Monday, April 27, 2015

Baseball season brawls, black miscreants and the "problem of whiteness" round out another week, in our imploding Republic

Well, it's baseball season and the summer will certainly be hot: 9:58 PM: Investigative reporter Matthew Boyle reports that both he and a family member both tried to escape the scene of destruction and chaos, but were prevented by a forcible lockout. No one is allowed to leave Oriole Park at Camden Yards. There are at least 15,000 people trapped in the stadium — and it’s the bottom of the tenth inning. Breitbart

Freddy Gray, a black 25-year-old, died of a mysterious spinal injury that he suffered while in police custody. He was arrested for reasons police have not disclosed, and after having tried to run away from arresting officers, police said. Officers held him down, handcuffed him and loaded him into a police van to transport him to the station. 11 Alive

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said roughly 1,200 officers were deployed downtown and across the city to try and keep the peace. At least five officers were injured and 12 people were arrested. Batts said he believes the “very violent agitators” are not from Baltimore. Baltimore-based photographer J.M. Giordano said on Twitter that he was beaten by police while taking photos of the protests, and that an Associated Press photographer was arrested. Blaze

This is the army of “Fundamental transformation.” This is NOT a Protest! This is a RIOT and it's exactly what Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and all have wanted, all along. Looters need to be shot on sight and rioters subdued, by whatever means necessary. A message must be sent stressing that this behavior is NOT acceptable and will NOT be tolerated. This sort of “violent, senseless” “behavior” “only reinforces” every single stereotype about black people. The Lesson of Haiti

Because such violence and the culprits responsible for it, are shielded by our outlaw government and the mainstream media, it continues across the width and breath of this nation. Innocent lives are being destroyed, as well as personal property. This will continue, until government and the media deal with this severe problem. It's obviously a racial problem. The time to “s-e-p-a-r-a-t-e” is long overdue.

According to Pew Research Center, 69 percent of Americans want to “restrict and control” immigration rates. That’s 72 percent of whites, 66 percent of blacks, and 59 percent of Hispanics. Pew frames its questions to suggest that minorities are being somehow oppressed in America, so the results are not only indicative of support for immigration control but also a rejection of the leftist narrative that the U.S. selfishly hoards its goodies from the world. More

George Soros is planning to bribe up to 13.8 million legal immigrants to become citizens before the 2016 election. They will find you, teach you about the naturalization process and even pay your $680 dollar naturalization fee. And once you are finished, you will get a fresh supply of democratic campaign literature and an application for food stamps. They’ll probably move them onto the plantation to keep blacks company and create a new permanent underclass. Red Statements

Get Lost Gringos – Obama Finalizes New “Transition” Infrastructure To Repopulate America With Foreigners

The method of attack is clearly the fundamental transformation from a representative government towards Marxism, facilitated by the dilution and ultimate elimination of the traditional white conservative majority. A replacement population is being imported. The mechanics for the absorption and transition have been devised and are now being implemented. UFP

How The Great White Freakout Just Got Unleashed At Another University

“State and federal law says you must keep the school discrimination-free. They’re not doing that,” Gage said. “The Civil Rights Act says you can’t have discrimination based on race, sex, gender -- all that stuff. Here comes a board that discriminates against people for their race, sex, gender, religion. It’s the complete opposite.” He defined privilege instead as something "handed to you." TPM 

When they speak of “tolerance,” they are telling us that we must tolerate what is intolerable, until we are destroyed as a people. Year after year, egalitarians point their finger at more excuses for the failure of their equality myth, while our society become more chaotic, our civilizations die and our countries are converted to police states.

ASU President Michael Crow takes stance on controversy surrounding “Problem of Whiteness” course

“What most people fail to realize is that if you change the racial demographics of a nation, whether through legal or illegal immigration, everything else changes with it,” Gage said. “When white people become a minority in the United States, everything from our culture to our language, holidays, social mores, and values will change. Essentially this means that Western Civilization as we know it in America will cease to exist.” State Press

The school is determined to allow its "Problem With Whiteness" class proceed. ASU president Michael Crow cited "critical thinking" as the excuse to allow the class to continue. In his meeting with The State Press's editorial board, Crow defended Bebout and said he was just teaching the course as it should be taught. More

"You put them first," said Malcolm X, "and they put you last. 'Cause you're a chump. A political chump! Chumps

Baltimore: Space To Destroy Video

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