Saturday, May 3, 2014

Urban Safari expedition in downtown Chattanooga accidentally stumbles upon the historic Ellis Restaurant

My trips with the National Socialist Movement often include an activity we call "urban safari." These delightfully entertaining excursions frequently take us to the ghetto and toxic waste parts of decaying cities. These places have become testaments to successes and failures of previous generations.

Our trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee was no different. During last Sunday's early morning downtown "urban safari" I came across an interesting vacant and dilapidated building with a noteworthy neon sign over the boarded up building.

I parked around the corner from the Chattanooga Choo Choo and walked around for a couple of hours. Market Street was the definition of contrast. On one side was the neatly landscaped Terminal Station, which has been converted into a hotel. The other side was nothing but crumbling building and vandalized store fronts. More

Terminal Station in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a former railroad station, once owned and operated by the Southern Railway, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Chattanooga Choo Choo is a member of Historic Hotels of America, the official program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. More GEOTOURISM

Getting back to the "condemned" side of Market Street and the Ellis Restaurant at 1443 Market Street... The front is now boarded over from the signage down, but these pics, which were took c.2001 still show that great rounded front window and flanking doors. By this point, it had lost the majority of its virtolite, exposing the brick underneath. More

What Did That Old Building Used To Be? 

Gus Ellis emigrated from Greece when he was sixteen. After living in other parts of America, he settled in Chattanooga. In 1909, he started the Ellis Restaurant, which was originally located at Market and Ninth Streets. Soon, the opening of the Terminal Station provided business opportunities farther south on Market Street. In partnership with his cousin, Victor Ellis, he built the Ellis Hotel at Market and King Streets. Gus also relocated his restaurant to a site across from the Terminal Station... Full Article Postcard

Chattanooga restaurant's neon frog sign coming back to life

In its heyday, the sign blazed in Art Deco glory. A green neon frog -- advertising the restaurant's frog legs -- jumped over such neon-lit menu items as "steaks," "chops" and "spaghetti." The words "Ellis Restaurant" stood out in red neon surrounded by more than 600 white incandescent bulbs. Full Article

At 7:00 am Sunday morning, the downtown area was almost deserted. There were no traffic jams or crowds of people. Other than the one person that crossed my path, I had this part of the city, all to myself. This was certainly a great way to spend a few hours prior to getting on the long flight I was boarding, later in the day.

Decrepit block across from Chattanooga Choo Choo sees 1st tenant in more than 30 years

Scott Coffey, owner of the Ellis Restaurant, is taking steps to refurbish his property -- which is sandwiched between the former pawn shop and the St. George -- from the outside in, starting with the $20,000 sign. The Ellis Restaurant originally shut down in 1977 and never reopened after former proprietor Gus Ellis fell in the kitchen and broke his hip, Coffey said. Full Article

Our Chattanooga rally speeches are making their way to YouTube. Yours truly, can be seen doing the introduction... Commander Jeff Schoep's Chattanooga, Tennessee Rally Speech: Video

May, 5, 2014, better known as "Cinco De Mayo" or "Stinko de Mayo" is right around the corner. This is a special day for the National Socialist Movement, as we make sincere efforts to facilitate the deportation of those unwelcome illegal aliens. Meanwhile, San Francisco NBC affiliate KNTV reports a peaceful protest is planned on Cinco de Mayo holiday in front of the San Francisco Bay area's Four Live Oak High School.

The protest stems from a the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to uphold a federal judge’s ruling that school administrators had acted appropriately in asking students to turn shirts with American flags inside out in the Cinco de Mayo holiday in 2010 out fear it "would enflame the passions of students celebrating the holiday" Full Article More

Available for download and printing is our "Report an illegal" flier. Please print and distribute liberally. In addition, if you know of the location of illegal aliens, please report them to your local U.S. Border Patrol. NSM Literature

"Democracy makes it impossible for for the statesman to do his duty. A statesman of the greatest goodwill becomes, in a democracy, the slave of his supporters; he either satisfies their personal appetites or they destroy his backing. The statesman lives under the tyranny and permanent threat of the electoral agent." -- Corneliu Codreanu

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