Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Road trip: I'm back home from the National Socialist Movement rally in Rockwall, Texas

I have returned home from a long seven day 3062 mile road trip that crossed Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. I attended and spoke at the National Socialist Movement's annual November rally. This particular rally was particularly focused against illegal immigration. True to form, a multitude of hate mongers came out in force. Along with the NSM, stood members of the Ku Klux Klan, skinheads and militia members.

So called "anarchists" (not real ones), Communists, New Black Panthers and a wide assortment of other not so tolerant hard leaning Marxist types positioned themselves at the base of the steps of the Rockwall County Courthouse. They shouted obscenities and held signs that said, "Kill Yourself!" As I've said before, people who stomp up and down demanding tolerance are full of hate, malice and intolerance. They proved my point, once again. They always do.

Shortly into the speeches the protesters started to grab the barricades and bang them against the pavement. They reminded me of little children throwing a tantrum. Dozens of police officers and even a Texas game warden were on site for the protection and safety of the degenerates. One odd character, a black youth, took off his shirt and covered himself with shaving cream. He seemed really happy about his amazing deed. Whatever floats his boat, I guess. If he was making some sort of statement, most of us simply didn't get the message.

Among the crowd, were people that supported the National Socialist Movement and they were invited into our midst. The sun was going down and our time was running out. After taking a few group photos, we packed up our little party and departed the venue. True to form, the antifa attempted to flank our column. Suddenly, a group of tactical police armed with AR-15's emerged from the court house and took up positions between us and the Communists, thus preventing them from attacking.

The day was done and it was time to socialize and have fun with our comrades. On a private land in a rural area, we had a party that went on into the night. We enjoyed barbeque, a bonfire and fireworks. Finally, it was time to light the cross and swastika. As always, everyone had a great time and were already thinking ahead to the national meeting in April.

No arrests made during Neo-Nazi rally, counter protest

Counter-protesters from groups such as North Texas Anonymous, the New Black Panther Party and Open Carry Texas were in attendance. One Dallas-based television made the trip to Rockwall, and a number of locals dropped in to see the rally, which took place during the same time as Little League football games at Wilkerson-Sanders Stadium, just across the street. Full Article

From the comment section... Herald Banner is a crock of shirt. The "counter protesters" were a bunch of Black Panthers waving guns around, and anti-American Communists chanting about Israel and other irrelevant PC bull crap. The Commies even spit in the face of a man from the crowd, when he refused to join their clown brigade.

Patriotic White Nationalists Harassed by Useful Idiots and Subversive Marxists While They Protested Immigration Invasion in Texas

A group of patriotic White nationalists from Michigan traveled to Rockwall, a town close to the Dallas area, to deliver a series of speeches on the immigration invasion problem that America faces. They were harassed by a bunch of subversive Marxists and other useful idiots. Full Article

Weekend Picks: Your Choice of Nazi, Klan or Militia Fun... Don't Miss: The whole thing. The training is guaranteed to be a good workout, something you'll need after the barbecue and the NSM shindig. The training is a good chance to burn off the steam you'll surely have built up after hearing the truth about illegals, the Blacks and Zionist conspiracies all weekend. More

Since I decided to drive cross country, it would be a waste not to explore some of the lesser traveled portions of our country. Avoiding interstates and freeways, I made my way across Texas and New Mexico. There was much to see and I took more than 500 photos. I especially enjoyed my time in Roswell, New Mexico and the Lincoln County Historic District, made famous by Billy the Kid and Pat Garret.

The Democrats have committed themselves to flushing generations of progress on race down the toilet. That is, flushing the progress whites willingly made toward perceiving and treating all persons as equals. It’s not so clear that any other groups even got the memo that equality and peaceful coexistence were the supposed goals of racial “justice”... More

Lets keep our border open to Latin America. What could possibly go wrong? Hint: It's already going horribly wrong. Murder is more common in Latin America than in any other part of the world. US cities also made the list, led by Detroit at No. 24 and New Orleans at No. 26. More

"Our contemporary generation of weaklings will naturally decry such a policy and whine and complain about it as an encroachment on the most sacred of human rights. But there is only one right that is sacrosanct and this right is at the same time a most sacred duty. This right and obligation are: that the purity of the racial blood should be guarded, so that the best types of human beings may be preserved and that thus we should render possible a more noble development of humanity itself." --Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume II Chapter II

Multiculturalism is Cultural Destruction

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