Thursday, April 30, 2015

As Baltimore burns, more Mexicans, shooting and killing, in the desert, not too far from my neighborhood

As is always the case, lack of firm policing and appeasement and the creation of "a safe space for those that want to destroy," just leads to wider and more virulent violence. At this moment the "new" attorney general of the United States is at her first press conference blathering on about "Developing a conversation with the Baltimore police department..." Like the Wall Street Journal bromides her predictable blah-blah bromides will also fall on ears deafened by decades of rap and crack with literally nothing left to lose. AmDig

I refuse to give up our national sovereignty to transnational criminals, nor am I willing to give up my recreational activities in the Sonoran Desert National Monument. United States political leaders have no business ceding control of U.S. territory for political or financial gain. The time to enforce politician's oaths of office, with criminal prosecutions and imprisonment are long overdue. Why aren't traitors charged with treason, anymore? The answer is simple. Every nook and cranny of our government has been bought off. Corruption is the epidemic. "Regime change" is the cure.

I just returned from another recon operation, inside the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range. We have Mexicans killing Mexicans over drugs, just a few short miles from my home. Meanwhile, corrupt politicians want to import more poverty and crime, from south of the border.

MCSO: 2 dead, 2 injured in shooting east of Gila Bend

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said six people were attacked Monday afternoon. Two people have been confirmed dead and two others were transported to the hospital, one in stable condition and the other in critical condition. Authorities said the people injured are not cooperating with authorities. ABC15

A search continued Tuesday for several suspects who shot and killed two men and wounded two others in a gun battle six miles east of Gila Bend. The shootings occurred a high-traffic corridor known for human and drug smuggling. The bodies of the two men were found by Maricopa County sheriff's investigators in a cave about six miles east of Gila Bend Monday afternoon. 3TV 

More ditch cricket shenanigans... Tuesday, April 28, 2015: PCSO said a deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop on State Route 347 at milepost 177. The subject refused to stop and a pursuit started in the area. The vehicle eventually came to a stop and the subjects ran from the vehicle. ABC15 More

The driver and seven passengers ran from the vehicle. The detective was able to apprehend the driver as he attempted to hide in some bushes. The driver was later identified as Sergio Salas-Orozco (age 27 of Casa Grande). With the assistance of other deputies and members of the U.S. Border Patrol, four of the passengers were taken into custody and three additional passengers were not located.

Sheriff Paul Babeu stated, “Sergio Salas-Orozco is no stranger to our office. On July 23rd, 2012 he fled from deputies and was involved in a high-speed vehicle pursuit. He stopped his vehicle and once again fled on foot along with his four passenger who were all illegals. All five suspects were caught and arrested. Inside of the vehicle deputies discovered he has 22 bundles of marijuana which weighed a total of 518 pounds. Sergio plead guilty to this past crime and served one year in the Arizona Department of Corrections.” PCSO

The West was founded upon two ideas, individual Liberty and property rights. The "intellectual gang" of Cultural Marxists hates the very idea of Liberty, because it takes away their feelings of superiority. The political thug gang hates property rights, because it means they cannot steal whatever they want. Most of all, they hate the ordinary people who believe in both, Liberty and property rights.

Baltimore Riots Explode Leftist Race Myths

Modern race riots do not occur because of the supposed white superstructure or a legacy of governmental underservice. They occur because valueless rioters act in valueless ways. Baltimore is evidence that glossing over lack of values with leftist pabulum about social justice doesn’t stop cities from burning. Breitbart Meanwhile, angry mother smacks down son for rioting

We Used to Shoot Looters

The armed citizen has been nowhere to be seen in Baltimore, perhaps because Maryland has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country and it is virtually impossible to get a license to carry a weapon. However, it is still legal for owners to defend their property. Why is no one in Baltimore brandishing guns in the face of looters? There was another famous “shoot to kill” order in 1977, after flooding in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. When Mayor Herb Pfuhl heard reports of looting he told police to kill looters, and as soon as the word got out, the looting stopped. AmRen 

There is a deliberate policy of destroying the few 'white' countries left in this world. In 1970, the United States was 90% white. Now, the white population is down to less than 60% and within 10 years, will drop below 50%. The same thing is happening to Europe. Changing the people and bringing in millions of Third World legal and illegal "immigrants," (colonizers) with their hands out for free money and benefits is not going to end well. Remember, "diversity" and "multiculturalism" ONLY apply to white countries. Why is that?

"In actual operation Nature is cruel and merciless to men, as to all other beings. Let a tribe of human animals live a rational life, Nature will smile upon them and their posterity; but let them attempt to organize an unnatural mode of existence an equality Elysium, and they will be punished even to the point of extermination." --Ragnar Redbeard (disputed)

Evil Racist Whites Sotomayor

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