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AAR for March 3, 2015: The National Socialist Movement takes on ENG 401 at Arizona State University

Controversy immediately erupted, when the Arizona State University offered a course titled, "English 401: U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness." Students enrolling in the course will read, "The Possessive Investment in Whiteness," "Critical Race Theory," "Everyday Language of White Racism," "Playing in the Dark," and "The Alchemy of Race and Rights." Although the syllabus was not made public, the reading list clearly indicates a strictly one sided and profoundly anti-white agenda. Outrage, discussion and activism have put this class and the university in the cross hairs, and for good reason.

Following a meeting, attended by so called "anti-racist" supporters of Lee Bebout, an assistant professor of English, at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ, the attendees decided to collect signatures of faculty, students and residents for a petition and hold a public display at the Tempe campus on March 3 at 11:30 am.

“When they use that speech to promote violence against an individual or group of people in a public space or online, that should not be allowed,” Pieter Turley, a justice studies graduate student and vice president of Local to Global Justice said. Local self titled "anarchists" and left wing agitators also made plans to attend the demonstration. Of course, they showed up.

Campus staff and students claimed to have been threatened by the National Youth Front, despite a lack of any concrete evidence. Apparently, literature distribution constitutes a threat and not a Constitutionally guaranteed right. To the best of my knowledge, there's no police investigation, nor have any arrests been made. In reality, it was the side of the so called "anti-racists" that were the ones promoting violence and not with words, I might add.

At 11:30 am, Myself, Cpl. Thora Jaeger, several supporters and John Hess, of the National Youth Front, gathered at the corner of College Ave. & University Dr. to exercise our First Amendment rights, in a peaceful fashion. The National Socialist Movement stood in solidarity with the National Youth Front. As a member of N.S.M. Media, I recorded video and took photographs of the day's events.

I saw plenty of irony and hypocrisy, as these people condemned racism, while supporting a class that singled our an entire race of people and identifying them as a "problem." We did not promote violence, however, A.S.U. Associate Professor in Justice Studies, Robert Poe, did verbally advocate violence, while one of his groupies took it to the next level and charged at N.Y.F.'s John Hess, while shouting profanities.

During a recent "teach in" Robert Poe stated, "I advocate violence against racists who choose to politically mobilize." It makes me wonder how many more violent loons the Arizona State University has created, through their violent anti-white indoctrination.

Arizona State University is a taxpayer supported public university, and this sort racially centered course has no legitimate place in a curriculum. In my opinion, A.S.U.'s administration has some explaining to do. That's one thing, Robert Poe and I can agree on (although, for different reasons). Imagine offering a “Problem of Blackness” class and the guaranteed fallout from that? "Why are Whites no longer entitled to their own racial and cultural space? Why must we share everything with other ethnic groups, whose hostile intent towards us is so blatantly obvious?" Video #1 Video #2

Harry L. Hughes III
Director, N.S.M. Region 11/N.S.M.-AZ Media Spokesman
N.S.M.-MEDIA Associate Producer

It goes without saying, the left continues to use inaccurate and useless terms to describe our various organizations and attitudes. We are not “supremacists” or “Nazis” or whatever catchy name they desire to place upon us. In fact, during some of our recent public events, among our supporters were non-whites. Of course, the left ignores facts, as they conflict with their dubious narrative. 

A Harvard professor wants to abolish the white race.Noel Ignatiev, a founder of a journal called Race Traitor and a fellow at Harvard's W.E.B. DuBois Institute, a leading black-studies department, argues in the current issue of Harvard Magazine that "abolishing the white race" is "so desirable that some may find it hard to believe" that anyone other than "committed white supremacists" would oppose it. 

Mr. Ignatiev pledges in the essay that his journal, Race Traitor, intends to "keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as 'the white race' is destroyed not 'deconstructed' but destroyed." Washington Times

Do white supremacists call the shots at ASU these days? The Neo-Nazi National Youth Front (NYF) showed up at ASU on Tuesday (along with National Socialist Movement member Harry Hughes, the former comrade of JT Ready) to thank the university for silencing professors associated with the "The Problem of Whiteness" class and demanding their termination. And according to information provided to us, it looks like ASU is giving them exactly what they want. Down and Drought

Neo-Nazis plan return to Toledo for demonstration

“We’re not taking this lightly, and making sure we have a plan in place to ensure safety of protesters, counter-protesters, and property in the city,” the chief said. The advance notice and assistance from other policing agencies should improve safety, said Oregon Police Chief Mike Navarre, who served as chief of Toledo police during the earlier demonstrations. Full Article

“In a flock of sheep, wolves left to roam freely will always have full bellies. In a Christian society, the Jews – whose nature it is to profit from usury, gambling, slave-trading and every other vice and racket they can conjure - will always acquire the lion's share of the wealth. So it was in early America.” --William Finck, Philthadelphia

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