Monday, November 11, 2013

The National Socialist Movement's Kansas City rally and how the Kansas City government gladly suspended the U.S. Constitution

I have returned from the National Socialist Movement rally in Kansas City, Missouri. My plane, an Airbus 319, did a little something different on my return flight at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. We were almost touching down on the runway, when the pilot decided to abort and quickly ascend. We circled Phoenix and did "landing: take two" and came to a stop. Apparently, there was another plane on the runway and was in the way.

On Friday, November 8, 2013, I attended a meeting at the Kansas City police Department and high ranking police officials weren't the slightest bit bashful about telling us that they were taking it upon themselves to suspend the Constitution of the United States. We put the question to them and they said, "Yes!" This is what happens when a big city police department bows to the Negroes in city government. Don't forget, police officers swear an oath to defend the Constitution. In Kansas City, the police are nothing more than corporate mercenaries, who are all too eager to blindly and obediently serve their black masters.

The rally had started more than 45 minutes late because of the Kansas City Police Department's obstructionist attitude and the long drawn out process of searching everyone. At first, he police were going to not let us bring our flags on poles and water bottles. Believing that matter was resolved, we brought them, only to be hassled over the water bottles. Bending over backwards to keep us (and the counter protesters) from re-hydrating was purely asinine and outright vicious. 

Thank the hostile and hateful Kansas City government for their "intolerance". The police also banned camera tripods. The time came and our people presented their speeches. One counter protester was arrested, after throwing money towards the NSM lines. Despite the strict security measures, the "anti-racist" hate mongers still found things to throw at us. Remember, the real haters were across the street from us (and inside the Kansas City government). 

Freedom of speech reigns in rally faceoff

There was no violence. One homeless man was arrested when he ran into the street, grinning as he threw a dollar bill and some change at the neo-Nazi group. Police caught one person trying to sneak in eggs. They went into the trash. Full Article

I wondered who was throwing money and/or if it was a donation? I spoke with Lee Hill Kavanaugh on the night before the rally and during the rally. She didn't know what to expect and was a little afraid.

Analysis of NSM Rally in Kansas City from the NSM Media Director

As part of the NSM Media crew promoting and covering the event, I was well aware of the potential dangers being faced by those who actually attended. Cheers to them! But, there were some bumps in the road that you might find interesting. These are all from published news reports, so I’m not spilling any confidential beans. But, I’d like to put all of this into some kind of perspective.

Let’s look backwards first an interesting tidbit. One media outlet called Commander Schoep “a businessman.” I guess a dignified black suit works wonders. Last time the media accidentally legitimized us, a black news anchor called us a “White civil rights organization.” Damn, straight, lady, and thanks to all of you!

The Kansas City (MO) City Council shocked many by putting out an advance resolution against the rally. It read like they were actually afraid of us. However, to those of us in the NSM, the resolution really sounded more like city council was convinced of the persisting (and inaccurate) stereotypes that have been perpetuated by the media as well as practically any group against us. NSM command staff put out a press release eloquently countering the resolution.

The press release pointed out that, while we are not lawyers, we as intelligent men and women could readily see how the city council urging citizens to “morally confront” our group could lead to violence by anyone reading (and taking) the document at face value. It also pointed out that any such violence committed accordingly could make the Kansas City (MO) City Council possibly identifiable as being liable to some degree for any such actions. A few other curious things happened late last week.

The city council took the video of their ratifying the resolution off their website. "Nolo contendere?" Perhaps, but any "mea culpa" in this direction might only be indirect as best. However, it was more likely just a move to limit their PR embarrassment. Then, it gets a little weird.

With more threats of varying degree coming down the pike from local minority groups, the police put in place an expansively draconian list of what neither side – NSM or counter-protesters – could bring to the rally. The list was later modified after the ACLU offered their assistance. The police later modified the list to make more reasonable accommodations of safety of all rally participants, while still balancing out First Amendment rights. Since the actual participation (or lack thereof) of the ACLU was not reported in the media, I am not going to discuss it here.

But, what I WILL discuss is that while a Kumbayah-singing crowd enjoyed in the socio-political ecumenical inclusiveness a couple of miles away, the NSM and its attending detractors stayed fearlessly on-topic. Ironically, some news reports noted that some participants in ‘the other rally’ observed to the media how their ancestors cam to America . So did mine. But, they both came LEGALLY, unlike those being supported by some today.

The NSM didn't respond to the coincidence of the event and Kristallnacht. We did not overly chastise the worried city fathers and mothers for their administrative paranoia. But, we did tell the media, as well as those receptive or not to our message that illegal immigration is strangling America and many countries around the world.

And, the NSM was able to do this while remaining completely legal and dignified, unlike the counter-protesters who predictably looked like laughable manic bedlam. It doesn't matter how they tried to overwhelm us, as we were heard.

So, as promised, here’s my perspective on the event: A respectable businessman who heads one of the world’s largest white civil rights groups in the United States (and perhaps the world) lead a rally in Kansas City , Missouri on Saturday, November 9, 2013.

Jeff Schoep’s National Socialist Movement ‘stormtroopers,’ party members, and supporters stood their ground against nearly two-to-three times their amount in spectators, media, and counter-protesters. City officials were perhaps needlessly worried about the event, and put varying degrees of roadblocks in its way.

However, even while concern for possible violence was added by the federal government, the NSM conducted the rally without violence erupting reactionarily to their passionate concerns voiced about illegal immigration. 

"Communism is not about taking from the rich and spreading the wealth around to help the poor. Communism robs everybody, the rich, middle class, AND the poor. And then all the wealth from EVERYBODY is transferred to bankers. The bankers then give back just enough to keep the people alive, so that the system can continue."

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