Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What happens, when the elephant that hates White culture, White identity and the Christian faith is let loose in the room?

Last evening, I did an interview with KPNX 12 about the recent Confederate flag controversy. Isn't it funny that people aren't trying to ban flags of foreign nations, ISIS or Communist flags? Are "they" trying to strike down the First Amendment? We must ask ourselves these questions. Meanwhile, Americans need to quit being so easily offended and stop acting like pathetic little butt hurt weenies. Let's not forget that our current U.S. Flag has been deemed “offensive,” (by some) and demands made for its' removal, too. Don't cave in to these bullies, attempting to intimidate the majority. 

So, it came as no surprise that what I had to say didn't make the story. After all, I brought up the First Amendment and state's rights, too. However, Dr. Robert Massey, a lieutenant with the Arizona Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans said the flag is an emblem to him of what his relatives did during the war that began in 1861. Massey said while he understands the war began because of slavery and denounces it, he said using what happened at that South Carolina church is not an excuse to rid the town of this flag. KPNX-12

Earlier today (06/23/2015), I attended my monthly meeting, with black clergy and residents at the local church. Needless to say, the regular topics for discussion were put aside to talk about the mass shooting, at the AME Church in South Carolina. Our session went on for nearly two hours and words like faith, purpose, racism and "Why?" all came up, during the conversation. 

While the media asserts their own agenda, as they pour gasoline on the flames of this recently ignited fire, we came the mutual consensus that the main stream media are masters of manipulation and racism will be with us for the rest of time. You can silence dissent, but it only goes "underground" to manifest itself into something far worse and more violent. 

What we have managed to do, as a society, is move our outward racism into the closet. Upon arriving home, I was not at all surprised to learn that Matthew Heimbach, of the Traditionalist Youth Movement, was visiting Charleston and talking about how this tragedy occurred. I'd have to agree with the majority of what he said. Dylann Roof stated in his manifesto that the primary factor that triggered his shooting was the Trayvon Martin case. NBC admitted to deceptively editing the Zimermann 911 call, which inflamed racial tensions. More

Press Release: NSM Response to Charleston Shooting

The National Socialist Movement is regretful over the unnecessary loss of life in Charleston, South Carolina. We must remind all Americans that we have repeatedly warned of an escalation in ethnic violence, if the current policies of the current administration are not revised to suit the best interests of ALL Americans. The epidemic of rapes and murders committed by Blacks against Whites on a daily basis have been systematically repressed by the mainstream media and ignored by the immediate-past Holder Justice Department, as well as under the current Attorney General. 

The recent anarchy in Ferguson – and now Baltimore – have made it clear to all Americans that President Obama will do nothing to defend the best interests of White Americans. Whites are simply getting fed up and their frustration over the government. Disenfranchising them in their own nation will ultimately lead to a violent backlash which has been predicted by a number of pundits as well as leading military strategists.

Twenty-two White Americans are killed every single day by Blacks and a White woman is raped every nine minutes, by a Black in America. How long do you think it will be, before the day of reckoning will come?

Our organization does not condone or promote acts of violence against any organization or individual and indeed our entire platform has been to save lives by resolving the issues before we are faced with the prospect of all out Civil War brought on by multiculturalism, but we have stated time and again that the concerns of the White nationalists are going to have to be addressed if there is ever to be peace in this nation. 

To borrow a line from the Black civil rights leaders, “ No Justice; No Peace.” If we cannot work together to find a solution that is fair to ALL Americans, God help us! NSM

White Separatist and Dylann Roof Sympathizer Calls Him a 'Victim'

“Dylan Roof is a victim in regards to he was a white man born to a society that actively hates him and hates his people, hates his culture and his identity,” Matt Heimbach told “Nightline” in an interview Monday. “The left that persecutes and hates white culture, white identity and the Christian faith, they are the ones that are responsible because you will push individuals only so long before they react,” he said. ABC

It became rather clear to me that the Confederate  flag is currently being used by radical Black supremacists and their Marxist coaches, as a rallying cry to organize against White people... Lenin may never have said “the capitalists will sell us the rope with which to hang them,” but the modern reality is much worse. Today, the GOP and Conservatism Inc. are giving the Cultural Marxists the rope for free. V-Dare

“The left that persecutes and hates white culture, white identity and the Christian faith, they are the ones that are responsible because you will push individuals only so long before they react,” he said. “You cannot step on an individual forever before they decide that they are going to bite back and that’s what we see.” -Matthew Heimbach

Confederate flag sales spiked 3,000% More

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