Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A little ENG 401 “Problem of Whiteness” activism on the ASU campus and just who is freaking out, now? (Video)

Following a meeting, at ASU: The attendees decided to collect signatures of faculty, students and residents for a petition and hold a public display on the Tempe campus on March 3 at 11:30 am. at the corner of College Avenue and University Drive. “When they use that speech to promote violence against an individual or group of people in a public space or online, that should not be allowed,” Pieter Turley said. Link

In reality, it was the side of the so called "anti-racists" that are the ones promoting violence and not with words, I might add. At 11:30 am, Myself, several supporters and John Hess, of the National Youth Front showed up at the corner of College Ave. & University Dr. to exercise our First Amendment rights in a peaceful fashion. You will see plenty of irony, as you look at my photographs and videos.

We did not promote violence, however, ASU Associate Professor in Justice Studies, Robert Poe, did verbally advocate violence, while one of his groupies took it to the next level and charged at John Hess, while shouting profanities. It makes me wonder how many more violent loons the Arizona State University has created through their violent anti-white indoctrination. Here's my video: ASU

Meanwhile, Steve Lemons, of the Phoenix New Times, continues his coverage of ENG 401 and the opposition to taxpayer funded racism on a college campus. Lemons says... He would not say if he's an ASU student, though he insists "John Hess" is his real name. I have my doubts, considering he shares the surname with Rudolf Hess, Hitler's Deputy Fuhrer. Though I can't rule out coincidence. Despite his often repulsive political and social views, Hess comes across both in his debate with Poe and in our conversation as intelligent and well-spoken. FBVF

We now know, thanks to confirmation by reporter Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times what we knew all along, that Angelo John Gage, the Chairman of the National Youth Front spun a tall tale when he told reporter Jessica Suerth of the State Press that the previous Chairman of the National Youth Front was responsible for spreading fliers on the Arizona State University campus attacking Professor Lee Bebout. More

Today, we see Whites attacked on many different levels in our society. There is a constant society wide drumbeat demonizing Whites. We constantly hear, for example, that Whites haven’t earned what they have and that they only got it because of “White privilege,” or that except for White racism and hatred of Blacks, Blacks would be leading better lives This is nothing less than psychological abuse of Whites similar to what we see in cases of Child abuse. Whites are made to feel guilty for doing nothing more than being who and what they are by birth, yet any expressions of Whiteness or of their genetic identity or of feeling good about oneself are quickly denigrated as being signs of racism and White evil. More

36 Million Americans Lack Basic Work Skills

While the U.S. prides itself as “a nation of immigrants,” it does not seem to be doing a good job – compared to other developed nations – in integrating immigrants into the workforce. Notes the OECD, “Non-English-speaking immigrants in the United States with low-educated parents are 10 times more likely to have low literacy skills (on a test in English) than native-born adults whose parents have at least a high school education. Full Article 

Comparing Barack Obama to George Bush or Adolf Hitler, for that matter, makes no sense, at all. George Bush (and his crime family) were the mouth pieces for the New World Order. Barack Obama is little more then an errand boy hand selected, for his race and willingness to financially disable a mostly White America. Both have in mind the final end of the United States of America and the replacement of the White Anglo. Census figures bear this out, as in little more then a few decades,Whites will be the minority in nearly all western nations, including the United States. 

Deal Between Obama and the ACLU Will Allow 8.8 Million Deported Illegals to Return to US

The deal says that deported illegals have six months to apply for return to this country and they will resume the status they had before. Actually, that is a lie too. As illegal aliens, they would now be eligible for Social Security and welfare and become practically immune from prosecution from any crime they commit, also thanks to Obama. Full Article

The agency-ACLU agreement is part of a larger push by "progressive" professionals, including immigration lawyers, political activists and union officials, to create many administrative loopholes in immigration law. (a.k.a. "Cloward-Piven") More

National Socialists plan April 18 rally

The National Socialist Movement has planned an April 18 rally in Toledo, 10 years after a rally that caused race rioting in the Glass City. The group's Oct. 15, 2005, rally was followed by the arrest of more than 100 people when a scheduled march by the National Socialist Movement incited a riot, where angry crowds attacked emergency workers, burned down a bar, and looted two convenience stores. Full Article

The Organic founding Law, namely the Constitution of a Nation, must not be amendable by any method other than unanimous consent of all parties thereto and with all parties present. Otherwise, the doors are opened for the advent of that most dangerous and deadly form of government, democracy. Precept #45, David Lane 

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