Saturday, April 5, 2014

Why nations have borders... and why the current African Ebola outbreak receives little attention in the West

Those people and organizations that promote open borders don't want to hear stories, like this. After all, they want to hear nothing about how a secure border serves to protect the population that resides within its' confines. Therefore, the U.S. Zionist controlled media gives little attention to border crossing epidemics, as they don't serve their agenda.

"Uncontrolled immigration and international flight arrivals, without extensive screening of the passengers, means that new and previously eradicated diseases can be introduced to the indigenous population, to which we have no immunity. The government would keep a very tight lid on this one, as they don't want the population worrying about epidemics/pandemics."

"The Ebola virus is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids and tissues of infected persons. Transmission of the Ebola virus has also occurred by handling sick or dead infected wild animals (chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, forest antelope, fruit bats)."

Ebola Virus Hits Second Country in West Africa

Though WHO has said it "does not recommend that any travel or trade restrictions be applied to Liberia, Guinea or Sierra Leone based on the current information available for this event," Senegal has closed its border with Guinea as a preventative measure. "When it used to be only in the south of Guinea, we didn't do anything special. But now that it's reached [Guinea's capital] Conakry, we believe it's safer to close our borders," said Senegal's Health Minister Awa Marie Coll-Seck, adding "We have also closed all weekly markets, known as luma, in the south." Full Article

Guinea Bans Bat Eating to Curb Ebola Spread, Warns on Rats

“We discovered the vector agent of the Ebola virus is the bat,” said Remy Lamah, the country’s health minister, in an interview from the town of N’zerekore today. “We sent messages everywhere to announce the ban. People must even avoid consumption of rats and monkeys. They are very dangerous animals.” Full Article

Yet, another reason to keep Africans out of White nations... An HIV-positive Kenyan woman slept with over 300 men in revenge for being raped and infected with the virus. More Meanwhile, in Canada... Link Cities in the U.S. such as Los Angeles and Jacksonville, Florida have seen dramatic rises in TB. The situation has become so dire that in the City of Angels, police officers are now advised to wear surgical masks when dealing with illegal aliens. More

The White Race's Apology to the Black Race: A Solution to the Black Race's Complaints and Our Common Problem

To the entire Black race living in America, we, the Adamic, pink complexioned race (better known to you as the White race) that came to these shores from Iceland, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe, apologize for freeing you from slavery by fighting a horrible war among ourselves that cost the lives of almost two million of our own race and totally wiped out an entire way of life. Full Article

Border ‘More Secure Than Ever’? Illegal Alien Caught Crossing for the 15th TIME (Video)

But it is NO joke that our border is wide open, because it’s not just would-be crop pickers and cleaning ladies coming across. It is hardened criminals, drug smugglers, MS-13 gangbangers, and most worrisome, terrorists… Full Article

“Compared to old Europe, which had lost an infinite amount of its best blood through war and emigration, the American nation appears as a young and racially select people. The American nation itself, motivated by the theories of its own racial researchers, [has] established specific criteria for immigration…making an immigrant’s ability to set foot on American soil dependent on specific racial requirements on the one hand as well as a certain level of physical health of the individual himself.” --Adolph Hitler More

 Zyklon B on the US Border

Lloyd was right about this. Lea forced health inspectors to descend on Chihuahuita, the Mexican quarter of El Paso, forcing inhabitants suspected of harboring lice to take kerosene and vinegar baths, have their heads shaved and clothes incinerated. Inspection of 5,000 rooms did not stigmatize Chihuahuita as a plague zone. More

April 1, 2014: According to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, at least 25 New Yorkers have contracted the Measles virus, according to city Health Commissioner Mary Bassett. The outbreak, which emerged in northern Manhattan and the Bronx, has now spread downtown to the Lower East Side. Even the CDC says it's not the unvaccinated - it's the immigrants. More

Catch and Release

The recent campaign by advocacy groups to portray the president as a tough immigration enforcer at the helm of a system that is producing “record” deportations bears no resemblance to the reality of immigration enforcement today. Interior immigration enforcement has declined significantly and ICE is ignoring hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, including tens of thousands with criminal convictions, who are encountered by ICE officers and agents. Full Report

"A people who are not convinced of their uniqueness and value will perish." --David Lane


  1. Measles is the most contagious disease known to man: Measles alert from Maricopa County health officials

  2. Hey,
    That's not actually conclusive. The logic is there, but in animal trials this DID NOT work. The makeshift experiments in Kikwit, Africa (8 transfusions, 7 survivals) is not enough to give accurate data. There's a hypothesis that as the epidemic goes on, and Ebola gets through more contacts, it becomes weaker. Obviously those in Kikwit couldn't do a randomized control trial, but as they didn't we will never know if they'd have gotten better without the transfusion. Source: I'm a medical student.Thanks to all!!!