Thursday, February 4, 2016

National Socialist Movement National Meeting & Rally 2016: All roads lead to Rome, Georgia

So, well in advance of the National Socialist Movement's planned national meeting and rally, we have the NAACP boldly making a hypocritical stand against the civil rights of White People. They even went as far as creating a petition that clearly tells White America how many blacks feel about the rights of others. 

These so called "civil rights advocates" clearly hate "Whitey" and a petition titled, “Romans Against ‘White Rights’ Rally,” demonstrates where the intolerance and bigotry lies. The NAACP, by making these statements, does not support the First Amendment, the Constitution of the United States or the right to peaceful assembly for White People. 

As far as I'm concerned, being against the U.S. Constitution should classify the NAACP as anti-government extremist organization, not a civil rights group. In these chaotic and troubled times, it's the Constitutionalists that are most frequently deemed “anti-government” and are placed on various terrorist watch lists, by the Department of Homeland Security.

'White rights' group planning rally in April; Rome police confirm paperwork for a permit

The National Socialist Movement has scheduled its annual meeting for Georgia, with a public rally set for April 23. The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies the NSM as an “extremist organization,” calling it the largest and most prominent neo-Nazi group in the United States. Rome Police Maj. Debbie Burnett confirmed that the NSM has requested and received an application for a permit. She said any group — regardless of political affiliation — would be approved, as long as they comply with the city ordinance. RNT

The Petition: 895. Edna Alford from Rome, GA signed this petition on Feb 3, 2016. "As a citizen and taxpayer I should have the right to say no. I know you can pay a small fee for the right to march but this is just wrong. Will do nothing but cause more strife in this city, we do not need it. Let's live in Peace!" Obviously, Edna Alford never read, nor does she care about the Constitution of the United States of America. She thinks she can pick and chose, who has the right to free speech. Who's the ignorant one, here?

NAACP leader calls for unity in Rome ahead of neo-Nazi 'white rights' gathering in April

Alvin Jackson, Political Action Committee chairman of the Rome-Floyd County NAACP, said he wants the community to put up a solid front against the group. He and others are speaking with local churches and community organizations in hopes of having them all join together. Lindale resident Brian Michael Hill has created a petition on and plans to present it to Mayor Jamie Doss. The petition, “Romans Against ‘White Rights’ Rally,” had 327 signatures by early Sunday morning. It states, “We will not stand for bigotry and ignorance in our city.” RNT

From the comments: "Freedom is the only thing on earth that you can keep only by giving it away. Shame on you NAACP, you could do a lot more for yourself and your cause by SUPPORTING their rights to speak rather than trying to stop them. Take the high road. You have an opportunity to show either your differences, or your similarities..." Newt Ware

N.S.M. Commander Blasts NAACP Criticism and Anti-White Petition Against Rally

Jeff Schoep, Commander of the National Socialist Movement (NSM88.ORG) condemns the anti-white criticism of its rally in Rome, Georgia on April 23rd as well as an equally anti-white petition against the event. According to Commander Schoep, as stated by its title, the “Romans Against ‘White Rights’ Rally” petition by area music promoter, Brian Hill, seems philosophically prejudiced against white people. And the Rome-area NAACP criticism of the NSM Rally also seems hypocritical to the organization's continually stated aims against prejudice.

Schoep says that both the criticism and the petition are a shocking affront to Americans' First Amendment rights to Free Speech and Assembly. Although the petition sponsor claims to have over 700 signatures against white rights thus-far, its existence illustrates many of the problems the NSM is rallying against.

“We intend to answer this blatant anti-white petition,” says Schoep, who adds that “This will backfire against our opposition, and we intend to lambaste this anti-white hatred and hypocrisy right back. Additionally, why should the Rome-area chapter of the NAACP be afraid of deepening the dialogue on race?” “White people have every right to fair representation in this nation, along with freedom of speech, and the right to assemble,” explains Schoep. “The National Socialist Movement and our allies are the front-lines in the fight for white rights, and we will not back down, nor will we be intimidated by those who wish to silence us, not now or ever!” 

The petition as well as the NAACP (and its Rome, Georgia area chapter) and its allies indicate they want diversity, and rights for everybody, but they really want these rights for everyone except white people. That's some serious 'racism' on their side,” observed Commander Schoep, concluding that it is “Hypocrisy at it finest!” NSM

Atlanta Antifascist Notes

The white supremacist gathering will be resisted. Anti-racists are organizing a mass presence at Stone Mountain to shut down the white power rally and disrupt the racists’ plans. Following a series of discussions between anti-racists, a website has now been established for the anti-Klan mobilization. The National Socialist Movement (NSM), one of the nation’s largest neo-Nazi organizations, has announced that it will hold a rally in Rome, Georgia on April 23rd–the same day as “Rock Stone Mountain.” More

What sort of society tolerates the diminution in value of its own founding stock? What people promotes false successes and fake creations of others at the expense of its own people's real progress? A dying society does. One that has been brainwashed and infected with self-loathing. One that calls this "progress" and marginalizes and punishes those that stand for national and racial dignity.

NSM Rome GA Rally Video

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