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Toledo Free Press: Liars, telling us that black is white and white is black, weeks before the National Socialist Movement's rally

Well, once again, it appears that the far left leaning press cannot engage in accurate, professional or objective journalism to save their lives. The “propaganda ministry” has cranked out another dishonest and misleading editorial. In my world, knowing the difference between a “mark” and a “ringer” is something to be proud of. In this biased media racket, it's all about telling the biggest lie and telling it often. Perhaps, Jeremy Baumhower should try reporting facts, for a change. 

Mr. Jeremy Baumhower/Toledo Free Press,

On Friday, March 6, you wrote about “The Day the Nazis Won” (TFP) In your essay, you attempt to demonize the National Socialist Movement, by calling us, "Nazis," and call us, “people who hate.” These types of unflattering portrayals have been so often inaccurately bandied about that their inflammatory use is almost laughable. However, you do make one grave mistake.

While the April 19, 2015, (the day after our rally) also celebrates '419 Day,' you make a false comparison to the events of 2005. This was NOT the day of violence “inspired by a group of people who only hate.” More correctly, this was the day that Communists and anarchists motivated the black citizens of Toledo to rise against their own community in hate.

You write that, “We in the media choose whether to make hate groups coming to Toledo a news story.” Fine, however, if you chose to consciously ignore the underground motivations that engulfed your own community, which was anarchist and Communist inspired looting and rioting, and you are obviously missing the whole point. The 'Nazis' did not win that day – it was the Communists and the anarchists who inspired the hate, destruction, and violence. There is no winner, when Communist inspired rioting bring destruction upon any city.

Baumhower: The day the Nazis won

Please do this city and me a favor and give no attention to the so-called Nazis. The National Socialist Movement has scheduled an April 18 visit to Toledo. This appearance is to “celebrate” the 10-year anniversary of the last time they visited. TFP

Again, ignoring the story stops people from analyzing the negative contributions made by the Communists and anarchists in your own town! Instead of stooping to their level (and denigrating the journalistic trade), Mr. Baumhower, why be vulgarly calling us “the lowest pieces of sh@t this country has ever known?” Why not make some MEANINGFUL exploration into the underlying historic issues and present concerns?

It is NOT the National Socialist Movement, or any other pro-white movement for that matter, that your town has to fear. It is those who want to ruin a peaceful way of life! The greatest love a journalist can show is to bring out the TRUTH in issues he feels are somewhat discomforting.

Furthermore, we in the National Socialist Movement are often misrepresented by the mainstream press, as you so eloquently wrote about us being pieces of sh@t is a perfect example. I wonder what it is about a White Civil Rights Organization that you find to be so hateful? The N.S.M. is made up of countless men and women whom have served this Nation in the Military, others who work in public service, and many other professions. Stereotyping an entire group of people is true hate, and it's wrong. 

It would be like us saying that every black person in Toledo is a rioter and criminal, that is certainly not true and we do not stereotype in such a manner. The N.S.M. is highly active on the U.S. Borders, and abide by an America First platform. If standing up for white civil rights, defending our Nation's borders, and taking a Nationalist, America First political stand is considered low and hateful, then so be it.

I doubt this letter will see the light of day, or be published, as a rebuttal to your hate-filled diatribe against the N.S.M., in the Toledo Free Press, as I am quite certain the media would love to continue demonizing the National Socialist Movement. Anyone who is interested in our Political Platforms should simply check out our website: . We have a lot more support in Toledo, than I think you realize.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Schoep/Cmdr. National Socialist Movement

Perhaps, Jeremy Baumhower should stick to gossip and other sorted “he said” and “she said” mumbo jumbo nonsense and muck raking bologna. Stick to what you know, when you obviously don't know a thing about the National Socialist Movement or what happened in Toledo, ten years ago. Keep in mind, it was the Communists and D.O.J. protest marshals that stirred up the violent chaos and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. Links: AT FO

The term “white privilege” appears to be the rallying cry of whites of privilege rather than a reality of privilege for all whites. The label discriminates horrifically against poor whites who will never know the “white privilege” they are told that they benefit from. AT No Whites Allowed Robert Poe

Tim Wise is Lying about Jewish Privilege; Here are the Facts & Figures

I’m confident that you are fully aware of the fact that if you aimed the vitriol you spew against white people and Western civilization towards Jewry instead, you would be exposed to state-tolerated physical violence and mass boycott, while simultaneously being cast out and demonized by the “radical” Judeo-Left you are a part of, the academic and civil institutions that pay you handsome fees to speak, and the Jewish owned mass media that plugs you every chance they get. TYM IDS

“We march and fight, to death or on to victory. Our might is right, no traitors shall prevail. Our hearts are steeled against the fiery gates of hell. No shot or shell, can still our mighty song.” ―George Lincoln Rockwell

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