaim the Southwest Campaign, in order to increase public awareness of the illegal immigration problem. This mass migration of primarily uneducated and unskilled people has become a burden to all Americans.

Upon arriving at our “venue”, we observed numerous suspected illegal aliens loitering under some bushes at the Star Nursery as well as a liquor store next door. There was the usual assortment of trash and empty beverage containers littering the premises.

After approximately 25-30 NSM members, probates and supporters showed up at 12:00PM for a walking picket along the pedestrian walkway, they almost immediately became visibly uneasy and left the area! I observed a number of them at a bus stop more than a quarter mile down the street.

We received lots of support from passing motorists. And, although a few antifascists appeared, they did not have the courage to directly engage us. Instead, they opted to observe us from a safe distance. There were no objects thrown, nor were there any incidents of violence that are common at many of our events.

Effectively what NSM-Nevada has done is to make a public statement that this is NOT the land of illegal aliens, nor can they take our jobs by milling about in public or at local businesses.

National Socialist Movement hosts rally outside Star Nursery

LAS VEGAS, NV (KVVU) - At noon Saturday, NSM members rallied at Star Nursery on South Eastern to promote their "Reclaim the Southwest," event to raise awareness of illegal immigration impacts.

According to State Leader of the NSM in Nevada, SS SSgt. Davenport, the American Southwest is a prime location to promote against rampant illegal immigration.

Fence to deter day laborers at Star Nursery taken down

LAS VEGAS, NV - The fence around Star Nursery came down this week only 2 months after it went up to keep day laborers off the property. Star Nursery originally put up the fence in October.

The nursery told us they had been getting more and more customer complaints about the laborers and said they suffered some pricey property damage. So they put up a barrier. Now, Star Nursery says, the fence is just costing them too much.

Fences walls and other barriers do little to stop hordes of Mexicans from invading places they have no business being. Our southern border is a prime example.

North Las Vegas Police see increase in complaints about day laborers

Day laborers in North Las Vegas will now be cited if they're caught violating nuisance laws, like jaywalking or urinating in public. That means up to $1130 in fines or up to six months in the slammer.

The strict enforcement didn't come as a surprise to the day laborers in North Las Vegas. Warning fliers were handed out to them in English and in Spanish just last month.

"Hopefully, just letting them know that officers are out here stepping up that enforcement is enough to get them to abide by these simple guidelines," said

The Mexican Invasion and Occupation: Who Pays? Another Form of Corp welfare?

His sojourn got off to a rocky start. On one of his first days on the street outside Home Depot, another laborer told him he should move along because too many people were at the spot.

“I told him, ‘I’m an American citizen and you’re trying to push me off American soil?’ ” The man walked away, and Buchanan says he hasn’t had another problem with his competitors since.

Instead, Buchanan has found himself defending the rights of his fellow laborers on more than one occasion. One day, a man tried to hire a bunch of them for $5 an hour. Again, Buchanan pulled out the “citizen card.” But this time, he was telling the other person that he, a U.S. citizen, knew about minimum wage laws, and was going to make sure those laws were followed. “I said, ‘You want me to write down your license plate number?’ ” Buchanan recalled. The guy drove away.

“It is time for all decent Americans of every stripe to rally in support of America to secure our border. The right to disagree is an inherently American right. We will lose that, and our other rights, if we do not all stand together on this one critical issue.” –J.T. Ready, founder U.S. Border Guard

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